Loving the Mustard & Quick Trick to Winterize your Summer Dresses

Hi Lovelies!

Would you believe if I told you that alittle over a year ago my life was colorless? well atleast when it came to fashion. I would only wear dark colors other than red! Oh gosh and yellow as well as white were out of the question. I guess it has a lot to do with my cultural upbringing and talking to quite a few friends from similar backgrounds I realized how it has been beaten down in our system by society that light colors are a terrible thing for dark skinned people only as you grow older you realize that its not quite so! Actually some of my family, friends and acquaintances still have not realized this! So with this concept I present to you my mustard yellow leggings and gloves! Trust me I never imagined myself mixing with this color but I am glad I did…I cant get enough of this now! I am already thinking and raking my head on how else can I incorporate this into my closet! And then ofcourse duh it hits me earlier today how these are my school colors too! Yeah sometimes I can be really slow at picking up things possibly because my brain is like a constant land mine of thoughts one explosion after another- alot of people that personally know me will attest to this. The mustard color isn’t picked up well by the camera unfortunately.

Anyhow this outfit was worn to a quick stroll around the city where we visited a coffee shop that I had been meaning to stop by – Van Gogh Cafe and then after being unable to figure out where to eat we all hoped into my car and sped back to our trusted Sunday Night spot -Duclaws Brewery (Ah remember the land of the best lamb burgers i mentioned in a previous post?) Ofcourse reviews will shortly follow this post 🙂

The Ravens won after a tough game and I wondered if its because everytime I dress in anything other than my football jersey on a sunday the game becomes alittle tough to win – Superstitious much?

Anyway let me know what you think of the mustard yellow and are you are willing to give it a try…and if you already have please feel free to share it with me in the comments section!

QUICK CARDIGAN TRICK: I put a matching color cardigan under my cap sleeve summer dress, added some leggings/matching gloves and viola we are ready for winter!

Bag: Aldo

Bracelet: 14kt Diamond

Cardigan: H&M

Dress: H&M

Gloves and Leggings: H&M currently in store

Scarf: gift from my in-laws last year

Shoes: Dansko

Watch: Guess

Georgetown Cupcake Does it again 40% Off Today Only

Hi Sweeties!

I have been craving Georgetown cupcakes desperately and my friends visiting them over the break and posting pictures on facebook wasn’t helping either. I am so glad I held out for so long and decided I will be going to get them first weekend in December because I got the amazing good news again today from Georgetown Cupcakes


They are doing their Happy Holidays Sale where you can get 40% off your entire order! Yes one more time 40% trust me that is big cut on these cupcakes because they are the best things I have ever had! All you have to do is place your order today before 11:59pm i.e 26th November 2012.

Some key things to keep in mind:

1) You can place an order today for a future date so birthday cupcakes for someone close to you in the near future? done! Cupcakes for Valentines days? Done you know the drill 🙂

2) You dont have to be located in one of the store locations because Georgetown cupcakes delivers nationwide. So now with the 40% off you can actually get your hands on these yummy cakes the whole east coast…oh wait wait now even our folks on west coast in LA are raving about 🙂

Anyhow here is the promo code to use before 11:59pm tonight : HOLIDAY2012

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Eggspectation – Ellicott City, MD


Eggspectation is a restaurant that all of a sudden kept popping up for my attention everywhere I looked. Urbanspoon, groupon, my facebook feed and what not! I started to salivate when I finally decided to look up their menu and decided that we have to go there. I was expecting it to be like a run of the mill franchise restaurant when it comes to the ambiance but I was extremely surprised as I walked in the door and felt it was decorated for fall and had a small restaurant feel to it. My world was instantly transformed into a cozy little cottage with a bookshelf and a fireplace and eating pancakes on a dinning table full of friends. Oh maybe a scene out of Harry potter where all the wizarding students sit and eat their dinners. Ah this could just be my imagination running wild…mildly. The prices were alittle high ranging from 10 to 22 dollars for an entree which I wasn’t expecting but the food that we ordered wasn’t bad and the portions were pretty big.


