Your Weekly Style Shopper: Edgy and Bright makes you look just Right

Hi lovelies!

I am actually super excited to share my this week’s bargain finds with you because I for once actually found them in person before I even found them online. Usually I see them online then head to the store to take a closer look. But both the necklace and the dress are my fave currently sitting on hold for me to pick up at the store tomorrow morning. Yeah I was running out of time so didnt get the chance to try the dress on and buy it. The front of the dress is more leathery in person. It is very edgy and would look great with some neon yellow accessories. I also plan to wear this into the Fall with some leather boots and jacket, oh not to forget some black nylon stockings to give enough glimpse of our pretty skin without getting cold 🙂 Yellow and black is going to be pretty big coming this Fall. If you are visiting the malls it is one of the most paired together color trend and I just bought a mini skirt in the same color. I have recorded the haul video just needs some editing and should be up shortly 🙂

I will mostly be doing seasonal transitional posts starting now so whatever I will find will be used all the way into Fall and Winter. Stick around for all the bargain items I find weekly trust me it will do your pockets some good 🙂 Not to forget if you already have similar stuff in your closet you can rock the look by pairing them up or just buying one or two key pieces! Let me know if you are looking for specific looks and I will be able to whip something up specifically for you 🙂

Dress:  Tribal Print- H&M – $19.95

Necklace: H&M -$12.95

Shoes: Glitter Sequin Stiletto – Milanoo -$29.99

Watch: Zebra Print Inset – Go Jane -$11.50

Floral is best when its Black and Lacy equals Timeless and Classy

Yesterday was the First day of our Holiday Eid! I went shopping in the morning and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family and ridiculous amounts of  delicious food! Unfortunately everyone was too hungry and face dived into the food just when I get there hence no pics of the yumminess my aunts concocted. And ofcourse there was enough leftovers for me to bring and consume for Lunch yum yum yum!

I woke up and threw together my fave new skirt (bought a month ago) with a lace top and the outcome was picture worthy! The skirt is a flap skirt where the border of the print lays in the center it gives it a very unique look! And if you are interested it is still available in H&M stores! I am planning to wear it with some tights and boots later on this fall! I love lace and I love black….and honestly you can never go wrong with the two paired together! The outfit was perfect for a day out and transition into night with family and dinner but I had to throw on some traditional garb for the family get together which I will be posting shortly on my blog as well! so enjoy and let me know what are some of your fave ways to wear lace?



Bangle: Gift from my Aunt

Necklace: Asian Cartoon Character Pendant- Forever 21

Top: Lace Top from Forever 21 – Tank Top from Banana Republic

Skirt: H&M (currently in stores)

Watch: Realities

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Falling into a Maxi Dress this Fall (Featuring VS model Rosie Huntington)

This weeks pick came to me because I am getting all excited about using my summer and spring buys into the Fall. The pastels are here to stay and so are some of the bright colored pants we have been buying. And ofcourse a simple maxi dress is just timeless and in this regard seasonless! I will be posting alot more about how to stretch your dollar and use the things you already have in your closet from spring and summer to Fall by wearing them with more Fall colored trends. So stick around for that!

I had been looking for a neutral black and white stripped Maxi dress only the most fave of my mine I found at Ann Taylor got sold out in my size 😦 But this is my second most fave and only half the price of that at Ann Taylor. You can pair your fave maxi dress with a contrasting cardigan, sweater or even a leather jacket. Pair it with some nice long chains and some Ankle boots and you are all set to rock this Fall! I will be doing more Outfit of the day Posts pulling these looks together for Fall so ladies stick around for that! As always if you haven’t already please hit the follow button and enjoy the weekly bargain hunting!


Boots: Ami Clubwear – $15.99

Cardigan: H&M – $24.95

Chain: Forever21 – $5.80

Maxi Dress: Love Culture – $23.90

Turn a Scarf into a Top:From 9 to 5 to a Partying all night Wild Child Outfit

This top you see guess what? Its a scarf 😉 remember all those scarfs you got as presents or your thinking its too hot to put a scarf on well guess what? All of that can double up as tops! Dont have a party top for friday night’s party well guess now you have 20!

