Your Weekly Style Shopper: Leather can be Sophisticated this Fall

Hi sweeties,

I can not get enough of leather or well imitation leather which ever one you prefer. I for one am clearly fine with either. I look the toughness and roughness leather brings when you incorporate it in your outfit but this fall what I am personally trying to attain is a more put together, sophisticated classy leather look. Something more feminine. And I have been obsessed with Leather paneled leggings ever since they debuted recently. I thought what better way to maintain your sophistication by wearing them with a fitted cardigan or cardigan style top. If that is paneled? EVEN BETTER! Ofcourse we can never have enough burgundy in our closets during the Fall season so I wanted to immediately pair my black leather pants/leggings with some burgundy colored accessories. The chain link on the shoes bring somewhat of tie in between the leather and the charm of a cardigan and then we add the matchstick necklace to tie that in  further. I could have opted for some boots but then ofcourse throws us over to the roughness again that we see in moves, magazines and on the street with leather clad ladies everywhere. You can even add some lace to the combo (not pictured here) but that would make this some more feminine.

Let me know what you think and how are you pulling off your leather this Fall?


Cardigan: H&M $24.95

Leather Paneled Leggings: Forever 21 $15.80

Necklace: Forever 21 $6.80

Sandals: Shiekh Shoes $36.99

Make me smile leave a comment :)

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