Flowery Peplum and Oxblood for Fall – Yet another Lana Del Rey for H&M ad special

Hi dearies!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I am obsessed with this flower print that H&M featured in the ad campaign with Lana Del Rey. Also  was ecstatic to find these pants on sale at the H&M for close to 10 bucks! I have seen other burgundy or oxblood skinnies but this is a very deep burgundy which sets it apart from others I have seen. I wore this outfit to my mall trip with my hubby and then we stopped by Duclaws Brewing Company to enjoy the most delicious ever Lamb Burger! And trust me when I say I have been looking for some good Lamb burgers in the area. This has to be by far my most fave!

Following dinner I got a much needed haircut. I don’t think you can still tell except my bangs are back above my eyebrows where most people want them to be lol. I also invested in a new hair product that so many different Hairstylists recommended to me but I needed to do my research and kept forgetting. I have been using it and have already noticed a humongous difference and seriously it hasn’t been long enough. Stay tuned to my blog as I will shortly be doing some quick reviews on the new product and the one I have been using for over a month or two now for deep conditioning! I am not kidding my coworkers have noticed a difference. These products seem perfect for winter weather when we wear tons of scarfs/jackets that rub against the nape of your hair and especially my hair gets really dry and tangly during winter. All of that vanished so I am kindda excited 🙂

Bag: H&M (Currently in store on sale price)

Bangle: Monet Pearls

Boots: Dansko

Earring: Monet Pearl Earrings (matches with the bangle)

Skinny Jeans: H&M (currently in store on sale price)

Watch: Guess (Birth Day present from my parents this year)

Top: H&M  (Still available in select stores)

9 thoughts on “Flowery Peplum and Oxblood for Fall – Yet another Lana Del Rey for H&M ad special

  1. I have a request, if I may. You have fantastic taste in your outfits and I genuinely enjoy reading your blog….
    BUT (There’s always a but), you talk regularly of your outings with hubby. Where is he? I’d love to see what he’s wearing occasionally. Is he a style freak? Do you have arguments over which clothing store to go into first?

    • Haha you made me laugh real hard with your comment. You’d be surprised to know at most of these shoots we always take a few couples pictures too only he always asks me not to post them lol but now that we have a request I am sure he wont care =D He loves to dress up and tries to reinvent his closet regularly. We don’t argue over stores because unfortunately he is super picky with clothes and I am not lol He will find one minor detail about a pair of pants and refuse to buy them. I did force some mens trends on him after my mens fashion posts came out 🙂 Stay tuned for hubbster’s debut on my blog very soon 🙂

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