Outfit Post: Tribal Print H&M Summer Dress..Light as a Feather…lets you float with the wind

Hi Dahlings!

Its been a while since I have gotten infront of a still camera and gotten a chance to snag some Outfit of the day pics but I couldnt pass this one. I had to show you this outfit as soon as I put it on. There is a huge story behind this dress and I am soooo thankful for my hubby dearest hard efforts in making this dress mine. I had seen the dress on H&M website before it hit the stores and I was eager to go try it on and was almost sure that I would end up buying it. Lo and Behold I never saw the dress in person it was all gone 😦 The last piece was clinging onto the mannequin’s body and some stores would let you give them your name and number for when they take the Dress off. Fortunately I didnt have to go through that process and I got a text from the sweetest husband in the world on Friday saying that a few pieces of the dress are back in store and he decided to buy me one!!!!!!!!! The next couple of hours at work were intense! I couldnt wait to go home and try the dress on….ah….I rushed back home…put the dress on and just lovedddd it! The feel of the dress is sooo perfect for summer light airy and soft! I wore it a family get together on Saturday night and all my aunts loved the dress! Let me know what you think of it! As always this is a summer edition dress at H&M costing only 19.95!

Is there anything that you have been eagerly waiting for and got it unexpectedly? Or is there something you recently purchased that you are over the top excited about, do share! I get really lonely not hearing from you all 🙂

PS: I have revamped the Fashion District page so its easier for you guys to glide through my outfit posts! Let me know how you like the new set up there!

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Bracelet: Silver antique from a store in UAE

Dress: H&M (Currently in stores $19.95)

Earrings: Created by my hubby at a beading party at my College Supervisor’s House

Watch: Disney’s Tinker Bell

6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Tribal Print H&M Summer Dress..Light as a Feather…lets you float with the wind

    • Isn’t it adorable? When I saw it at H&M (basics department) I was like what a long teeshirt type dress..but once you put it on..its a complete different story 🙂 I think they still have it for 12.95! Let me know if you get one!

    • oh I am sure they are charging you guys tons there. I remember when I used to shop around there…you could only afford to buy one or two things at a time :-O…do you recall whats the price for it there? just wanna see how huge the difference is.

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