H&M and Forever 21 Haul Video! Finally got a chance to put it up

So here is the other haul video that I have promising to put up for a bit! Things just have been crazy busy with summer on my plate! But ah guess what? I just bought more stuff over the weekend and I am about to hit the sale racks at H&M. I have heard insane ravings about the current Sale. So stay tuned for more haul video coming soon. Atleast this time around all the stuff I am buying I am actually utilizing it. Otherwise I used to buy stuff and will have it tags attached in my closet for months. Not happening anymore I rip the tags and put it on before you can count to 10 lol.

Anyway Enjoy and as always feel free to comment or share your fave pieces this summer. I would love love love to see what ever else is sporting this summer 🙂

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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