Mens Fashion: Be Bright this Fall/Winter 2012

So remember guys when I was shoving the coral trend down your throat this spring/summer? Well this new trend will go down alot easier because its more on the masculine side! But its bright and surely will kick the winter blues behind because its not just any blue its COBALT BLUE!

Remember Olympics? What you forgot already they were just about a month ago!?! Well Men on the Holland team were sporting Cobalt Blue Coats that everyone was raving about! They chose to pair them with some bright orange pants for their uniform and went all out bright and sunny with no clouds in sight haha but you don’t have to go that far if you are not willing! The best way to wear cobalt is definitely pairing it with some black!

As always I have some runway and celebrity pics for you to ease yourself into the trend and get excited about it. And then I have some of my picks that you can get your hands on at the bottom πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

At Work

Fighting the Cold

Even the Matteo Manassero is Color Blocking with Cobalt Blue

And as accessories if you aren’t ready to stand out and blind everyone!

So I guess you are ready now to jump into the trend yourself πŸ™‚ Here are some of my picks off the Internet. I have to say the Tie is my fave!

Express Chino Cobalt Blue Pants – $69.90

Lands EndΒ  Cobalt Blue Dress Shirt – $25.00

Express Graphic Tee-$29.90

Guess Cobalt Blue Plaid Tie – $19.50

Flowery sheer top and Orange Skirt – Labor Day Outfit

Hi lovelies!

This has to be my most fave outfit of all times! I am a big fan of fall/halloween colors. I do not refrain from wearing them through out the year after all black is always classic and rust orange is a natural tanner, looks good on any skin tone πŸ™‚ I have worn this outfit to work before BUT OFCOURSE with a tank top underneath the shirt πŸ™‚ The pictures were taken on my day off enjoying the labor day weekend festivities. Went to the mall shopped around bought things that I deserved (yes that’s what I tell myself when I buy clothing and accessories lol) ofcourse haul video to arrive soon. Ate lunch with hubby and then headed back home for watching movies and tv shows. Over all the labor day weekend was about rest for me! Didn’t care to go to jam packed with people bbqs or partiesΒ  apart from the mall trip which was a necessity that couldn’t wait another day πŸ™‚

What did you wear on Labor Day? Feel free to post links to your outfit pics or posts about labor day so I can check them out πŸ™‚

Bangle: Gift

Top: H&M (currently in store)

Skirt: H&M

Watch: Kolber 18kt Bangle Watch

Hurry! Starbucks $5 for $10 Dollar Deal on Living Social :)

I came into work this morning all huffing and puffing and wanting some cold Beverage from Starbucks! Lucky for us there is one right on Campus!

I was going through my email when one of my awesome awesome awesomeeee coworker had sent me this deal and ofcourse i immediately went and hit buy cause trust me thats like a cup and a half of free coffee right there if you go to starbucks ever so often. Thanks Scott!

So I thought I’ll share this gem with you guys πŸ™‚ Enjoy


Frenemies- A Fun guide on how to deal with them

Hi dahlings,

I woke up this morning and was reading a magazine when I read about some woman’s face off with a frenemy thats when it hits me that I have a couple! This youtube video is my fun quirky way of discussing the monsters amongst us and how to deal with them πŸ™‚

As always comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy your labor day weekend πŸ™‚

Fall H&M Haul Video, Fall Fashion Trends. Bonus: how to get your hair long and healthy

Hi Dahlings,

Finally got a chance to edit this video of my Haul from about a lil over a week ago! I really honestly missed the show and tell and giving tips on upcoming trends! I also talk about a hair item that I used as a child and it kept my hair healthy, thick and shiny! I have been using it for about 2 weeks now which so check out the video for details πŸ™‚

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Not your Damsel in Distress (Featuring Ciara)

Hi dahlings!

This has been a crazy busy week for me since I work for a University and school just started. We have tons of last minute reading, decision making and admitting going on and being the go to person for all things missing in our system can get quite hectic! I was glad I took my 2 stress free and technology free days off last week before the craziness began. Quite honestly it wasn’t so hard to survive without my cellphone, facebook, laptop and work email on my finger tips! I did watch TV and spent time doing some couple activities with the hubby (not talking about naughty stuff here but I found some amazing things like 50 questions to discuss as a couple, board games etc) and my mood for this past week was just insanely good! I had to spend some time reflecting and realizing why do I get so stressed when some people such as my husband would just chug along fine in the same situation. It’s a mental thing, its the people pleaser persona, the go getter and the hunger to finish all things assigned to you asap (not achievable if you are covering tasks for yourself, someone who retired at your job and then everyone else in your own family aka mommy and daddy)

So that lead me to my Style Shopper title for this week. I want to be in control, not panic and do what I have to do with a smile! And ofcourse all the smarties in the world know that you need to start believing the change to start making the change. so I decided to done on some girly moto jacket, a tight mini skirt. some heels and spikes! Trust me once you get the look you will feel the surge of adrenaline like you can do anything without breaking a sweat πŸ™‚

I thought this red moto jacket is better than the typical black we always see so I decided to do a little reversal of colors and viola here we are! Clearly Ciara knows the right attitude!

Moto Jacket: 2b -$36.95

Earring: Spiked Hoops – Forever 21 -$3.80

Heels: Charlotte Russe – $17.50

Skirt: Forever 21-$8.50