Outfit Post: Cool Summer in Fall?

Hi lovelies,

This week came an amazing surprise – a 70 degree day in November on the east coast! That is something I hadn’t even imagined in my wildest dreams. To make my little self miserable it was my work from home day where I am glued to the computer like the IT nerd that I am. But I decided to dress up and take a few pictures of my outfit on my lunch break and once I was done working I decided to run a few quick errands a little too dressed up for them…but hey I wasn’t going to miss out on this beautiful day. I am oohing and aahing at all the Cali, Miami and Texas bloggers who are living their lives jacket less and wearing cute crop tops and skirts still maybe this was my birthday present from the weather Gods? Why question it when all I had to do was enjoy the day 🙂











Crop top: H&M

Cuff: Nordstorm

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Brash

Watch: Kolber

22 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Cool Summer in Fall?

    • Thanks sweetie! I really wanted to take a picture of throwing the leaves up in the air and letting them fall over but we had a little visitor interrupt the shoot -neighbors dog exploring the woods plus i didnt know if my allergies can withstand that lol. But we definitely skipped fall this year and then summer showed up in winter lol As long as spring and summer dont get stolen from us I’ll be okay.

    • Lol You are correct FashionFollowsHer. Only at H&M will they sell a maxi dress for 5.95. I just bought three of those in red, cobalt blue and black. Will be posting pics soon hopefully depending on the weather here in our area. Isabel Marant never showed up to my state but they did in DC (I was too busy to get there) but what I saw of the line online didn’t seem to match my style…I was a bit confused about that….I did see the boots and I am assuming a skirt that you bought on your blog from the collection? They looked wonderful on you.

    • Oh we has that one surprise warm heat wave day and then it went back to being below freezing and windy. I won’t complain cause atleast i had that one day and I cant even imagine how cold Canada must be right now! Stay bundled up hun!

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