Yet another MIA Update

Hi dahlings!

        A few of you have been messaging me over different platforms wondering where I am and what I have been upto and as promised I am doing a quick Update then hoping to resume into regular posting schedule soon!

Highlights of February:

– We have officially moved out of the old moldy apartment that was making me sick and are now in our brand new place! Its is 90% decorated but some finishing touches are needed. I will hopefully have a picture tour up once I am done settling in 🙂

-Both my cats got adopted. My allergist had confirmed that if I continue to keep them I will develop asthma so after much crying, I contacted a well reputed company that finds happy homes for your pets (ofcourse that costs money but you have peace of mind that the background checks been done, houses have been inspected and families have been interviewed. You then meet the family and see how they interact with your pet and with heavy heart you give them away) I am greatful that both my cats found loving families. And they have been sending me tons of pictures of them. The house seems empty and so does my heart but it was best for both me and the cats cause as my pets they always saw me as their mommie and want to be close with me and sleep with me which was not a possibility and all of us were suffering.

-Grad school is full of team projects! Alot of time is being spent outside of class working with some of my amazing team mates who lighten my crazy life and make me forget about how much is on my plate.

-Work life is in a bit of turmoil still and I will possibly post about some of the common issues there at a later date cause I am sure some of you will relate to it and will find it either humorous or helpful.

-With all the commotion and stress my diet went out the window and your going to think I gained weight but unfortunately no my weight is falling like Snow does in Russia. I now am scrambling to eat regularly to maintain it.

-I have bought tons of items that I have to film to put up soon and not to forget a video still needs to be edited and put up…sigh sigh lol

-But most of all I have missed you all. Reading some of you who also have blogs as well having discussions with my regular commenters and readers 🙂

-Oh not to forget some of the bloggers I follow live in moderate climate and are rocking blazers and shorts while I am all bundled up in my furry hate, gloves and coats! Cant wait for spring!

Your Weekly Styler Shopper: Military Olive Classy Rough ft Anne Hathaway

Hi lovelies!

So I am going to get back into my regular posting schedule! The moving was done last weekend and it kicked my behind real bad. We have a lovely brand new place but hard part was we are on the 3rd floor. Yup this place got sold out real quick before they even finished constructed the buildings so we got the last one available. I recorded my last haul video in my last apartment that is in desperate need of some editing and will hopefully go up soon so watch out for that!

Valentines Day was meh for me not that I care alot about such events to me its about being together, having awesome dinner and dressing up but I was at work all day and then had class till 10pm. I picked up some delicious dinner on my way back from class so we enjoyed that in our apartment which to me still feels like some fancy hotel when I wake up in the morning.

So the last I posted my Weekly Style shopper we were goings nuts with oxblood and reds but guess what? We are making it big this season with Olive green! I am seeing it everywhere! And I couldnt stop oogling this Olive blazer from H&M. Lets hope when I go to the mall next its ready and available for me in my size lol. I wanted this look to be chic yet tough. The blazer and light weight tee brings in the chic part and the olive green, skinny jeans, tough boots and patch of faux leather bring out the toughness! Trust me people will be guessing all night who the mystery lady is that is dressed in such a daring outfit. This is one of the outfits I have done for my foot that I will hope to wear asap once the weather on the east coast gets warmer. Weather is kind of weird here right now we had 52 degrees today after snow yesterday and then we are going to have some more snow tomorrow and sunday…..crazy weather!

    military Chic

Boots: Charlotte Russe on Sale right now – $24.99

Blazer: H&M – $39.95

Skinny Jeans- H&M – $14.95

Tee- Forever 21- $11.80

Georgetown Cupcake Promotion for Valentines Day 40% off again!

Hi lovelies,

I have been MIA for the entire month of february for which I am really sad because I had tons of ideas for Valentines day but in my defense I have grad school to catch up on and we have officially moved into our new apartment. I am running on 2 to 3 hours of sleep everyday if not less than that on certain days because my kitties seem to be very upset with the move they haven’t fully adjusted and one of them is constantly crying!

Anyway now to important topic at hand. Georgetown Cupcake’s new season premiers today and I was 99% sure they will do another question answer deal with 40% off associated with it. And viola I was just notified of it.

So the question is: In tonight’s ALL NEW episode of DC Cupcakes, what is the winning bid for Sophie and Katherine’s cupcake creation at the county fair?

The Answer is: 3800

How to redeem your 40% :

Hurry this is a one day only promotion so don’t waste time. You can pre-order your cupcakes and get them another day or even place an order upto a month ahead. So think about that birthday, party , or any other celebration coming up! Or if nothing important is coming up you can just enjoy the cupcakes for yourself 🙂 I mean they are really delicious!

Also incentive for ordering ahead is that you don’t have to wait in line! You can skip the long line and walk right in! And trust me the lines get really long! People wait as long as 2 hours in line depending on which location you head to.

o redeem, enter the correct answer as a number (no spaces or punctuation marks) into the promo code box on the checkout page when placing your order online. Discount will be automatically applied.

Offer valid from 7:00pm Thursday 2/14 – 11:59pm Friday 2/15.

Weekly Style Shopper: Black and Red Lace Valentines Special!

Hi dahlings!

I had a break in blogging again but it was the first week of graduate School for me. Its interesting to be in class again and both of my classes have group projects which I guess is a blessing and curse all in one. You are dependent on others and have to meet up at certain points but then you have help if you ever are stuck or need ideas.

Anyway among the school starting, work still piled up at my job and moving commotion I realized I completely forgot we are in February and Valentines Day is around the corner. I always wore red on valentines day whether I was single or taken. I just love black and red combo and adding lace to it has been my fave way to wear the combo. Lace shoes just enough skin to draw attention and not be raunchy. It can be very vampirish looking but I have always had a soft spot for vampires growing up even way before the whole True Blood and Twilight fad. Actually Twilight turned me off the vampires a little bit.

Anyways I saw this dress at Love Culture and I was completely in love. It is the perfect style for this year as well since its a Hi- Lo Dress. It will keep your dates eyes on you all night. And if you are hanging out with your group of friends you’d still be the lady of the night! I prefer since its such a classic red and black lace dress we can keep the jewelry and shoes simple. I think the suede shoes will make it more lady like and classic vs plasticy looking patent ones. What do you think?


Bangles: Forever 21 – $6.80

Dress: Love Culture – $23.90

Necklace: Forever 21 – $5.80

Shoes: Payless – $19.99