Spring Makeup Tutorial Day or Night: Coral EyeShadow!

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t been able to post for a past few days. I had been incredibly busy with random stuff, work and personal life related. Not to mention I hurt my foot 😦 It’s still healing but I spent most of yesterday working from home on my bed and couch. Trust me sitting for hours would drive you mind numbingly crazy, if you weren’t sitting down by choice. The good thing though is I got to do a lot of video editing and such for the blog and my Youtube Channel: ChiclyCute

I am putting a tutorial on how to use a current makeup trend/color Coral, that I am currently in love with for the Spring and Summer. It seems to go well with so many different outfits! It doesn’t look over the top whether you wear it during the day time or night! The secret is using a Purple Eyeliner instead of an all black. It doesn’t make your eyes super dark making this look wearable to work or daytime funzzies 🙂 Enjoy

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