Being Featured is Always Delightful

The world of blogging has a new surprise for you everyday as a blogger! You wake up and are functioning like its an ordinary day when lo and behold you find out that awesome and amazing Fashion Editor, Anne all the way in UK has posted your pictures on their blog!

Anne runs the blog Fashion Legware which as the name explains is all about hosiery, leggings and stockings! She chooses a few bloggers each week rocking hosiery and credits them on her blog. I have spent some time looking over her blog and thought it was adorable! You get to see so many cute bloggers rocking their goodies all on one page! If you are anything like me I am sure you get this immense pleasure on viewing others on how they rock something that you are planning to buy or already own! Gets your creative juices flowing. Therefore I had to post about Fashion Legware for sucha  truly amazing idea and taking time out to cherish other bloggers!

She definitely deserves a shout out!

Please checkout her blog at:

Isnt her blog just lovely and so inspirational?

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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