ChiclyCute on Youtube: Hauls, Makeup Tutorials, DIY we will do it all together!

So the day I went live with my blog I had gone live on Youtube as well, only to realize that the little klutz that I am, has forgotten that there is no link straight from my blog to my youtube Channel but there is surely one the other way round! lol. Oh well so here I am introducing the official ChiclyCute Youtube Channel to the world and ofcourse my fellow bloggers! Please feel free to comment back with yours so I can check them out as well 🙂

I am planning to do videos based on hauls, makeup tutorials , DIY projects , home goods etc and whatever else we will pick up on our way to happy blogging! I love to talk and why would I miss an opportunity to talk if handed a camera and a mic? Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to listen. I love love love to hear what is going through other people’s mind, you can say I am just as curious as cats always getting into things :). So as always feedback and comments are always appreciated.

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It was a scarf with a Summer Dress Kindda Day!

Hello Lovelies I had an amazing weekend! I am still bursting with excitement over stuff I bought on Sunday! Can’t wait to show you all the goodies I got, so look out for the haul video 🙂 Saturday I had a much needed hangout session with some of my college friends. I hadn’t laughed soooo hard in a long time. Dont get me wrong I  am always laughing but trust me I was laughing out REAL LOUD that night 🙂 hopefully just loud and not obnoxious :-p

Bag: Coach

Belt: Forever 21

Bracelet: Pandora

Dress: H&M

Scarf: My friend got it from me when she visited India 🙂 Soo pretty!

Watch: Disney’s Tinker Bell watch


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Seafood heaven – Tackle Box

Sunday nights seem to be food posts for me. I guess I am a little too hungry around this time 🙂

Anyhow saw this place on groupon and was a little intrigued. I am not big on seafood but the moment I saw the pictures of all the wood grilled fish online I knew I had to go! And from what I noticed they are on groupon quite often so definitely look out for them !

Tackle Box has a tiny hut by the beach type feel to it. They are located in Georgetown, D.C. (A block from Georgetown cupcakes..mmm).Their menu boasts of at least 6 different types of wood grilled fish such as Tilapia, Haddock, Trout and Catfish to name a few. You can get get a Maine meal for only 13.50 which includes one fish with two sides and a sauce. I mean who wouldn’t get two sides when the menu includes items such as fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries apart from regular fries, corn bread, mac& cheese and God knows what else! It was just sooo much to take in!

After looking over the menu several times we decided to order fish tacos something the Tackle Box is really famous for. We also ordered a side of french fries and fried green tomatoes. I have never had fried green tomatoes so I was extremely excited to try them.

Ah…the Tilapia was wood grilled to perfection with just the right amount of seasoning! The cheese, salsa and sour cream was added to the exact quantity that I would like on my tacos! The fries are just any plane jane fries! They had some sort of scrumptious seasoning on them and were devoured by us immediately. The fried green tomatoes initially seemed like an acquired taste to me but the more I ate them I more I grew in love with them.

I am looking forward to going back to Tackle box and trying out there Lobster Pot which consists off :Maine lobster (1 1/4 lb each), grilled red onions, quahog clams, white water mussels, chorizo sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, lemon, rockweed, drawn butter & Tackle Box spice.  Sounds yummy!

Here is a picture of the Lobster Pot snagged from the Company’s website. Yummmy!

Red is not your boring pencil skirt, Hair Clip as Broche and Easy Color Blocking tips!

I have noticed lately the gloomier and cloudier the day is the brighter I have been dressing! If the sun isn’t out to cheer me up, I use the color trick to cheer me up 🙂 Try it, trust me it will put you in a happy singing mood as well. Everyone at my job seemed to love the red pencil skirt and the flower hair clip that I used as a broche! Yes we girls need to get inventive sometimes why spend tons of money when you can reuse what you already have as something new? You might just start a trend of you own 🙂

Color Blocking is a very easy task that anyone can attain by just having some basics bright colors in their wardrobe this season. I have attached a tiny pie chart style figure at the bottom of this post past the pictures so you can try it for yourself. You just have to use the diameter of the circles as the paired colors for example I did the Red and  Blue today 🙂

P.S Pictures came out pretty gloomy because it was windy and cloudy today. Everyone that knows me know that I don’t survive well in cold and wind.

