Life Control 101: Introduction – For those need that help on Stress and Time Management

Hi Sweeties,

It takes alot of guts from my end to discuss my past and present so openly but I wanted to throw this out there for those who wanted some tips and tricks into how to keep insane, function and manage a million things at one time. I am sure there are millions of people out there who probably do alot more than I have ever done but these posts aren’t going to be about comparison or something I am boasting about. It’s just my journey through life and my struggle of getting a grip on things around me and I am a firm believer that writing things down makes it easier to follow them so by helping you guys I would be helping myself too …lets kill two birds with one stone lol

Anyhow my childhood life up till grade 4 was pretty easy. I actually have no recollection of anything bad. But consciousness of what is right and wrong started weighing heavy on my brain after I switched school in grade 5. The feeling of doing right! The guilt of saying no to anyone or any task it all just started to become a really bad habit that to this day I struggle with. If someone asks me for help my immediate response is a big “YES” although I know I have too much on my plate. I have recently learnt the importance of self love if you want to call it that and I am practicing it in my life right now. Lets get into my teenage years. All I recall is my parents owning a business and it was a 24/7 affair! I recall working 12 to 13 hours a day with a full load of undergraduate classes. Ofcourse with my mommie dearest not having a license I was also her chauffeur. Also the night time food delivery person for my dad when he had to work 24 hours straight shifts as my brother was too exhausted to get up and go take over so my dad can make it home. Yes I understand mismanagement and if I were to go back there now I would have devised better plans. But thats why I am writing this section on my blog! Cause I have been there, I have learnt and have gotten smarter!

Moved on Campus in hopes that I would get some time to concentrate on school work as it was getting really hectic at home with my mom’s constant banter of wanting to go shopping or running errands was taking time away from my projects. Became a Resident Assistant in the dorms. Those of you who have held the job are aware how much work that position can be day and night! We are literally little slaves to the Residential Life office. I wanted a little extra money so I decided to also become a desk assistant and most of my shifts lasted from 12am to 6am in the morning. I also around the same time was an IT assistant in one of the offices on Campus. Errr there was a semester I went bonkers and took 21 credits cause I really needed to graduate. Not to forget my mom still need a chauffeur.

Currently I work as an IT person for the University I graduated from and have been covering two extra people’s job one of whom retired in last march and one that left in august. I have had nights where I was up till 2 or 3am working at home after getting back from work and went right back the following morning. Trying to be a good wife cooking dinner and doing other house wifely tasks that are expected. I wont lie though my husband is my big support and sometimes he gets the short end of the stick because he is working part time and continuing through the journey of his education. I am adding Graduate school to my already full plate this Spring.

I have gone through the excruciating, unnecessary and unfair process of immigration! Seen a fair share of legal battles when it came to our business as a teenager and fought the case as rest of the my family was too scared to speak out for their rights. I have married outside of my race which in itself was a battle given the culture I come from. But things have seemed to smooth out with my family now that they have realized skin color and race dont matter. It is the heart and kindness of the person that counts and trust me my husband is the nicest person you will ever meet well also my dad lol.

Now that you have  a small glimpse into my world and my journey through life. I will talk from time to time on here about what have I done to break the bad habits, to manage my time better, to keep myself going when I just wanted to throw my hands up like everyone else around me. Feel free to stop by often or hit the follow button so we can embark on this journey of self change for a happy and healthy “US”!

Also feel free to post some of your journeys and what you are struggling with. Make sure to add a few strengths because you know you made it here today because you aren’t weak 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life Control 101: Introduction – For those need that help on Stress and Time Management

    • Thanks sweetie! I hope to attain just that with this section of my blog. I know how to, just have to make myself do it and writing things down makes it easier to follow them 🙂

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