Outfit Post: Winter Snow Bunny when its cold and snowy

Hi sweeties,

I have been a bit sick lately not in a cold and flu kind of way but I genetically have GERD and it rares its ugly head every few years. The new bout hit me just after new years and I have been put back on meds for it. Anyway we had another snowmathon today well it is going on right now as I am typing this up. Today was also my last day off of work and I am not sure if tomorrow will be a work from home day or they will clear up the school in time for me to actually make it to the office. I did dress up to go play outside in the snow and also thought what better than to show you guys how to dress warm when its snowing insanely and still look cute in furry animal hat. I know alot of people go “I would look so silly in one!” but seriously you can pull it off depending on how you dress it up. I wear mine regularly when its extremely cold and even got a second pair this christmas from my husband which I will be featuring on the blog soon on another what to wear in snowmathon post.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share your furry hat pictures with me via email at chiclycute@gmail.com or on my facebook page at facebook.com/chiclycute











  • Jacket: G by Guess
  • Jeggings: Express
  • Gloves: H&M
  • Scarf: H&M
  • Hat: American Eagle
  • Boots: Dansko

17 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Winter Snow Bunny when its cold and snowy

    • oh can’t imagine feeling like -4…we are down to 7 here. But that polar vortex killed me when it was 3 degrees…I drove to work with only me eyes exposed…my coworkers couldnt stop laughing…fall back of being born in middle east

  1. Nice to see you back! 😀

    Looking fabulous as ever and good for you for wearing it :-), as far as I’m concerned, if you like a piece of clothing and it’s not inappropriate/offensive then it’s not a big deal and others can keep snide thoughts to themselves. I had a pair of strawberry earmuffs I really liked lol even though they look like something a little kid would wear but they were still cute on me too!

    Look forward to more of your posts 😀


    • we must see a picture of you in those earmuffs! they sound so cute. I totally agree with you in regards to wearing what you like as long as its appropriate and if someone laughs they probably don’t have the balls to be as spunky as us 🙂

    • Hi hun! So glad to see you back! Haha I am not in that great shape right now..haven’t worked out for a whole month…have been really sick 😦 But I am getting better..fingers crossed see the doctor in 2 weeks and hopefully she will give me the “All clear”

    • Haha yes that outfit is the reason I don’t mind going out in snow anymore, it actually turns it into an adventure. Talking about snow I thought we were done with it but its snowing again right now and will be tonight meh!

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