Outfit: Embodying my Surroundings – Mint, Winter Forrest and Fog

Hi Lovelies!

Friday was a horrible day for me. I lost my mind at work too much going on at once. Sad part about me losing my mind is that I actually had gotten good news that a new person has been hired who will be taking over their tasks next month! Which means I will officially be only doing 2 people’s job till my new supervisor learn the ropes and picks up her stuff off my plate. All the stress lead to a migraine and I decided to leave work half an hour early. And then I was disappointed in myself cause I was doing so well with my motto of being happy and not letting things get to me but honestly my desk has so much stuff on it that I can’t even put my lunch down on it 😦 I have to work harder on the stressing out thing! School is only a month away and I have signed up for two grad school classes…yah…stupid me…Always trying to be an over achiever.

Anyhow I guess someone upstairs love me enough to give us 53 degree weather in January on the East coast! And to kill stress I decided to go out to the Park by the lake with Hubby before the Ravens Games. And I specifically decided to wear this outfit cause I wanted to embody my surroundings! The trees, winter mint and water! I completely forgot to take a picture of hubby. It was interesting cause we were both dressed up to later go watch the game at a nice restaurant and one guy stopped to compliment both of us. Ah maybe we were a bit overdressed for the park? hahaha but I just wanted to walk around cause the weather so nice!

Hows the weather at where you guys living at? Is it just as crazy and unpredictable for you as it is here. We are usually freezing by this time but I was able to walk around in a mini with no stockings and I was completely fine!











Bag: Iam

Bangle: Monet Pearls

Bracelet:  H&M

Boots: Dansko

Necklace: Fresh Water pearls from UAE

Tank: G by Guess

Skit: H&M

Top: H&M currently in store on sale price

Weekly Style Shopper : Geometric Patterns are all the Rave in 2013

Hi lovelies,

So here I was just browsing through the online world of shopping when I noticed countless geometric print dresses, skirts, leggins and it hits me that it was indeed all over the runway shoes and we are probably going to get overloaded with them this year! Geometric patterns can be a hit or miss. You can go tame or you can go completely clown like crazy with them. I found this dress on sale at macys for 20 bucks it is considered geometric pattern but I feel its more of a tame flower power style sheath dress. Ofcourse Gold is pretty big too this year so I decided why not pair it with these cute gold pumps and some gold bangles. What do you think about Geometric patterns are you planning to rock it this year?

Geomatric Print

Bangles : Forever 21 -$7.80

Dress: Macys – $20

Pumps:  Charlotte Russe – $17.49

Fitness 101:Why do Diets Fail? Finding Motivation and sticking to it

Hi sweeties!

    I have never been as enthusiastic to share something on my blog as this post right here right now! The reason being all my theories and diet tricks have bore fruits and my goal of losing 0.5 pounds each week has been met. I have officially lost 1.5 pounds in 3 weeks and yes some of you might think whats the big deal thats not a big number. It is a big number when you hear I ate everything I wanted. I ate mac n cheese, Cookies, chocolates, ice cream and what not! Now you must be thinking this is some sort of scheme where I would con you out of your money by asking you to buy my books or dvds. Nope WRONG! I am going to tell you exactly how I found my motivation and how you can find yours if you follow this pattern of a diet plan! I hate when people share with you their “How I got from here to here” journeys and dont describe what they did. Some of them just chalk it up to good genes. I get it sometimes its true other times it does involve alot of steps!

Last year my hubby was helping me get back in shape. With my feet out of commission for 2 straight years I had gain about 30 pounds! Although most people still considered me pretty fit from their standards I wasn’t used to the new body with some flab here and there. I was depressed and unahppy. The last thing I wanted was this stringent diet of what I can not eat! For months if not weeks! Guess what that lead to? DE -MOTIVATION! That led to me giving up! That led to me being at my weight the entire year oh not just that it actually slowly started inching up further to my horror!

