Bgr The Burger Joint- Best Burger I have ever had with the Uniquest/Fanciest Soda Machine!

The Southwestern with Onion Rings

We found this gem of a place thanks to my amazing foodie cousin and her hubby! I will be forever grateful to her for this epic find. If you live in a state where Bgr Joint is located run to it NOW, you will not be disappointed! Check out locations here.

Bgr Joint Menu boasts all kinds of Fancy Shamancy Burgers such as the Wellington which is described as “Roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, garlic with a touch of mustard seed and blue cheese”, The Ahi Tuna – “Fresh sushi-grade tuna topped with grilled pineapple, pickled ginger, a touch of teriyaki sauce, and our mojo sauce” and tons more!

Before I jump into describing the two delicious burgers that are my favorite at BGR Joint. Let me enlighten you with this amazing Soda Machine that is located at Columbia, MD branch. It is a very unique Soda machine with flavors of Soda that are not even locally available: Here is a quick run down of a few I have tried: Peach or Cherry or Raspberry or Strawberry Sprite, Cherry or Pineapple or Raspberry Fanta, Vanilla Bangs root beer etc.

That soda machine is enough for me to keep returning to the store. My first day there I got “The Greek” which is a lamb burger seasoned with cumin, mint and garlic. Topped with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. It was featured on Food Network’s Throw Down with Bobby Flay and it won! I have to say it was pretty delicious. My second visit there I tried the Southwestern which is a very unique kind of burger something that I have never seen anywhere else before! This burger is infused with southwestern influences, like chipotles, poblanos, onion and chilis. Topped with pepper jack and served atop mango black bean salsa. Soooo yummy! It is always so hard for me to pick between the two burgers. Hubby has lately been just getting a regular Burger. He says he likes that the best off the menu! But trust me everytime I offer him a bite of whatever I decided to get that day he gets a second thought that maybe he should have gotten that Haha. I need to pay BGR joint a visit this weekend for sure! The onion rings are huge and perfectly scrumptious. The fries although nothing fancy but are quite yummy as well. You could also order sweet potato fries or grilled asparagus. I have yet to try both of those but knowing how amazing the rest of the menu is I am sure they are worth every penny as well.

Not to mention they have milkshakes. I haven’t yet had enough space in my stomach to try them after having one of their moderately priced but Humongous burgers. You know you want some now! Try it and let me know what you think 🙂

Unfortunately I was too hungry and impatient to take pictures of the Lamb or Hubby’s regular hamburger but I will update the post with new pictures once I stop by the Bgr Joint again!

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    • nope! I dont haven’t been to pakistan at all since I was 10 or 11. All I recall is last time I was visiting Pak they had Mr. Burger and some other burger places opening up.

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