Weekly Style Shopper: Halloween Special Arabian Princess/Belly Dancer

Hey Guys,

I am still continuing the tradition of finding things already in our closets or things that we can buy to wear on Halloween but continue using them as clothing way after Halloween has passed. When you buy costumes you spent big bucks on them and then they just sit in your closet. Not this Halloween I won’t let you do that 🙂

This outfit is sorta Princess Jasmine inspired but Harem pants in mint are hard to come by. I decided to do a maxi skirt with crop top take on it. You can always continue wearing the maxi skirt and crop top way after Halloween is a distant memory. Also body jewelry is a big trend right now. If you have body chains then that would be a good replacement for this head plate. But this is something that women in certain cultures (including mine) wear pretty often for parties. So this can bring in your cultural side out. And ofcourse Gold shoes already belong in our closets so you might already have some handy. If not you cant go wrong owning a pair. This outfit will work if you already have a maxi skirt or crop top in matching color. Just add some body jewelry and you can claim to be a Princess from the Arabian World or an expert Belly Dancer.

Let me know what you think 🙂



Crop top: Charlotte Russe- $10 (on Sale)

Pleated Maxi Skirt: Forever 21- $12.46 (on Sale)

Metal Head Piece: Go Jane- $10.40

Metallic Gold Flats: Target- $19.99

11 thoughts on “Weekly Style Shopper: Halloween Special Arabian Princess/Belly Dancer

    • Honestly Kukolina haha I crack up everytime I hear mint or oxblood or cobalt blue. These colors already existed in our wardrobes but they gave them new names and people went crazy about them..but lets just keep it our little secret shhh…
      I have done last few outfit posts featuring a few crop tops. Most of the time I wore them out to the mall, coffee shop or dinner date with my husband. Depending on where you live and the weather, You can rock them to the park, to the beach, to a girls night out. If it’s a bit chilly I put a leather jacket on because I can always take that off indoors. One way that I really like to wear crop tops is with a high waisted pencil skirt and a blazer. Let me know if you give this trend a try 🙂 I would love to look at it 🙂

      Ps we are twins! I am born on nov 4th. Currently living in my 4th country 🙂

      • Hey sister! 🙂
        I am sitting here thinking about what you wrote. Crop tops were really popular when I was around 14 years old. I had a few though it was not a sophisticated look back then.
        I would love to try out outfits from your wardrobe. Honestly! Because you really have looks that not only you can pull off but that look really sexy and stylish. Now if you look at my clothes… I do not have a pencil skirt… I have been looking for a blazer for years now… I don’t even have sexy pants and shoes like you do… I am not complaining…
        What are the 4 countries sis?

      • Haha you are so cute! Thank you for all the compliments but I am sure your pretty self can pull off all the clothes I wear just as easily! Crop tops are still not considered sophisticated everywhere but I think most acceptable way to wear them is with high waisted bottoms. Because then one shows less skin and the whole world is a happy place 🙂 Where do you usually shop at?

        I have lived in Pakistan only for a year..lived most of my life in United Arab Emirates then a few years in England and now finally in the US 🙂 How about you?

      • I have many clothes from Mango and Abercrombie & Fitch ( strictly its winter collection). My last purchase was from Baukjen (I wore quite a few of its maternity clothes).
        I lived in Hungary, USA, UK, Spain, Thailand

      • Mango has pretty cool clothes. I never get to shop there anymore because we don’t have one in my state. We don’t have baukjen but I am assuming it must be some cool brand because all the brands over seas are so much better than american ones lol.

      • Baukjen is only for online shopping. 🙂 I actually just ordered from them and had the dress shipped to my sister’s address who lives in the States.

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