The girl who fell in love with Big Bags

For the longest time I have been a small hobo or small shoulder bag lover! The idea of carrying something huge against my tiny body(a sad 93 pounder) just seemed absurd. I didn’t want to be a laughing stock of my town in the name of fashion and then I gained 20 pounds with which I ran into my FIRST BIG and MOST FAVE BAG- $25 at Iam ! Yeah the picture is down there! It was love at first sight! The peachy pink matched with so many recent buys I have in my closet!

It was hard to wean myself off a small bag. First I carried my coach hobo and wristlet inside the BIG BAG! then one day I dumped in the matching coach umbrella. Next came a bright pink Cardigan then my plethora of makeup goodies! That is when I realized what amazing things Big Bags are! Now I am on a hunt for my next big bag! Any suggestions for a girl that is just entering the BIG BAG WORLD? What do you think about big bags? I would love to hear about your bag obsession big or small 🙂



The bags I found on my hunt online:

The Moschino is just so colorful and adorable. Then there is the all might powerful tan burberry! The Bright Orange will give a cute color pop to any dull dress I might have hiding in my closet where as that lovely crocheted and leather one would be perfect for this spring!! ahhhh…help me pick or suggest some others!!


One thought on “The girl who fell in love with Big Bags

  1. Let me give my personal opinion on each bag:
    Moschinno: its cute and young, good for summer, casual look, will go great with pair of jeans or short, compliment black, white & light color outfit.
    Brown one: it got a strong n lady look, good for spring n winters, could be worn with variety of dresses and i like it most in all four.
    Orange One: i actually dnt like these type of colors. so its no no for me.
    Whity one: its so chic, bit formal, give killer look when taken with white dress.

    Note: if i wanna buy A Big Bag, i would have search more. will suggest you some if u want.

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