Where Have I been/Hurricane Sandy and Halloween Update

Hellooo dearies!

I have been MIA for over a week now but alottttt has been going on the east coast! Most people know about the craziness of Sandy by now and what started off as eh just another storm turned out to be pretty disastrous. I can not claim that I am highly affected by it because I only lost power but I was slightly worried sick over my brother and sister in law’s safety cause they lost power and touch with us and live in NJ close to the areas that got badly flooded.

So Recap of what has been going on. As most of my avid readers already know I work for a University more so specifically the Admissions department. The deadline for applying to college is tomorrow and people have been going berserk applying which means the little elves (including me and my coworkers) are hard at work loading applications, reading, admitting and sending out letters! In the midst of all this when I had no time to breath comes my fave holiday well second fave to Christmas …HALLOWEEN! Unlike most other halloweens where I decided to go out on town we decided to throw a costume party at our place! And I am soooo glad I did not only get to see some of our closes friends that we havent had a time to catch up with but I met tons of new people that seem wayyyy to cool not to hang out with again! Oh and ofcourse we all needed this right before Ms Sandy the hurricane was going to land! I dressed up as a cop! Hubby was Che guevara. Tons of friends came out decked up as The Mummy, Pilot, Neo from Matrix and one of our closest friend Mike had a home made costume of an anime character Strider which looked stunning!!!!! Now the sad part is although I charged my camera we were alittle toooo excited and forgot to take pictures. But thanks to oneof my friends I was able snag a picture of some of us!

Then came Sandy on Sunday! My mom knocked some sense into me and I decided I guess its time to gear up and grab some bread, canned goodies, water bottles and junk food! Well in the long haul I didnt really need it but I am glad I was prepared. Work had given us orders to work from home although the University closed down so the first day was spent infront of the TV working! Only 40 minutes after speaking with my brother who lost power I lost power as well. Thats when it got boring. I decided hell I have tons of books I can read so me and hubby had candle lit dinner and then we laid in bed and I read  “White Oleander” by Janet Fitch out loud. Guys its an amazing book you will not be bored, very touching and is also part of Oprah’s Book Club.

We spent the night freezing which was a great opportunity to snuggle closer and fall asleep. Next morning I headed to my parents’ which lead to some delicious food prepared by mommie dearest and quality time with the familia while I worked. All in all great bonding time thanks to Sandy. My heart goes out to everyone that lost something due to this hurricane. It’s pretty tragic to see all the destruction but I am glad we didn’t lose alot of lives. Please keep everyone on the east coast in your prayers!

So just to give this post a final Halloween Touch. I am posting the last few halloweens I have spent with Hubby and Friends all decked out in our costumes! Enjoy and let me know what were you this halloween?

Halloween 2012 as a Cop

Hubby and I on the Left and my awesome college buddy and lovely girlie he introduced me to on the right! This chick’s hella fun

Halloween 2010 as a Baseball Player

Halloween 2008 as a Belly Dancer

College Friends, me as a belly dancer and hubby as superman on the right 🙂

Leather,Snake print and Cobalt blue all in one outfit! what more can I ask for?

Hi Lovelies,

I know it has been ages since the last time I posted an outfit post. It’s not that I haven’t been dressing up or trying to show you what trends I have been enjoying in my personal life but things have been utterly busy. From getting back from work late enough that its dark outside and utterly gloomy weather to God knows what all has been impeding me from being able to capture my fave outfit moments. Which of course is making me consider buying a new camera soon possibly a DSLR. My hubby loves photography and he has been hoping I will nod my head in approval of spending a huge chunk of money on the cannon rebel possibly a T3 or T4.

