Taming down the Neon trend!

Hi friends!

I have been enjoying summer like the world is about to come to an end. Last week I was out the entire weekend except when it was time to go to sleep and sleep only lasted about 4 to 5 hours a night. But I am thankful and glad I was able to spend some much needed time with close friends (when I say close I mean people I will die for) and family.  I also got some much needed time with the boys aka hubby’s troop! I understand sometimes they get a bit much when all they want to do is sit and play video games non stop. Now don’t get me wrong I am actually down with playing video games but when I play with them, they take a bit too easy on me. Come on…just cause I am a girl doesn’t mean we can’t have a fair fight. Anyway all this brought back the gamer in me. I remembered the days when me and my older brother would spend hours playing video games as kids and teenagers. So I decided to invest in my own controller and a game that really interested me- injustice gods among us anyone?

Anyway now the outfit in the pictures. I have been meaning to wearing some neon for quite some time now. It is actually the trend of the year.I have to say, this outfit surprised me- I knew it looked good but I didn’t know it actually would picture this well. I wanted to tame the neon a bit because when we think wearing neon we think over the top, casual or beachy. But I thought pairing it with sheer lace peplum top and metallic belt gave it a very sophisticated and evening look. You can actually wear this look to family get togethers, dinner parties or even just a romantic dinner. Gosh you could even do night out with friends or what not.  I have even considered wearing it to work! Well my job we do very formal outfits on special events days otherwise we can be business casual- where we will sometimes sporadically find coworkers leaning too close to casual on days they aren’t dealing with public but we never wear Jeans! -never!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and let me know if you are planning to jump on the neon trend this summer?








Belt: H&M

Bracelet: H&M

Bottoms: G by Guess

Sheer Top: H&M

Shoes: Sigrid by Dansko

Sunglasses: H&M

Tank Top: Rampage

Watch: Guess

9 thoughts on “Taming down the Neon trend!

      • Oh but you must!!! I am sure by now you see I am on most occasion head to toe dressed in H&M. I have to say their quality is really good for the prices they have. And this year they have out done themselves by coming out with tons items starting at just 4 to 5 bucks. I sound like an advertiser now haha but honestly most of my shopping is now done at h&m unless there is something specific I can’t find there.

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