Outfit Memorial Day Weekend!

I have been extremely lazy the past couple of days even getting up and going to the gym was like pulling teeth! Today on the agenda? Pool time! I skipped opening of the pool because they always have tons of food and people come in masses people who will never be caught dead at the pool! And when I say masses our apartment community is one of the largest in the area soooo yea!

I have been slacking on the last two haul videos I have done. They need some editing and such before I can put them up. I am hoping to get them up this week because one of them has bikinis that I purchased and ofcourse they are still in store incase you want to get your hands on those! I mean they were 4.95 a piece! And some jewelry plus more clothes. I haven’t gone shopping lately as most of my closet is now to update with my size and the spring/summer trends 🙂 I am looking for bags and accessories for now if you guys find some cool stuff feel free to shoot it my way!

How is your memorial day weekend going?


Belt: H&M

Dress: H&M basics (currently in store only 12.95)

Flower: Hairclip from H&M

Necklace: Silver Chain with balls from UAE

Click Here for more Outfit of the Day Pictures

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