Anyway apart from all that I love love loveeeee this outfit! The most bizarre incident happened when I was wearing my leather tights at the mall. Some lady walks up to me and tells me my pants look really cool. I thanked her and then she asked me if she can feel the texture of my leather pants. I reluctantly but very politely told her sure. She got a good feel of my knee and declared to her lady friend that these pants are really cool. That ensued a discussion on where I got them from. I gave this key piece of information , she walked off all happy while I just sat their wondering did this just really happen to me? Well I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂 I love my new Cobalt Blue shirt and of course the snakeprint clutch!!!! Gosh I can just live in this outfit 🙂

Bracelets: Diamond 14kt White Gold Bangle,

                                                   Snakeprint Metallics from H&M (currently in store)

Boots: Dansko

Clutch: H&M

Leather Leggings: G by Guess

Necklace: H&M

Top: Sheer Cobalt Blue from H&M (Currently in store)

Click here for previous Outfit of the Day pictures

Super Easy Halloween Nail Art

Hi Dahlings,

As I had promised here is my next post featuring some of the easy peasy Halloween nail art attempts I had. I tried several different ones but the perfectionist in me wasn’t satisfied so I only snapped pictures of the two I liked! This whole blogging idea gives me giggles, everything that I talk or post on here, is something I did years ago as a tween or teenager. Dressing up during summer break nights and posing infront of the webcam for pictures, making silly ads and videos, painting nails with characters on them. I always noticed I was better at doing others’ nails in comparison to mine. I guess i can twist someone else’s hands the way I want, just like a piece of paper. But hey practice makes perfect! Now that I don’t have many people available to me who will let me paint their nails I need to learn on my own 🙂 (one of my younger male cousins back in the day was only 8 and he let me paint his toe nails with mickey mouse character on them…he denies that ever being done to him cause now he is some macho hot shot guy lol)

Below are my Dexter TV show inspired nail art. These were my fave, I actually wore it the rest of the day and they make an appearance on my outfit of the day post this week 🙂 They were super easy and required only 2 to 3 minutes of effort! I am going to wear these for my halloween party unless between now and next Saturday I come up with a better idea! Will keep you guys posted 🙂

These were alright hence I didn’t keep them on but I guess with more effort these can be flawless too! Lets not give up hope 🙂

What are some of  your nail ideas for Halloween?

Haul Video: Falls Must Have Fashion Trends Haul! H&M and Coach

Oh God I couldn’t wait any longer to edit and upload this video for so I could share some of my amazing finds with you all! I have a second video recorded and set to go out during this week and that one packs even more faves of mine then this one!!! You need to check it out asap because the stores are still loaded with these items and they are all pretty inexpensive and very much in for this Fall and winter.

Can you guess which ones are my faves? If you come to my blog often enough this should be an easy task haha.

Today has been a pretty relaxed Saturday for me for a change. I worked out ate breakfast and have been lounging around for once. It feels amazing having to do nothing!

I am planning to do more Halloween related posts in the next few days since I am planning a halloween party and it is one of my fave celebrations each year! So keep checking back 🙂

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Flowery Leggings for the Fall with Christian Siriano for Payless Booties!

So I know this post is utterly delayed! I have been in a different world this entire time. Alot of changes at work alot of pushing and shoving trying to fix things and people that wont cooperate oh well I am not sure if my reaction is making me more angry or laugh the situation off! Added to all this football season! Sundays are zooming past faster then a fighter jet plane!

Anyway so my obsession with printed bottoms continues I have come to conclusion that I enjoy printed leggings alot more then printed pants! Anyway I also found these Christian Siriano for Payless Booties that cost less than half the price of his shoes. Ofcourse I had to be obsessed with them!

All I am going to say is one of these items is already in my closet can you guess which one ? 

Booties: Christian Siriano for Payless-$49.99

Leggings: H&M – $9.95

Top: Forever 21 – $19.50

Lana Del Rey H&M Ad campaign Inspired Nails

Hiya Lovelies!

So I have been slowly but surely increasing my Lana Del Rey H&M ad campaign collection…It is just sooo pretty , flowery and artsy each piece just speaks to me, asks me to wear it! So this past week I was like you know what? I need to come up with a nail pattern to match the most famous pattern from the collection. This is my first take on the pattern. I am hoping to try some more variation hopefully in the coming days and week! Dont you justtttt love this pattern from the collection as well? Scroll to the bottom of the post for how I created these nails.

