Outfit Post: Captain America on Halloween

Hey lovelies,

Below are the pictures that we caught of Captain America chilling when she was off duty from saving the world. The world was pretty calm and quite on Halloween so she definitely got a moment to relax, pose for the new DSLR hubby bought and well there was a moment when she had to go running to checkout what was going on in the woods, something really shady was up!













31 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Captain America on Halloween

  1. Great costume! You look gorgeous! I was a HUGE marvel nerd in my teenage years and early twenties so this post brought back so many happy memories of reading comics for hours on end. The action shots are also great. Especially the one of you going up the stairs. Powerful and feminine. Looks like an image straight out of a comic!

    • Haha I am glad to bring some good memories back are you keeping up with the avenger movies? Cant wait to go see Thor in theaters. Yeah I don’t know how but once I put the costume on I really felt like the character 🙂

      • I wonder if we have any discount theaters in my lame state lol. I don’t go to movies alot either. Too pricey I think but I will go to select few ones each year which is probably 2 or 3 times a year 🙂

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