Neoprene Dresses for Spring

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It has been a while since I have done a style post. It has been long neglected due to my overwhelming schedule. But the moment I started spotting these dresses I knew I had to inform each one of you about what you should be looking forward to this Spring and Summer. Neoprene dresses! I am sure some of you are already familiar with them but if you aren’t here is a quick breakdown from me of what they are. (Scroll further down for affordable everyday versions of below dresses)

Neoprene Dress

Left: Clover Canyon Griffith Park Dress                    Middle: Boston Proper Zipfront        Right: Clover Canyon Floral Maze

      Neoprene is a man made rubber but when used in fabrics it is combined with nylon and spandex. It gives your outfits a little bit of ommph so skirts and dresses are more fluffy at the bottom (think skater style skirts). The stretchiness of the material helps making the fabric more comfortable to wear. A version of this fabric is made to use scuba suit. So if you are planning to wear one this spring no sweat you will be pretty water proof 🙂 Also known as scuba dresses.

We saw a few solid colors ones for fall and winter but there is a new twist all over the runway that I haven’t seen atleast in local stores just yet, Floral Neoprene dresses and skirts for Spring. I am sharing a select few that I found online and have been contemplating to buy because they are just too gorgeous. Ofcourse the best looking ones cost an arm and a leg. Have fun browsing and let me know what you think of these or feel free to post the link of the ones you find online in the comments section below:


Forever 21: Elegant Abstract Dress $34.80


MissGuided : Veronique Scuba Floral Dress $14.72


JCP: Black Label Dress $59.99


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    Obsessed with this new trend. Clover Canyon is rolling out some beautiful prints on this fabric but depending on the day of the week, their prices may be a little steep. Low and behold is here just in time with a feature on neoprene dresses. Rent one for your next special occasion for a mere fraction of the cost! Besides with bold looks like these how many times can you really be seen in the same look without people noticing. Save yourself a few bucks and get a taste of this fabulous look!

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