Earrings that turn into Bangels, Grape and Orangecream dream tucked in and tucked out :)

I can’t believe it is the end of the weekend already and beginning of a new work week! Over all the weekend was fun hung out with a few friends and had a movie date with the hubby. The Avengers rocked! And as always Captain America won my heart (you know: small person making it big after several failed attempts and saves the world! story of my life still looking on ways to save the world! lol)

Sadly my outfit pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. The pants are much prettier in person, also they look alil too white in the pictures (time for a new camera fund) and I have also featured them in the last youtube Haul video. So Check the video out as well since it would be alil more clearer in the video πŸ™‚

Anyhow who ho is currently drained out and has realized its only just beginning of the week? Come on ladies speak up you know you need to let it all out πŸ™‚

PS: I had pulled out these cute hoop earrings to wear, only to decide last minute that I am not going to wear them as earrings but as Bangles! They are clip on style hoops so they are complete circles and so far everyone at work hasn’t picked up that they aren’t hoops! They are astonished when I tell them. Ah another trick to add to the bag, try it wear your hoops as bangles πŸ™‚

Scroll through the post for the picture of the hoop earrings worn as bangles, up close and personal πŸ™‚

Belt: Forever 21

Earrings as Bangles (tri-colored) : Forever21

Necklace: White Gold links (from U.A.E)

Pants: H&M current season (only 14.95 run to the store now)

Top: Forever 21

Watch: Kolber Bangle Watch 14kt

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2 thoughts on “Earrings that turn into Bangels, Grape and Orangecream dream tucked in and tucked out :)

    • It was an actual belt. Although I have been using it as a scarf on and off too lol. Yeah I thought this outfit was too simple by itself but was headed to see my family wanted to look casual yet colorful…so tried to stay away from chunky accessories πŸ™‚

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