Here is a photo of the top Pattern from the H&M Website


Here are all the nail Polishes I used to achieve this look. The two on the far left are from H&M store and the other two I am not sure probably came with some nail polish set cause I seem to not recognize them as top brand nail polishes.
Instructions: First paint your nails entirely white. Next take the purple or violet and make sure you rinse of excess nail polish on the sides of the bottle so we you have barely any nail polish on the brush slowly dab it on your nails in random spots. Then next use the blue and repeat the same process. Think of being an artist and doing tiny dabs on a canvas with paint that you are running out of but thats the effect we are are going for. Next repeat the same step with red! And viola you are done 🙂

The No nonsense Attitude

                  Like this post if you accept the Challenge to be the Super Hero with the no nonsense Attitude

This seems to be the year of growth from me. I am going through a lot of changes in my life all at once at home, at work, mental and oh boy physical too! But I wanted to get somethings off my chest in hopes that maybe some other person specially females out there might relate and learn a thing or two to adjust their own attitudes in life.

Rewind 2 years ago I was everyone’s escape goat, someone who trusted people easily, Always giving everyone benefit of the doubt! Thinking oh man I should continue being the bigger person and let them act like immature childish two year old, I can take it I am an adult. But guess what happens at the end of the day? You get tired, you get annoyed and things start getting to you! Why is it your problem that they need to learn to be the grown  mature adults that they need to? Why can’t they go on with their sorry life continue on the path of destruction elsewhere?

I am not sure how or what brought on the change in me but it only seems to be getting stronger. I have come to a conclusion:

“Nice people need to have a no nonsense attitude, just like the super heroes! ”

Now you must be wondering who are these aforementioned kind people and what is their no nonsense attitude?

Kind people are people who want to save the world, who want to counsel people, make sure everyone is happy and everything is peachy clean, birds are chirping and there is peace all around them. What most such people lack is the no nonsense attitude which is: I will be the kindest person you’ll meet till your cross me and no I am not going to make your life a living hell…I would just walk away. But If you continue to bring the fight to my yard I will snap your neck! If you were to make someone’s life a living hell then I am sorry you just have mislabeled yourself as a kind person, you need to go back and look into that mirror trust me you are ANYTHING BUT KIND!

I wish I would just go around and shake everyone that I know that is nice and kind and deserves to have this attitude! Tell them to wake up! Tell them its okay to just grow a thicker skin just to protect yourself. I understand the fear behind growing a thicker skin.. trust me I was dealing with it and still am to some extent. The fear that you will become just like them is pretty legit but guess what? You have this sense of control for a reason so why not utilize it when needed? You can still be a nice person and not take crap from someone. Learning to put yourself first is a hard thing to do specially if you have always put others first your entire life but hey just this thought is a good start.

If all else fails tells yourself by helping and tolerating those that make you miserable you are wasting your good energy! Good energy that someone who is worthy of your help and kindness needs. I have found sarcasm to be my best friend. Use it when needed but most of all walk away as fast as you can because peace in the world might never be attainable but peace in your own life definitely is!

You know what works the best? Having the confidence in yourself and sometimes just dressing up! Dressing up like a bad ass! Leather, Metal whatever else floats your boat! Take your clothing as a role that you play! Feel that its a part of your exterior that who you are! You can always change what you dont like about yourself just like you change your clothes!!! And since halloween is around the corner even better! I for one will definitely dress up as a super hero!

YOU AND I BOTH DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS…life is too short, dont waste it on people that dont matter. Get up brush off the dust that they have thrown all over you just because your too kind and accept the challenge to at least give being nice but accepting no nonsense attitude a try. Together we will attain a more peaceful life 🙂



Answer to Georgetown Cupcake 40% off Sale!

