Weekly Style Shopper: Labor Day Weekend Special

Hi lovelies,

Here we are again on a Friday again searching and hunting for bargain deals that I can share with you guys and this time around I wanted to keep Labor day in mind since it is this Monday. Alot of us will be going to cook outs and picnics. And I thought what would be best to wear? A hi-low flowery dress. It will be perfect to bid farewell to warm weather as well as I don’t know why I always feel maxis can sometimes get humid down under…if you catch my drift. And no not there!! get your mind out the gutter lol. But a Hi-low dress would be perfect and airy to let your legs and thighs breath while seating on plastic chairs and not get glued to them haha.

I also thought the best way to bring out the flowery details in this simple black dress would be by wearing one prominent color that is in the dress print. To keep it girlie we can go with pink accessories but if you are not a pink girl you can switch the accessories to white or for late evening to even gold.

I am not sure what direction my weekend will head to but all I care is relax alittle bit more as school has just started back up and my work schedule is bound to get crazy soon too. I have some BIG NEWS to share with you guys in regards to my health but I guess we can wait on that a bit. I will reveal it with my next outfit post.

Let me know what you are planning to do for your Labor Day weekend and feel free to share what you wore.



Dress: Forever 21 – $22.80

Earrings: Love Culture – $2.95

Belt: Forever 21 – $5.80

Sandals: Charlotte Russe – $11.99

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