Outfit: Embodying my Surroundings – Mint, Winter Forrest and Fog

Hi Lovelies!

Friday was a horrible day for me. I lost my mind at work too much going on at once. Sad part about me losing my mind is that I actually had gotten good news that a new person has been hired who will be taking over their tasks next month! Which means I will officially be only doing 2 people’s job till my new supervisor learn the ropes and picks up her stuff off my plate. All the stress lead to a migraine and I decided to leave work half an hour early. And then I was disappointed in myself cause I was doing so well with my motto of being happy and not letting things get to me but honestly my desk has so much stuff on it that I can’t even put my lunch down on it 😦 I have to work harder on the stressing out thing! School is only a month away and I have signed up for two grad school classes…yah…stupid me…Always trying to be an over achiever.

Anyhow I guess someone upstairs love me enough to give us 53 degree weather in January on the East coast! And to kill stress I decided to go out to the Park by the lake with Hubby before the Ravens Games. And I specifically decided to wear this outfit cause I wanted to embody my surroundings! The trees, winter mint and water! I completely forgot to take a picture of hubby. It was interesting cause we were both dressed up to later go watch the game at a nice restaurant and one guy stopped to compliment both of us. Ah maybe we were a bit overdressed for the park? hahaha but I just wanted to walk around cause the weather so nice!

Hows the weather at where you guys living at? Is it just as crazy and unpredictable for you as it is here. We are usually freezing by this time but I was able to walk around in a mini with no stockings and I was completely fine!











Bag: Iam

Bangle: Monet Pearls

Bracelet:  H&M

Boots: Dansko

Necklace: Fresh Water pearls from UAE

Tank: G by Guess

Skit: H&M

Top: H&M currently in store on sale price

9 thoughts on “Outfit: Embodying my Surroundings – Mint, Winter Forrest and Fog

    • yes its relaxing and soothing in an interesting way. I work for the undergraduate admissions office of a State University as an IT person. Trust me before I started working here I was a student at the same school and I thought these guys dont do much…there is a whole world behind the scenes. Constant deadlines to read applications, admit and send out decisions. As the IT person I am appointed with making sure all our processes are 100% smooth and correct but I am handling other tasks too cause one person retired last march and my supervisor found a new job in august. Its been a LONG year!

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