Cardigan: H&M

Clutch: Missoni for Target

Bracelet:  14 Kt Gold with Rubies

Flower Hair Clip: H&M (used as Broche)

Necklace: White Gold Chain with Aquamarine tear drop.

Skirt: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Guess

Top: Banana Republic

Watch: New York and Co.

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As Promised the Color Blocking Chart. Just draw a straight line from One color to another such from Red draw a straight line and you’ll end up with Blue. Pair them together and here you go you are a color blocking expert already!

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Be Brighter Than The Sun for only $ 31.40

It’s that time of the week again, Your Weekly Style shopper is back with this weeks bargain outfit! I honestly loveeeee every single piece I picked out for this outfit! My favorite piece in this outfit are definitely the earrings only $1.90! Whoever designed them is a genius. Sucha simple idea but sooooo pretty!

Comments, Suggestions, Requests for specific styles are always welcome! Don’t forget to hit the follow button to get Weekly Style shopper post delivered straight to your inbox each week 🙂

Bracelet: Forever 21 $4.80

Dress: Love Culture $14.90

Earrings: Love Culture $1.90

Thong Sandals: Forever 21 $9.80




Christian Louboutin designing Cinderella’s Glass Slipper and Louboutin’s Exhibit at Retrospective Exhibition

Hello Dearies! I have been extremely busy the last two days and had been meaning to write this post but ah…anyhow!

Guess what? Word down the street is…Christian Louboutin has taken upon himself to present us with a special edition Cinderella themed Shoe!

Disney invited the famous shoe designer to promote the release of the Classic Disney’s movie Cinderella in Blu-Ray. It is also a great coincidence that this request came from Disney when Louboutin is about to mark the 20th Anniversary of their Retrospective Exhibition in London (May 1 -July 9th 2012).

The exhibit at Retrospective Exhibition is said to lay out the entire process of how the a louboutin shoe is created from scratch including the entire design process! Ah is it time I buy my plane ticket to London?

Christian Louboutin stated: “Isn’t it everyone’s dream, to once in your life part of a fairy tale?,Walt Disney Studios gave me a wonderful opportunity to live this magical moment. I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world.”

For now we can just feast our eyes on some of the delicious Christian Louboutin shoes that would be perfect for this spring!

Beauty Products the Celebs are Raving about





Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel – Rihanna

This baby covers up skin imperfections and even outs skin tones. Not just that its sweat resistant no wonder Rihanna loves it. I will be eagerly awaiting the Cake video to come out so I can see how flawless it looks..ah duh its TV everything looks flawless anyway 🙂 Snag one now onPerfektBeauty for $57.50







Stila HD Beauty Balm- Victoria Beckham

We all know how impeccable Victoria Beckham looks so anything that she is adding to her daily ritual should definitely be worth checking out. She is reported to apply this balm on her face before she puts on foundation or makeup. It helps in hiding blemishes, avoiding the cakiness and neutralizes redness. I guess it’s time I go invest in this little darling. Get yours for $38 at Ulta






Blow Shampoo and Conditioner – Emma Stone

I have always found Emma Stone adorable! I don’t know what is it about her that I love so much. Maybe because she always plays the goofy fun chick. This shampoo part of a new line, introduced by hair-dry-only NYC Salon is said to be weightless making more voluminous and receptive to a blow dry!

You can get yours for $16 at Ulta . This is a must buy for me. If I get my hands on it I will so do a review post for everyone.







Skindinavia Finishing Spray -Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

If these three ladies are using this spray their faces with this product before each stage performance then it has to be good! At one point or time in our life or maybe still we have been obsessed with ladies! They always look so flawless and their makeup doesnt budge after all the dancing and sweating on the stage. For only $29 at Skindinavia if I can perform and look that way on a daily basis on life’s stage then I think it is soooo worth it. Ah….






Dream Organics Rose Water – Fergie and Megan Fox

This one has to be my fave find among all the beauty products listed since it has the 2 in 1 use! Celebrity Makeup Artist Tonya Crooks uses this to reduce redness after tweezing their eyebrows. But it is also applied as a mist on the face before or after applying make up to get rid of the dry looking feel to their skin. And how cute will this bottle look just sitting on your dressing table? Get yours at DreamOrganics for only $18





Let me know which ones are your favorites and you are dying to try?