Thinking about the thought process the last week of December I realized hey if I can eat everything I want I will not fall of this wagon. I can eat burgers, pizzas, steaks and what not why would I feel miserable or depressed? I did just that! Only I started counting! Trust me the magic is in numbers atleast for people who enjoy foods of all sorts! And no you cant just get away with counting calories! Thats where everyone makes the mistake! You have to pay careful attention to carbs, fats and proteins cause any of those things can turn into FLAB! And no you dont have to be a math wiz to do the math cause trust me I am a full time math hater. You just need some free online tools that can do it for you and it takes less than 3 minutes a day. I will be discussing one of my fave tools on my blog pretty soon so look out for that!

Heck some of these tools even let you get away without working out! Yes for those of you who hate working out I know I just grabbed your attention! And if you like to be active but not at a gym trust me I will be talking about that soon too! Creative ideas to workout without ever stepping foot in a gym!

One big reason to loose motivation is also what I will coin the MOUNTAIN EFFECT. You are climbing the hill and you are far far away from the peak! You give up easily but hey what if you made smaller goals? and rewarded yourself on the way? How easy would it to be celebrate your success at each step! So to motivate yourself don’t jump into a huge diet Goal (unless ofcourse its for an event coming right at you!) start smalll hence I started with my 0.5 goal. And jump with joy each week when you meet your goal! Oh and you would, trust me after you remember eating all things you enjoyed while you were on your SO CALLED DIET.

Trust me its all about taking charge and saying I can do and eat what I want instead of being stuck with “I cant I am on a diet” Such a restrictive and saddening process. So go ahead take a small piece of that chocolate your co worker is offering you cause you know your limits for that week and dont let your restrictions bring you down!

Snake Print mixes with Faux Fur…Audrey Hepburn gloves make it Classic

Hi lovelies!

I am bouncing around lately full of energy. I am not sure if you can pick it up with my more frequent posting and all the insane things I am lately getting into like cooking a hardcore Indian Meal after a long day at work. Trust me Recipes are definitely going up this week at some point! The reason behind me being full of energy? I gave up on the concept of “I’ll do this tomorrow”. If something needs to be done its needs to be done now! No more waiting for the tomorrow that never comes. And being positive and over all happy has been going good so far in 2013! One thing to do when stressed out is to keep in perspective what you can or can’t do. Most people get overwhelmed over trying to do something unattainable or just being plain hopeless. If all else fails take a nap if possible or find therapeutic things to do. I have started kneading dough and rolling it to make breads and such cause i love the motion haha..sound silly? maybe…but it helps.

Anyhow can you Imagine I wore this outfit in 30 Fahrenheit weather? I mean I really thought this Faux fur vest wont be that warm but meanwhile my hubby froze while taking pictures of me in his jacket  I was a happy camper being all furry! I don’t know initially I had a whole different idea of how I was going to wear this fur Vest the first time but it changed last minute and I was very please with the result. I loved my adjustable gloves that can become long or short and putting jewelry on top of them reminded me of Audrey Hepburn! Timeless and Classic.

What do you all think of this outfit?





Bag: Iam

Boots: Dankso

Bangles/Bracelets: H&M and 14kt White Gold (gifted)

Gloves: Banana Republic

Necklace: Forever 21

Skinny Jeans: H&M

Top and Cardigan: H&M (Believe it or not the the black sleeves are my Cardigan sleeves flipped over to give the top a matching contrast)

Vest: H&M

Fitness 101: Stubborn Weightloss – Dieting and getting no Results?

Today’s Health discussion will be about why after careful eating some of us do not loose weight or continue to gain weight. This topic came up during the holidays when I was visiting my mother. My mother years after having me and my brother was still pretty skinny and then the bloating started. Now after her numerous attempts at eating right her weight hasn’t budged.

There are several factors to consider when planning a diet. The biggest one is how much weight does one want to loose a week? The ideal for any human being is between half a pound to one pound. Anything more than that is doable but not recommended by alot of doctors and dietitian.

Myth #1: If I stop eating a lot I will drop weight faster.

