Floral, Sea green and pastels and worn by Gisele Bundchen! What more can we ask for?

Yes you read it right this is the Dress Gisele Bundchen wore in the H&M ad campaign when the dress hit the market! I have thrown in a picture of her in it  for you to enjoy!

Hello Lovelies,

Soooo the day out in downtown was a success yesterday. Only I never visited the cute  shops like I planned or ate at  “The Corned Beef Factory” They close at 8pm and we had late lunch at Lebanese Taverna. I can’t imagine how much I walked yesterday! My husband reminded me how about 2 years ago I had barely walked 10 minutes and was crying in pain cause of my feet problem. And yesterday I walked all over around, back and forth between inner harbor, fells point and little Itlay. I say Dansko’s are some magical shoes and every girl should own a few pairs 🙂 Today on the agenda is getting dressed and going to a friend’s graduation BBQ! I am excited as I haven’t seen some of my friends in a while!

P.S This is the same dress I wore to the Wedding After party last week.  What do you all think of it? Isn’t it just sooooo pretty?

Dress: H&M (last spring)

Bag: Iam

Bracelets: H&M (currently in store)

Necklace: Forever 21

Watch: Realities

Click Here for more Outfit of the Day Pictures

7 thoughts on “Floral, Sea green and pastels and worn by Gisele Bundchen! What more can we ask for?

    • It is my most fave bag right now! I always buy small bags and was waiting to find a big bag that I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE and this was it..can you imagine it was only $26? we have this german store that just opened up here called “I am”

      • Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! $26!? I somewhat seriously want to send you $26 just to get one of those bags! 😉 It’s adorable, I really love it a lot. Perfect color too. I’m such a “big bag” person, I carry everything with me all the time. I’m obsessed with that one of yours! SO CUTE.

      • Oh my gosh, you are too sweet! Well, I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way just for some stranger over here in Utah, but if you happen to be there already & notice they are there, let me know, I may be interested 😉 Ha ha!! You are so nice. Don’t go out of your way for me though, really!

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