Your Weekly Style Shopper: Not your Damsel in Distress (Featuring Ciara)

Hi dahlings!

This has been a crazy busy week for me since I work for a University and school just started. We have tons of last minute reading, decision making and admitting going on and being the go to person for all things missing in our system can get quite hectic! I was glad I took my 2 stress free and technology free days off last week before the craziness began. Quite honestly it wasn’t so hard to survive without my cellphone, facebook, laptop and work email on my finger tips! I did watch TV and spent time doing some couple activities with the hubby (not talking about naughty stuff here but I found some amazing things like 50 questions to discuss as a couple, board games etc) and my mood for this past week was just insanely good! I had to spend some time reflecting and realizing why do I get so stressed when some people such as my husband would just chug along fine in the same situation. It’s a mental thing, its the people pleaser persona, the go getter and the hunger to finish all things assigned to you asap (not achievable if you are covering tasks for yourself, someone who retired at your job and then everyone else in your own family aka mommy and daddy)

So that lead me to my Style Shopper title for this week. I want to be in control, not panic and do what I have to do with a smile! And ofcourse all the smarties in the world know that you need to start believing the change to start making the change. so I decided to done on some girly moto jacket, a tight mini skirt. some heels and spikes! Trust me once you get the look you will feel the surge of adrenaline like you can do anything without breaking a sweat 🙂

I thought this red moto jacket is better than the typical black we always see so I decided to do a little reversal of colors and viola here we are! Clearly Ciara knows the right attitude!

Moto Jacket: 2b -$36.95

Earring: Spiked Hoops – Forever 21 -$3.80

Heels: Charlotte Russe – $17.50

Skirt: Forever 21-$8.50

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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