Must Read For Women: Prisoners to Our Body Image – We need to Break Free

Have you ever heard these below comments about yourself or uttered them towards other women?

Her dress is way too short”

She always wear such tight dresses and skirts

“That top is too low neck, she always her boobs out”

Ewww haha she looks like a boy”

“Chicken Legs!”

It is very easy to show our disapproval towards other women’s bodies and their clothing but it is much harder concept to understand the reasoning behind it that not everyone is out to get attention, show cleavage or prefer to be made fun of by wearing baggy clothes. Women everywhere are uncomfortable in their own skin due to the judgements that get passed on them by other fellow women. If anyone should understand this it should be other women. From my own experience growing up as a stick thin person in school hoping to attain a few curves to now hiding my curves as much as I can. It has been a constant tug of war at the stores when looking at clothes to buy.

It was an interesting journey to understanding this point when I saw similar items on other fashion bloggers  that I am rocking only their hem line seems to be much lower than mine. They almost can pull of their bodycon dresses or skirt as a sophisticated pencil skirt where as pencil skirts have become mini skirts for girls like me. I talked to a quite a few friends who are  busty and realized how easy it is for me to find a cute low cut top but a regular top make them look like the town spectacle where everyone is gawking at them. I have spent hours buying countless items at the store thinking oh this is perfect for work only to realize oops it isnt looking as long as it did in the mirror in the fitting room. Mean while on the other side leaner and petite girls are cinching their wastes, lifting their hemlines to not look like they are drowning in their mothers hand me downs. No need to laugh at them or mock them, they are well aware that they wish the dress fitted them better.

What I am trying to convey is that cut your female counter parts some slack. Similar things appear different on different body types. Adding a few inches here and there can make a perfectly long knee length dress appear short on someone while removal of those same inches here and there might make clothes appear baggy. I understand there are options like tailoring your clothes or getting them altered but honestly not everyone has that kind of money.

Some women are naturally busty and unfortunately no matter what they wear their stuff is always going to be in your face. There is no reason to snicker and call her a slut because for all you know she could have spent hours trying to adjust that top to make it look more appropriate before leaving the house and this might be the best she could do.  It’s easier to understand your body type and its short comings cause your living in it. But every single body type has its ups and downs. Just like certain things dont work for you but you do what you can to enjoy a sense of style and fashion, so do other females. Take a deep breath and let them be because I am sure you appreciate being treated the same way. You wouldn’t understand  them fully unless you walk a thousand mile in their shoes but atleast try or just keep your lips sealed.

I understand not every style of clothing is made for every single body type but sometimes given certain body types nothing seems to fit right. I have attached some of celebrity pictures to this post as an example for those who like to think visually to understand a concept.

Please take some time for today onwards and make a pact to be less judgmental and be understanding of your fellow women. It’s time we give up the catty remarks and making others feel uncomfortable.

Kim Kardashian has one of the most curvaceous and talked about body. No matter what she wears everything seems to cling right to her curves and here is a prime example of a dress Kim wore which was also worn by Posh Spice who ofcourse looks just as impeccable but is way more leaner and sleeker than Kim.  Now think about the girls who you saw rocking a dress at the mall the other day that you and your friends spent hours judging. Is it her fault that she is either too skinny or too curvy to fit the clothes that the society will deem the ideal mold of a certain type of perfect women?



Preity Zinta and Kim Kardashian


     JLO and Blumarine Versace model


Your Weekly Style Shopper: New Years Party Special!

Hi Dearies,

I know I had completely fallen off the wagon with my Weekly Style Shopper Posts since I was so busy with work these past month and a half. But worry not I am back and this time I have sharpened my skills further and I personally feel this outfit is by far my fave! For those of you who recently joined my blog or have fallen onto this post while browsing the blogsphere- Your Weekly Style Shopper is a segment on my blog where I share bargain outfits that I found online or in stores with you all, as well as give you an idea on how you can go about wearing a certain bargain item. I have recently also started adding pictures of celebrities wearing a similar color, trend or outfit as an inspiration for those who need it. Gives you a better idea of what the color or style looks like on a real person (not always the same but atleast the style genre we are going for) I try to keep the cost as low as possible but once in a blue moon I find something so  magical as the peplum top below that I couldn’t pass on it!

Anyway as the topic of the post already mentioned this weeks post is geared towards new years and what is better than wearing a peplum top and a flowy skirt which fall under some of the biggest trends of 2012. Worry not they are here to stay in 2013 with us 🙂 I feel since the top is the star of the outfit we will keep the jewelry to the minimum. Depending on your comfort level you can do either nude or black sandals, pumps or flats.

Feel free to hit the follow button if you haven’t already to get more such deals and outfit ideas in the coming year 2013! Love you all 🙂


Chained Metal Cuff: Forever 21 – $5.80

Dimpled Hoops: Forever 21 – $2.80

Peplum Laser Cut Top: Lulus – $36.00

Skirt:  Love Culture – $24.90

Christmas Day Outfit and Fun!