Hubby and Mike ordered the eggstravaganza breakfast platters. Hubby substituted french toast for pancakes and I am glad he did cause we got to try both of those items and trust me they were delicious! The pancakes were fluffy and moist. And the french toast was the right amount of sweet and moist! The eggs were requested scrambled and were light , fluffy and airy as described by both boys (I rarely eat eggs by themselves cause they give me severe stomach ache) The potatoes that came with the platter were mild in flavor but there was something about it that just made them unique I wish hubby had more on his plate so I could have stolen more lol

I am not sure but I always pull random stunts like these where I go to a breakfast place and order a non breakfast item hence I ended up with cajun Alfredo pasta that came with butternut squash soup!  We decided to order fried green tomatoes as appetizer. The fried green tomatoes were delicious. The butternut squash soup was more like a dessert but that doesnt mean it wasn’t delicious. It gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling you expect from a pie! The cajun Alfredo Pasta was alright nothing terrible but nothing too exciting but but but…the leftovers when heated over the frying pan next day were unlike any other I have tasted before. The pasta had this sear on it which gave it a nice smokey taste. I jokingly told my husband that if I were to ever buy cajun pasta from there I’d bring the entire thing home to heat on the stove and eat cause it tastes extremely yummy that way.


So all in Eggspectation met my Eggpectations….yeah while waiting for food we played this game where we added eggs in all the “e” words we used …dorky? yes….but thats who we are and thats why I love my time hanging out with the boys so much.


Peach Sweater, Beads and Leather!

Hi Sweeties!

As December is coming around work schedule is getting more hectic at our office. I am doing alot better than last year when I was up till midnight everyday working on projects but this year I guess since this is my second admission cycle (going through the whole read, process and send out admittance letter by christmas) I have picked up my pace and haven’t been working too much from home but sometimes it is still needed hence I have been MIA on and off the blog but I promise with Thanksgiving break and Christmas break around the corner I will be posting more regularly posting 🙂

Anyhow this is the outfit I wore this past weekend when I hung out with my hubby and well earlier his bestfriend and now ofcourse mine too- Mike. We had decided to go check out a chain restaurant I heard alot of hype about Eggspectation (Will be posting the review of the restaurant tomorrow so check back) and then we were planning to head to the mall to buy Black Ops for the boys to play. I didn’t want to be overdressed because this was more of a hangout session with the boys and not just me and hubby! We came back home and decided to watch Snow White and the Huntsman and Oh gawd I am glad I was told by some of my friends when the movie first came out to not go to the theater and waste my money. The movie caused me to fall asleep on the couch only to be woken  up by the boys crying in agony of how bad the movie actually is. We decided to stop it half an hour into the movie and called it a day.

Unfortunately I am sad that the sweater’s color didnt come out right. It is more of a dark peachy blush pink (If that makes any sense lol) I had been eyeing it for the longest time at the store and finally got my hands on it. So Excited!


Bangles: Tri-colored Hoop Earrings worn as Bangles – Forever 21

Boots: Dansko

Clutch – Snake Print- H&M

Leather Leggings – G by Guess

Necklace: Forever 21

Top- H&M (Currently in store)

Flowery Peplum and Oxblood for Fall – Yet another Lana Del Rey for H&M ad special

Hi dearies!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I am obsessed with this flower print that H&M featured in the ad campaign with Lana Del Rey. Also  was ecstatic to find these pants on sale at the H&M for close to 10 bucks! I have seen other burgundy or oxblood skinnies but this is a very deep burgundy which sets it apart from others I have seen. I wore this outfit to my mall trip with my hubby and then we stopped by Duclaws Brewing Company to enjoy the most delicious ever Lamb Burger! And trust me when I say I have been looking for some good Lamb burgers in the area. This has to be by far my most fave!

Following dinner I got a much needed haircut. I don’t think you can still tell except my bangs are back above my eyebrows where most people want them to be lol. I also invested in a new hair product that so many different Hairstylists recommended to me but I needed to do my research and kept forgetting. I have been using it and have already noticed a humongous difference and seriously it hasn’t been long enough. Stay tuned to my blog as I will shortly be doing some quick reviews on the new product and the one I have been using for over a month or two now for deep conditioning! I am not kidding my coworkers have noticed a difference. These products seem perfect for winter weather when we wear tons of scarfs/jackets that rub against the nape of your hair and especially my hair gets really dry and tangly during winter. All of that vanished so I am kindda excited 🙂

Bag: H&M (Currently in store on sale price)

Bangle: Monet Pearls

Boots: Dansko

Earring: Monet Pearl Earrings (matches with the bangle)

Skinny Jeans: H&M (currently in store on sale price)

Watch: Guess (Birth Day present from my parents this year)

Top: H&M  (Still available in select stores)

Be Edgier with a Leather Vest on a Sweater Dress

Hi dearies!