Alright Lovelies,

I have finished watching today’s DC cupcake show. To recap Georgetown Cupcake stores located in DC, MD, NY and MA are giving everyone 40% off their entire order starting 12am to 11:59pm on 10th October 2012. As I promised in my previous post I will be providing you with the answer to the question

Please like my facebook page if I have helped you get one step closer to your fave cupcakes and PLEASE PLEASE post pictures of you with your cupcakes on my facebook page! I would LOVE to see everyone digging into their cupcakes!

Question: ?In Tuesday’s All New Episode of DC Cupakes, What is the name of the sports bar that Mommy and Katherine visit while in Boston

ANSWER IS: mcgreevys

(Check out the sports bar page)

To redeem, enter the correct answer as one word (no spaces or punctuation marks) into the promo code box on the checkout page when placing your order online. Discount will be automatically applied.

Offer valid on Wednesday, October 10 only from 12:00am – 11:59pm

Are you ready to order? Which flavors are you getting?

Georgetown cupcakes does it again! 40% off entire order sale! Attention VA, DC, MD, NY AND MA!

So what are the odds that my, correction everyone’s fave bakery Georgetown Cupcakes a.k.a DC cupcakes will have their 40% sale off an entire order again? The cupcakes are delicious unfortunately haven’t given their coffee a try since I am always alittle too excited to walk in the door leaving the miles of line behind me in dust as ordering over the phone implies you dont have to wait in line of close to or even over 100 some people everyday!


The rules are simple just like last time they are expecting us to watch their show on TLC tonight i.e 10/9/2012 “DC Cupcakes: The wicked good show” and find the answer to this one simple question!

Question: In Tuesday’s All New Episode of DC Cupakes, What is the name of the sports bar that Mommy and Katherine visit while in Boston?

I will be posting the answer on my blog in a new post right after I get the answer from the show! So feel free to stop by and check back tonight 🙂 You know I won’t let you down. – ANSWER POSTED HERE NOW

To redeem, enter the correct answer as one word (no spaces or punctuation marks) into the promo code box on the checkout page when placing your order online. Discount will be automatically applied.

Offer valid on Wednesday, October 10 only from 12:00am – 11:59pm

oh I can’t wait to get my hands on these cupcakes! I haven’t had them since the beginning of summer 2012! For those of you know that are lost within the sea of flavors…give milk chocolate birthday cake a try unlike most other chocolate frosted cupcake this one actually tastes like milk chocolate frosting! Sooooo delicious and you can ever go wrong with some red velvet yummy!

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Leather is more than just black and a Jacket

So now that I have completely mastered the trend of leather tights this past week from wearing it with my football jersey to my sheer white button up blouse to God knows what all (Photos of the outfits to follow in the next couple days) and also my leather jacket…its time we move on to different colors of leather and different trends!

I fell in love with this pleated mini skirt from Forever 21 Unfortunately it isnt available at my local Forever 21 so I have to order online. I am torn between the camel and the blue! I mean how cool is a faux mini skirt in blue color and its pleated!? so unique! I just love how it has the perfect body and it will be bouncy! Helps you strut your stuff down the street without needing much help from you 🙂 I have already bought the tope here shown in pink in a cobalt blue! Need to go back to the store to collect all the other available colors! It is the softest and comfiest top that I have bought recently. Most of the time I hate loose and flowy tops but I think this one is perfect to be paired with minis or even with tights given its length and flowiness.

Unfortunately it is already chilly on the upper east coast so I’ll be rocking all this with a pair of tights for those of you lovely ladies in climates that are still slightly warm you can rock them without leggings ..probably what I will be doing come spring time. I don’t if its just me but leather all gives me this feeling that I can kick some behind! POW POW POW…sorry got a little carried away there!

How are you rocking your leather this fall?

            Bag – Merona Clutch – $19.99

           Top: H&M – $12.95

Shoes: Steve Madden – 6pm – $ 24.99 (currently on sale)

           Skirt: Forever 21 – $