Weekly Styler Shopper: Wintery Beary Furry Cute Featuring Audrina Patridge and Vanessa Hudgens

Hi Sweeties!

So this post was totally inspired by my Christmas present a warm fuzzy Animal Hat (Checkout my instagram for the picture of me in it) and the idea was to combine it with a cute Animal Graphic print top. I have seen it all..Owls, Wolves, Tigers etc but then I saw this Husky one at Love Culture!!! OMG i love huskies and plan to have one as a pet one day when my allergies are under control and my shots are all completed! I have to run to the store this weekend to see if I can grab it. I thought it would be a cute and fun outfit to go out in the snow or just on a cold cold day! People might look at you confused but you know you look cute and they wish they had your top and your hat! I wanted to add some color to this outfit so I opted for the lipstick Red Jeggings! You can wear whatever coloredskinny jeans or jeggings you have or if you opt for a black one thats cool too, deck it out with accessories!

We don’t always have to be ultra chic or rocker punk so why not lets be cute and furry for just a day?

Beary Cute and Furry

Furry Animal Hat: Amazon.com $19.75

Husky Top: Love Culture $ 12.90

Jeggings: Wet Seal $16.25

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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