New Year, New Look/Layout and New Fitness Section

Hi Darlings!

What is the best way to start the new year with getting a better layout for your blog and making it easier for others to browse the sections they are particularly interested in? I have sorted my Fashion posts, Weekly style shopper, Mens fashion post and food posts into separate pages that you can easily browse using the navigation bar on top of the page 🙂

But one of the biggest change is the the new Fitness section that I would be posting to regularly. Some of you that follow my Facebook page already know that I had been contemplating this idea for quite a few months now and I had also received overwhelming support from some of my friends on FB wondering what exactly I do for my own fitness routines. For those of you who have been with me on my blog for quite some time now know that I have been dealing with foot injury issues for over 2 years and with mold allergies for about 8 to 9 months. There have been times when I fell off the wagon but I have been pretty consistent with my routines for over 3 weeks now. I have gotten out of bed middle of the night and continued working hard to get where I am right now.  Therefore I am sure that we can embark on the health journey together and keep each other motivated.

In the new fitness section I would be talking about some of the diet and losing weight myths, what works for one person and doesnt work for another as well as some activities other than just plain old gym workouts that people can utilize to get in shape. Trust me this past year I have tired several things and read the science behind why some work and others dont!

I will be talking about some healthy options of snacking and no I am not talking about just plain old nuts,cereal etc (that too!) but I will talk about items like chocolate, popcorn, potato chips etc that you can enjoy while trying to get in shape. Just a few tips on how to eat the right way is what people need to understand and Chicly Cute will bring that and more to you 🙂

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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