Team Purple Rough and Tough in leather- Go Ravens

Hi lovelies,

Today is the big day well one of the big days in Football. My team the Ravens has officially won the Division Championship and we are one game away from Super Bowl (in American Football for those of you who are reading this from other parts of the world πŸ™‚ )I hated American Football about 3 years ago. I grew up over seas and Cricket and Soccer (err which is what REAL FOOTBALL IS everywhere but in America lol)

Anyhow I had to work at a NFL Store and its my habit to know my products really well so I decided to dwell into American Football world. 3 weeks down the road I am routing for the Ravens and screaming at the TV screen like a maniac. Now when there is a Ravens game on TV I refuse to leave the house or have to be aroundΒ  TV where ever I go.

As each week progressed I was going nah lets give our team another weak and I’ll do an outfit Post with my Jersey as an Outfit. And when better to do it then this week? This was taken on Day one of my Purple Jersey weekend. I had initially decided to wear something purple the entire week but instead I decided to just wear my Jersey every single day of the weekend! Girls whether you like football or not this is one of the cutest ways to pull a Jersey off and still look feminine and cute. If you have an invitation to a Super Bowl Party. All you need is YOUR jersey or just borrow a friends, boyfriends, brothers, sisters or whoevers. Put a longer tank top on to cover your behind in those tights to keep it classy unless you dont care everything hanging out. I just find covering my behind classier πŸ™‚ And then put the jersey on! I wear mine with leather leggings and if going out with a leather jacket as well. Makes me feel cute but I can chow on some bones of the team we are going against…Yeah I gets pretty aggressive. My friends are always stunned at how someone can be as nice as me but a complete opposite of that when watching football. And no we are not talking about curse words or bad words…I am just plain violent and competitive lol

Anyhow heres to hoping Ravens are going to Kill the Pats tonight and we will head to Super Bowl… GO team Purple!






Boots: Dansko

Bracelet: H&m

Clutch: SnakePrint – H&M

Leggings: Leather -G by Guess

Tank Top: H&M

Top: Ray Rice Jersey – Ravens-

Watch: Fossil

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