Just the idea of wearing something like this to work gives me a kick! I have always been intrigued by the chic and sophisticated women at work who have their hair all nicely tucked away, their dress pants have the sharpest creases but outside of work they have a complete different persona! I tend to believe thats how I aspire to be although sometime my worlds collide together hey it not always easy to keep your mask on lol. But if you are as crazy, goofy and wild as I am its sometimes hard to fully close all those shutters at work and be some monotone personality! This outfit is perfect for girls who want to stir trouble but at the same time appear saintly! You know the time when you were 5 and your mom caught you eating those cookies? but you straightened your angel halo and said “i didn’t do it” and she believed you? Yes thats what this outfit is all about!

I so far have only worn this outfit to a dinner date! But I guess I am waiting for a day when I am ready to keep my little secret from the world and appear proper at work only to shed the top layer at a party later and dance away the night. Try it ladies! Wearing super sexy lingerie at work or anything racy that makes you feel confident when you look in the mirror to work will bring up your confidence on the job! Just make sure that no one knows your secret!

Blazer: H&M

Bracelet: 18kt Diamond Bracelet – Present

Top: Scarf yes a scarf from H&M

Skirt: H&M

Watch: Kolber Bangle Watch 14kt

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Update: Why was I MIA

Hi lovelies!

So I have been extremely sick since Wednesday. We had this awesome retreat planned for work and I spent the entire day having fun with our amazing coworkers! We took our Myers Briggs Personality test and I found out my type! ENFJ all the way! Let me know what type are you?

We did some fun activities for everyone to understand how EVERY SINGLE person in this world is needed! Rest of the day was spent doing Improv workshop! All in all Fun fun fun! Well what can you say when the planners were three amazing young bright women including yours truly yes yes I am tooting my own horn here lol. But I came home with a severe headache and developed fever that night 😦 Had to call out of work two days in a row which was depressing but I tried to do whatever I could from home…yes yes bad habit but I feel I’d keep thinking about work if I don’t atleast finish up a few things. But I am planning a change….stress free change! Maybe that should be part of my blog? Things I do or things we all can do get rid of stress or small habit changes we all need to ward off stress from life. Let me know what you think?

Anyhow long story short I was awarded with a blanket term for my illness “Viral Syndrome” cause the doc couldnt figure out what virus it is that I am dealing with it. Oh well by Sunday my fever went down and I did go to work today despite the mild dizziness, head pounding headache and low energy. Oh well it’ll get better in time if I keep believing so lol. So I apologize for the lack of posting I was specially instructed to stay away from computer screens when you are an IT worker and stare at a computer all day long it can turn out be a cause of major stress too!

Does this Starbucks makes your mouth water? – $2 Promotion July 18th to September 5th 2012

Hey guys!

I am rarely tooting the horn for promos but when I do they mean the world to me! We all know how expensive Starbucks is and then there people who would not touch any other brand of coffee because it just doesnt make the cut. While there are other set of people who just hate starbucks! Either way if you are in the US and Canada are and are a bigggg time starbucks fiend spending hundreds of your bucks on starbucks each month this deal is for you!

Throughout the Rest of the Summer Select Starbucks Stores in the US and Canada are doing the before and after 2pm deal! You buy something before 2pm and you can show your receipt after 2pm to get a grande sized cold drink for 2 bucks! And we all know what the cost of a grande sized drink is? Now I am not saying that you should just go coffee crazy and buy it everyday but if you are already spending that money maybe you can work around those times? Also not to forget Starbucks has non coffee cold drinks as well such strawberries and creme milkshake, vanilla milkshake and iced teas! Here is a link to the cold items menu Frappuccino , Smoothies and Teas

I am not sure why I didn’t hear any publicity on this deal. I actually bought something yesterday and found out at the store cause I told them they can trash my receipt. Has anyone else heard of it somewhere?