Ever since sweater dress became a part of my wardrobe few years back I eagerly wait for every fall and winter to whip out some old ones and add more new ones to my wardrobe. I have come to a realization that they are good measure of growth too lol. I remember this sweater dress used to be much longer when I bought it 2 years ago! And it has grown shorter and shorter as my body filled in. Hence I went from wearing it with no stockings to see through stocking and this year a completely dark pair one. Sweater dresses are sooo girly and chic but sometimes we want to be all hardcore in leather so why not combine the two and rock our sweater dresses in a more edgier way?

Anyhow this was the day I went roaming out and about with the hubby dearest and returned home with a deadly migraine! We visited the library in the area cause we are always interested in books of all sorts and dates to the library, barnes and noble might sound nerdy but trust me they lead to some of the awesomest discoveries and discussions! Try it out with your hubby, bf, friends, sister,brother sometimes I am sure you will find bonding over books quite thrilling!

Bag: Bebe

Boots: Dansko

Bracelets: H&M

Dress: XOXO

Leggings: H&M

Watch: Fossil

Vest (Leather): H&M currently in store in black and white (Here)

Weekly Style Shopper: Winter Classy and Chic featuring Miranda Kerr

Hi lovelies,

Today has been a complete mess of a day for me. After a quick trip outdoors I came back home to a horrible migraine. I have never had a headache so bad before. To make matters worst its my birthday tomorrow. We are planning to keep it indoors atleast I am right now since I am not feeling too well but I am not sure with my hubby dearest he seems to always have surprises up his sleeve! Anyhow ended up shutting off all the lights, taking painkiller, allergy meds, tea and some soda for caffeine…after a 2 hour long nap I am feeling a bit better but I guess creating this outfit its already doing wonders on me. It is just sooo winter chic the colors of the shift dress. I actually saw this dress in store and tried it on 2 weeks ago but I am not sure why I didn’t buy it right away. I guess I need to go back. Hey I deserve it as a birthday girl dont I? I haven’t figured out what we are wearing out to my birthday Dinner yet. I have quite a few dresses that are sitting tags attached for an occasion like this. I think its either going down during the week or next weekend because of my headache and I just wanna chill indoors with alot going on at work.

Anyhow I was fascinated to find Miranda Kerr wear a similar dress when I googled an ideal outfit picture for my post for today! VERY VERY CLOSE.  What do you think let me know 🙂

Clutch: Target Snake Print – $24.99

Dress: H&M – $29.95

Faux Fur Collar : Forever 21 – $7.80

Shoes –Cap Toe -Go Jane – $20.95

Oxblood, Burgundy and Flowered Leggings- Loving the Lana Del Rey Print

Hello Dearies!

Here is the second outfit post that I couldn’t find time to post thanks to Ms. Sandy the Hurricane. But I am going to be wearing the same outfit today to reminisces the pretty fall leaves before they got trampled and brutally thrown around. Wore this outfit to work with a long duster sweater to make it more appropriate. Some awesome cuties at work loved the leggings and made me blush with all their adorable compliments. We had a big discussion about H&M’s Lana Del Rey Ad campaign and I couldn’t stop urging them to go buy a pair of these leggings for close to 10 bucks!!!

Hubby and I  went to get some dinner and party decorations for halloween and I can’t tell you how many people told me they love my pants/leggings. I thought I was the only looney bin in love with this print but it only proved right that this print is to die for! Last I checked at H&M they still have these available in store, so grab a pair if you haven’t already. It will keep your Fall and Winter full of flowers and Color!

Let me know what leggings are your rocking? Feel free to leave links to outfit posts and pictures. I would love to check them out !

Bag: H&M currently in store for $29.95

Bangles: H&M currently in store for $5.95

Belt: Forever 21

Boots: Danskos

Leggings: H&M Lana Del Rey currently in store for $9.95

Necklace: H&M