This is true if you plan your diet the correct way. A lot of us decide that we are going to just eat a slice of bread and fruit for breakfast. Something small for lunch and possibly a small dinner or in my mothers case a hefty dinner. The reason this doesn’t seem to drop pounds as expected is that the human body is supposed to consume atleast 1200 calories per day whatever your weight might be! If you drop below 1200 calories you are not getting the nutrients that are needed to maintain your body and your body in turn goes into starvation mode. Once starvation mode kicks in your body stores as much fat as it can because it is planning to survive on the bare necessities it is being provided in the form of nutrition. Hence instead of dropping the pounds you expected you either face the dilemma of not losing anything or your weight starts to go up.

After intervening in my mothers daily intake of food I noticed how she was consuming 700 calories below what she is expected to hence her weight doesn’t seem to budge while on the other hand people who eat more than her still continue to be smaller than her.

Myth #2 I can eat smaller meals and then have a big meal for dinner

Yes yes we all heard growing up how breakfast is the most important meal and should not be skipped and no they weren’t lying to us. The reasoning behind this is also that you need to continue providing your body enough nutrition otherwise your metabolic rate starts to slow down. It is the body’s reaction to not getting enough food and energy therefore it decides to shut the shop down! It throws its hands up and says well there is nothing I can do. I do not have enough energy to run the entire system as well as store it. Also just nibbling a little here and there all day leads to you having a hefty meal (cause hey you can only go hungry for so long). At the end of the day when your metabolic rate has already slowed down in turn leading your body to convert that GIANT meal you just had into more fat!

Myth #3 My friend Leslie lost 20 pounds on this diet I am going to follow suit

My conversation with my mother in regards to her diet was very carefully geared towards her trying to figure out what is it that would work for her and no it does not mean you have to get expensive trainers or even a gym membership if that is not what you are interested in. It also does not mean a life of eating salads and fruits unless you enjoy that over regular greasy food. I specifically explained to her that after doing the math I a person 35 pounds lighter than her needs to consume less calories than her. If she follows my diet plan it is only going to backfire and continues resulting in the stubborn weight loss. The reason being our activity level. I spend at least 9 to 11 hours sitting at a Desk everyday where as she has an active job where she has to be on her feet all day running around. If she eats how much and what I eat she actually will run into a calorie deficit and continue to rack up pounds or face the stubborn weight loss.

This is it for Fitness 101 today! I promise I have more coming so if you are interested in understanding why certain things work for one person and not for others and how you can find your own path to being happy and healthy please feel to stop by my blog often or hit the follow button. Trust me you wont be disappointed. You are talking to someone who was skinny struggling to gain weight all their life and then ending up gaining a little too much and has just recently found the balance of where they need to be. How do I know these concepts work? Because I have tried it and there is science behind it to prove it!


Georgetown Cupcake New Years 40% Off Promotion TODAY!

Happy New Year!

This time it came as a surprise to me cause usually they notify us ahead of time! But oh well doesn’t matter I am always ready for a deal from Georgetown Cupcakes! As always you have ONE WHOLE DAY to place your order which is today i.e 8th of January 2013 till 11:59pm EST.

Keep in mind you do not have to order for tomorrow or even this month I think they let you order a month in advance! So birthdays coming up? Valentines Day around the corner? yup possibilities are endless here.

All you have to do is go online and place your order by 11:59pm EST tonight and use the Code: 2013

I repeat the Code is 2013

Hope you all enjoy your cupcakes cause I know I will =D

New Year, New Look/Layout and New Fitness Section

Hi Darlings!

