Pretty in Peach and Black – Pink has been pushed aside!

Yes yes I understand my outfit posts have been MIA for a little while but trust me you will see tons more of them. I have some terrible Good news that I received from my new podiatrist. He says he can fix my feet forever! I can wear whatever shoes I want again only catch is….I have to live in sports shoes/sneakers for a while! I have to wear them all the time and everywhere. When I get up middle of the night to get water or something! I mean that I have been doing anyway but with my clogs. This whole new sneaker thing will require some more adjusting. When I first found my clogs alleviated my pain I wore them everywhere only I was stuck to jeans and pants! I didnt wear any skirts, shorts and dresses for an entire 6 to 7 months. It got quite depressing so I said you know what? I dont care I will wear what I want and own it! I will wear a red hot dress with my black clogs and walk down the road like I am the prettiest girl alive. Honestly it seems to work if you start believing it haha. Overtime I decided I will start a collection of Dansko brand shoes. I bought a pair of boots for winter which costed an arm and a leg. Then a pair of summer sandals But now sneakers? I thought I was progressing but I have come to a screeching halt? But if the outcome is the possibility of wearing heels and all kinds of shoes again I am so down…I will keep you guys posted on how the whole thing progresses that is after I go out and make, yes MAKE myself buy a pair of podiatrist approved sneakers! It will be fun wearing office clothes with those…i am not sure if my power of positive thinking will make my pencil skirt look hot with sneakers but eh how bad could it be?

Belt- H&M

Bracelet: 18kt Diamond Bracelet – Kay Jewelers

Earrings: Trigold 18kt Custom made three hoop earrings – UAE

Necklace: Custom Made 24kt Gold with precious stones -UAE

Pants- Peach Capri -H&M (currently in store)

Top Black Sheer top – H&M (currently in store)

Watch – The Limited

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