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas Day and prep for New Years is going as strong on your end as it is on mine…haha well I have nothing planned as of yet because we were planning to have a house party only we are moving to a new place early February and in my excitement I have plans of packing things ahead of time during my break so we have to just pick it all up and go!

This Christmas I was more excited about the presents I gave to people than the presents I received and had to open. I knew the presents I bought meant alot to me I had spent hours contemplating what each person wanted, needed and liked. Hubby and I woke up and opened the presents we gave each other. I was in dire need of a mug and he knows I love starbucks, so I got a starbucks signature mug and a furry animal hat! I wanted a cute furry hat for a long time and he found me the cutest one ever!!! I was sooooo happy! I actually have had it on all day till I got dressed to go see my family and unfortunately it was raining hard all day otherwise I would have worn it out today to the mall lol

My outfit for christmas was kind of a big confusion. Part of my family is pretty conservative and my idea of a cute christmas dress would not be appreciated by some of them lol. So I had to find something more appropriate. I decided to put on my snake print skinny jeans that I showed in my Last Haul video. I put on a sleeveless Ruffle front top and my fave Red Blazer! I had to wear Red! And I decided to semi Curl my hair. I rarely do anything to my hair other than keep it natural so it was a good surprise for most of the family lol

We ate tons of food! Spent time with my humongous family and opened more presents at my parents later! I am going to ofcourse do a video on the gifts I got as well as a few other things I have bought recently! So watch out for my new video in the next few days =D








Blazer, Bracelets, Clutch, Necklace and Skinny Jeans from H&M

Ruffle Top from 5.7.9

Boots from Dansko

Furry Hat from American Eagle

Mug from Starbucks but ofcourse!

Christmas Eve: Winter Blue with Lil bit of Lime

Hi dearies!

As promised I am hard at work with my blog postings while I am away from my work desk! Hurray for me! Anyhow most of my shopping was already done ahead of time but I had a few errands to run the day of Christmas Eve. It was supposed to start snowing that afternoon so I decided to go with the theme of Winter Blue but wanted to add some lime to it to keep with the theme of flower power going lol

Oh my little cat Star also made an appearance in one the pictures =D not to mention half the presents that got wrapped before christmas eve lol

I rarely have my hair up hence when my aunt saw me that day she really wondered where I was headed to and all I said was running errands and back home. I don’t think she bought it. I also magically ended up finding my fave eye makeup! I was blending Blues and greens and I realized  it was the perfect peacock eye makeup look that goes great with my brown eyes. I will definitely have to do tutorial on that sometime soon. It is my number 1 fave right now!

Here are some quick snaps we took before I left the house. It was a little too chill outside for me to frolic around without a jacket 🙂





Bangles: H&M

Boots: Dansko

Clutch: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Top: H&M

Tights: H&m

Watch: Guess

Mega Haul: Last minute Holiday Deals, Target and Neiman Marcus Collab, H&M and more

Hi sweeties!

So I had been swamped with insane amount of work and I am officially on Holiday break from work. Yes perks of working at a University. You work yourselves to the bone then they give you tons of free days off around the Holiday season to refresh and recoup! Which means regular postings from my end =D

I thought this haul video will be a perfect for last minute gift ideas and deals that you can snag from H&M and Target. Some of these items have been in Ads have been wanted by many etc etc and now they are on SALE! Get them while they are still in stock 🙂

I missed you all soooo much! Did you guys miss me?

This deserves an explanation: MIA Update!

Hey sweets!

This past week has been pretty insane for me. From work life to personal life things were just going in all sorts of wrong directions. And given the fact that my work life is pretty hectic right now starting 9am in the morning and lasting anywhere from midnight till 2am I didn’t have much time to fix things going wrong except quick thinking on my feet.Hubby got sick, the apartment complex people came to fix the tub spraying the house with chemicals which left a white powdery residue over our entire apartment and furniture. Not to mention no one was allowed to stay in for upto 4 hours so we had to pack the cats and take them to my aunts. My allergies are still out of control but I getting tested again on tuesday so hopefully something will come of it. Hence ofcourse not much time to post but December is here! We finally got a chance to decorate the house last night the tree is up and all the little things I have collected over the years but I am not happy! I think its time I invest alittle more into christmas but also incorporate some personal creative touches. What do you all think?

Here are some cute things I found that I am contemplating tweaking and recreating 🙂


Adding Red ribbon and pine cones to anything white gets it holiday decor ready


  This one is goofy and cute for a Christmas Party Bath Tub 🙂


 Santa Brownie Hats genius!


And my personal fave what is better than creating your own thumbprint Oranament

thumbprint reindeer