What is the best way to start the new year with getting a better layout for your blog and making it easier for others to browse the sections they are particularly interested in? I have sorted my Fashion posts, Weekly style shopper, Mens fashion post and food posts into separate pages that you can easily browse using the navigation bar on top of the page 🙂

But one of the biggest change is the the new Fitness section that I would be posting to regularly. Some of you that follow my Facebook page already know that I had been contemplating this idea for quite a few months now and I had also received overwhelming support from some of my friends on FB wondering what exactly I do for my own fitness routines. For those of you who have been with me on my blog for quite some time now know that I have been dealing with foot injury issues for over 2 years and with mold allergies for about 8 to 9 months. There have been times when I fell off the wagon but I have been pretty consistent with my routines for over 3 weeks now. I have gotten out of bed middle of the night and continued working hard to get where I am right now.  Therefore I am sure that we can embark on the health journey together and keep each other motivated.

In the new fitness section I would be talking about some of the diet and losing weight myths, what works for one person and doesnt work for another as well as some activities other than just plain old gym workouts that people can utilize to get in shape. Trust me this past year I have tired several things and read the science behind why some work and others dont!

I will be talking about some healthy options of snacking and no I am not talking about just plain old nuts,cereal etc (that too!) but I will talk about items like chocolate, popcorn, potato chips etc that you can enjoy while trying to get in shape. Just a few tips on how to eat the right way is what people need to understand and Chicly Cute will bring that and more to you 🙂

Weekly Styler Shopper: Wintery Beary Furry Cute Featuring Audrina Patridge and Vanessa Hudgens

Hi Sweeties!

So this post was totally inspired by my Christmas present a warm fuzzy Animal Hat (Checkout my instagram for the picture of me in it) and the idea was to combine it with a cute Animal Graphic print top. I have seen it all..Owls, Wolves, Tigers etc but then I saw this Husky one at Love Culture!!! OMG i love huskies and plan to have one as a pet one day when my allergies are under control and my shots are all completed! I have to run to the store this weekend to see if I can grab it. I thought it would be a cute and fun outfit to go out in the snow or just on a cold cold day! People might look at you confused but you know you look cute and they wish they had your top and your hat! I wanted to add some color to this outfit so I opted for the lipstick Red Jeggings! You can wear whatever coloredskinny jeans or jeggings you have or if you opt for a black one thats cool too, deck it out with accessories!

We don’t always have to be ultra chic or rocker punk so why not lets be cute and furry for just a day?

Beary Cute and Furry

Furry Animal Hat: Amazon.com $19.75

Husky Top: Love Culture $ 12.90

Jeggings: Wet Seal $16.25

New Years’ Eve: Outfit and 3 Course Home Cooked Meal

Hi dearies – HAPPY NEW YEAR

I am  back in the grind of the work life starting yesterday but I wanted to make this year a better one for myself and my blog. oh and not to forget my family. I would have to say the last week of December 2012 was the best ever for me. I had time off from work, got to spend time with family and didn’t have to look at the clock ticking going “times running out and I have so much to do still” Life just came to a halt nothing mattered except good company, food and laughter!

I want to extend this into my year 2013. I want to be a positive happy me, the one who had her head on straight during the holidays. So I am coming up with cures for stress and recipes on how to avoid it when it surfaces its ugly head. Look out for those on my blog this year 🙂

Anyhow so this new years I decided to stay in. First we were going to have a house party but due to us moving out in about a month due to mold allergies in my current place I am in the midst of packing. Therefore the party got cancelled and I found out they had “The Twilight Zone” marathon on for 48 hours straight so that led to a lot of snuggle time, snacks and shrieks of excitement from me on all the spooky stories they played.

My inner chef woke up and wanted to prepare a meal from scratch. The menu got changed last minute because I didn’t want to do the tried and tested cause oh that would just be so boring! After careful thinking for about an hour and looking into the refrigerator and pantry I came up with the following menu:

1) Mozzarella Cheese Balls

2) Italian Style Garlic Oregano Chicken with veggies mixed in squash farfalle pasta

3) Callas (Dessert made of fried rice balls yum!)

I will be posting recipes to these items on here soon so if your interested check them out 🙂

I also wore a non traditional New Years Dress for me. Most of the time I wear tight fitting or bodycon style dresses. This time I wanted to wear something frilly, girlie and fun and found this perfect dress in my closet that I haven’t touched the entire year of 2012! What do you think?