Swimwear/Bikini and Fashion Haul H&M Summer 2012. Bikinis only $4.95!

Finally got a chance to edit and upload this video! Days and nights have been slipping past me like sand through dry palms! Work is extremely busy with most of the upper management out and me having to take care of alot of things in their absence. My work out regime has slowed down alittle and my eating habits are gone bad again…so all in things arent the way I would like them oh well I guess every one has one those weeks right? But I sure missed putting posts up and getting all the comments and love from you guys! Has anyone hit the beach yet? I have only had the chance to hit the pool a few times but I should be headed to the beach soon possibly this weekend yay!! I would love to see some of the bikinis you guys are planning or already rocking this summer come on lets share the goodies! 🙂 I am looking forward to attending a food truck festival this Friday and then some Georgetown Cupcakes (DC cupcakes on TLC Channel) on Sunday yuuummm! Cant wait!!!!



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