Victoria’s Secret wins my heart all over again with the free loot!

So I had been planning to stop by Victoria Secret this weekend to use my secret reward cards (I have 3 $10 ones. Last time I did win a $50 one!) to buy some lotion and sports bra! But now I think I need to stop by a little quicker!

This is the first time they are giving away something that I can not resist spending money to get! Usually the totes and umbrellas do nothing for me.

Victoria Secret just jumped on the Arm Candy Band wagon and starting tomorrow till supplies last is giving away a set of colorful springy bangles with a purchase of 75 dollars! And oh my God how cute is that pink bangle holder!! You can just toss it in your purse and instant pop of color whenever you need it is traveling with you at all times!

My wrists are very tiny and bangles usually dont fit me but I am addicted to all things VS so I am probably stopping by as soon as I can.

Are you making a dash to VS tomorrow? Are they worth it? What do you think. Dish it to me!

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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