Big News for Chiclycute!

Hi dahlings!

    I have been helterskelter and all over the place lately butI haven’t forgotten you guys. I have some big stuff coming down the blog line in the next few weeks and months. But for now I really wanted to share this big news with all of my readers. I have been working with Glam St for a while and was elated to find out that I got selected as the Blogger of the week! I am currently featured on their front page and they made this special graphic for me to share with my social media audience. I love love love it! Please stop by check out and show support! It will mean alot to me. Once again Glam St is owned and operated by women in technology and is all about making women feel beautiful. You can literally try on famous makeup brands on your pictures (and they are very realistic looking) before you buy them!

Share your looks with me on here or my facebook page. I would love to see them!

blogger of the week


4 thoughts on “Big News for Chiclycute!

    • Thanks Hun, Its unfortunate that I have had sooo many outfit posts that I needed to put up that never went up! And now they are useless…But starting a new job has been a bit overwhelming with the commute being longer. I am kind of amped up to a bit better this fall 🙂

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