Victoria’s Secret wins my heart all over again with the free loot!

So I had been planning to stop by Victoria Secret this weekend to use my secret reward cards (I have 3 $10 ones. Last time I did win a $50 one!) to buy some lotion and sports bra! But now I think I need to stop by a little quicker!

This is the first time they are giving away something that I can not resist spending money to get! Usually the totes and umbrellas do nothing for me.

Victoria Secret just jumped on the Arm Candy Band wagon and starting tomorrow till supplies last is giving away a set of colorful springy bangles with a purchase of 75 dollars! And oh my God how cute is that pink bangle holder!! You can just toss it in your purse and instant pop of color whenever you need it is traveling with you at all times!

My wrists are very tiny and bangles usually dont fit me but I am addicted to all things VS so I am probably stopping by as soon as I can.

Are you making a dash to VS tomorrow? Are they worth it? What do you think. Dish it to me!

OMG New Kate Spade Watches! Love at First Sight

As I was browsing through the Kate Spade website to find some cute bags, my eyes fell onto the new Carousel Bangle watches! Not only they are in all different colors everyone is raving about this spring but they are Uber cute with a message engraved inside the band! And Each color comes with its own engraved message. Can someone please buy me all 5 pretty please?

Let me know what you think of these adorable Carousel Bangle watches by Kate spade?

Pupuseria El Buen Gusto(El Salvadorian Restaurant)

Pupuseria El Buen Gusto(El Salvadorian Restaurant) – Fairfax, VA

Hey everyone I know I have been MIA with my food posts. Its not that I haven’t been eating anything trust me my camera is bursting with pictures just like I am bursting after eating all the delicious food. It’s just that I have been too fashion inclined and have been slacking off on the food aspect! But worry not here I am with one of my fave food places that I found by chance on yelp! It was so worth driving close to 40 miles one way to eat there! And as soon as I get a chance I will do so again.

I decided to go shopping at Tyson’s corner mall just because I knew this gem off a place that I had read reviews about on yelp is only a 15 minutes drive from there. Yes I had to find a reason to drive that far for food cause I have been doing nothing but eating nonstop! Just like it was described by other customers it looks like a hole in the wall type place. But the promise of delicious El Salvadorian Food didn’t budge me at all. I walked in to find this really friendly lady working at the counter. And trust me she was very nice and friendly throughout the time we were there! I will rate them 20 out of 5 for their service!

I decided to try a pupusas which is one of the main attractions that brought me here. They are only 2 dollars a piece! Pupusas for those of you who don’t know are hand made corn tortilla. Very soft and filled with cheese, rice or beans or pork and beans. We ordered one cheese pupusa and one with beans! It was heavenly. As you can tell I have no pictures of it posted here. I ate it all and then realized oops too late 🙂 They came with vinegary yellow cabbage and tiny bowl of salsa! Ah….I can just savor the taste on my tongue again! Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this!

Next we ordered chicken tamale. I haven’t had a tamale before so I had nothing to compare this to but all I have to say is it was scrumptious! The deliciously marinated chicken with chickpeas and peppers (not spicy at all) wrapped in a soft dough and steamed! I want one right now so badly if only they were closer, I would stop writing this post and just drive over!

For our main dish we ordered something called Lomo Saltado which when we read sounded interesting and weird but once you get past the “ah interesting” phase and order it, trust me you will not be disappointed. It is one of the best restaurant dishes I have every tasted. It is sauteed beef with peppers, onions, tomato and seasoned french fries…yes I said it french fries. And nowthe french fries are not on the side! They are part of the sauteed beef! And it comes with delicious side of buttery white rice which was cooked to perfection! It was heaven on a plate! I need to find a recipe to cook Lomo Saltado so I can savor this dish anytime I want. If I get that task accomplished I will totally share it with you guys! So all in all I give this place a 10 out of 10 for the food, the service and authenticity! And all our food came upto about 26 dollars for 2 people! Can you beat that? This is one good find that I will cherish for years to come!