Does this Starbucks makes your mouth water? – $2 Promotion July 18th to September 5th 2012

Hey guys!

I am rarely tooting the horn for promos but when I do they mean the world to me! We all know how expensive Starbucks is and then there people who would not touch any other brand of coffee because it just doesnt make the cut. While there are other set of people who just hate starbucks! Either way if you are in the US and Canada are and are a bigggg time starbucks fiend spending hundreds of your bucks on starbucks each month this deal is for you!

Throughout the Rest of the Summer Select Starbucks Stores in the US and Canada are doing the before and after 2pm deal! You buy something before 2pm and you can show your receipt after 2pm to get a grande sized cold drink for 2 bucks! And we all know what the cost of a grande sized drink is? Now I am not saying that you should just go coffee crazy and buy it everyday but if you are already spending that money maybe you can work around those times? Also not to forget Starbucks has non coffee cold drinks as well such strawberries and creme milkshake, vanilla milkshake and iced teas! Here is a link to the cold items menu Frappuccino , Smoothies and Teas

I am not sure why I didn’t hear any publicity on this deal. I actually bought something yesterday and found out at the store cause I told them they can trash my receipt. Has anyone else heard of it somewhere?

Oh Not to forget Today is Starbucks day! So if you believe in Equality for all Show some love and support to Starbucks today!

link to promotion on starbucks website:

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