Oh Not to forget Today is Starbucks day! So if you believe in Equality for all Show some love and support to Starbucks today!

link to promotion on starbucks website:

Mens Fashion: MonkStrap Must have for Fall season

What are Monkstrap shoes you must ask? Monkstrap or Monk shoes for short are men’s shoes without  laces they are closed with a strap and a buckle! They are definitely a dressier trend but have been recently spotted on the runway with jeans, cuffed pants and casual jackets! What does that mean guys? That means anyone can rock them anywhere and anytime they want! You don’t have to have a fancy suit or office to go to to put the Monk shoes on no more. Whether you are a teenager, a college student or a working adult they can be a part of your wardrobe just like the sneakers, converses, dress lace up shoes etc!

I have complied below some of my favorites off the web and then some styles that you can rock on the regular! Let me know which ones are your favorite and how are your rocking your Monkstrap shoes?

                      The Button Up and Jeans Guy

For the Blazer and Jeans Guy

For the cuffed Pants Guy

The 9 to 5 Sockless type or you could put your socks on 🙂

For the Bike Rider

And ofcourse as promised here are some of my picks that you can get your hands on 🙂

The Basic MonkStraps – Steve Madden $ 98.99

Some what  Casual – Johnston & Murphy $ 150.00

The Casuals in Suede – Forzieri $390.00

The Super Casual with no Buckles for the sneaker lovers – Spring Step $79.96

For the Leather Clad Biker Rider – DSQUARED2 $985.00

And ofcourse the boot version – A Testoni $795.00

Your Weekly Styler Shopper: Be a Show Stopper for only $60.57

Your weekly style shopper is back after a short term vacation! I am getting back into the swing of things and promise to continue bringing you the best and budget friendly of the season every week! This week I dedicated shopping for the Peplum trend and I have always been fascinated with the Peplum dresses espcially if they are body fitted they give you a very nice figure and hide the trouble spot with the all the ruffles around the waistline.  I knew I killed two birds with a stone when I saw this Peplum dress in Neon green! Brights are still pretty popular going into this Fall so this buy would not prove futile! Nothing goes better with Neon Pink other than Bright Pink or shades of Fuchsia – another popular choice this summer!

Feel free to comment, request or suggest any other summer trends you’d like me to bargain hunt for you! As always if you haven’t already hit the follow button and continue on with me on our bargain hunting journey!

Bangle: Chevron Chunky Bracelet -Forever 21 -$5.80

Belt:Skinny Heart Waist Belt- Forever 21 – $4.80

Dress: Scuba Peplum Dress – Charlotte Russe – $29.99

Earrings: Floral Flutter Earrings – Forever 21 -4.99

Sandals: Brash Jupiter Platform Sandals – Payless – $14.99

Bodyconned in Pink with Feathers and Ropes!

This has to be by far my most fave outfit I put together!I love the bright pink bodycon dress. It’s simple enough to be worn anytime of the day. All you need is correct set of Accessories. If you have any bodycon dresses sitting at home try this simple trick out, get accessories in contrasting colors and throw them on for a night out on town for dinner or partying. Take the accessories off and you are gone from super dressy to super casual. These dresses have you ever ready for fun and trust me they are airy enough so you dont get stinky and sweaty 🙂 oh wait us girls dont sweat…my bad i forgot 😉 I wore this outfit on a lunch date with the hubby!

I thought the sea blue rope belt and my blue beaded bracelet gives a good contrast to the bright pink and I had completely forgotten about the pink feather earrings I bought last year! They are still everywhere and even they werent who cares? when something makes us feel pretty we should totally go with it! Learn to love yourselves girlies because you are unique in your own ways no one can be a better you than you 🙂

Bracelets: Pandora and Forever 21

Belt: H&M

Dress: H&M

Feather Earrings: Forever 21

Purse: Coach

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