Memorial Day Outfit: Beyonce for H&M with my twist to make it unique

Hi lovelies,

As I had promised in my haul video that I will be finding creative ways to somewhat alter the Mrs Carter for H&M dresses so can be considered alittle unique. This dress is probably the hardest since its printed and is already black and white. I had thought of several different ways of wearing it and some of which I might be doing in a post soon on how you can convert this dress into other things other than just “A DRESS” 🙂
I was looking for a belt. A big bold Leather cuff style belt but had no luck so I ended up creating one on my own. Nope and it didnt need any gluing or stitching together. Let me know if you are interested in knowing how to recreate this belt. This gave me ideas to recreate several other belts on the whim for dresses and skirts.

I had planned to put a crop leather jacket on top but it got really warm today and decided to not go for it. Maybe that will be an addition for Fall or next spring weather. After looking at the picture I realized the print is VERY close to camo print. I don’t know I had a different idea of this dress all along and now I am wondering if everyone else is in the same boat. Either way I still love the dress. It is very comfy and breezy.










Bangle: Real Pearl by Monet

Dress: Mrs Carter for H&M (if you are lucky you might just find a few pieces in store)

Shoes: Abeo
Watch: New York and Co


18 thoughts on “Memorial Day Outfit: Beyonce for H&M with my twist to make it unique

    • Thanks Kenya! Congratulations on the one year blogversary! I have been meaning to find some time to hop onto your blog and leave comments. Some of your outfits are very cute!

  1. I love the pattern and look of the dress, but in the photos it appears that there is a seam at the waistline, but the waistline seam is below the placement of the belt. Is this my imagination, and it is a pattern marking, or is there really a waistline seam on this lovely dress?

    • The dress comes with an elastic waistline which wasn’t originally how the dress was advertised on Beyonce.They actually had a leather belt on her dress. I also felt that without a belt cinching my waist the dress was alittle too frumpy on me 🙂 Plus it needed my touch can’t go out there looking like everyone else’s twin haha

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