Be Edgier with a Leather Vest on a Sweater Dress

Hi dearies!

Ever since sweater dress became a part of my wardrobe few years back I eagerly wait for every fall and winter to whip out some old ones and add more new ones to my wardrobe. I have come to a realization that they are good measure of growth too lol. I remember this sweater dress used to be much longer when I bought it 2 years ago! And it has grown shorter and shorter as my body filled in. Hence I went from wearing it with no stockings to see through stocking and this year a completely dark pair one. Sweater dresses are sooo girly and chic but sometimes we want to be all hardcore in leather so why not combine the two and rock our sweater dresses in a more edgier way?

Anyhow this was the day I went roaming out and about with the hubby dearest and returned home with a deadly migraine! We visited the library in the area cause we are always interested in books of all sorts and dates to the library, barnes and noble might sound nerdy but trust me they lead to some of the awesomest discoveries and discussions! Try it out with your hubby, bf, friends, sister,brother sometimes I am sure you will find bonding over books quite thrilling!

Bag: Bebe

Boots: Dansko

Bracelets: H&M

Dress: XOXO

Leggings: H&M

Watch: Fossil

Vest (Leather): H&M currently in store in black and white (Here)

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