MavySavvy – A unique affordable fashion site!


Hi lovelies,

I have something new to share with you all today. I recently came across a fashion and clothing brand called Mavy Savvy ( Mavy Savvy is located out of Florida. The exact location of their boutique is Dora, Florida. I really wish there was one closer to me so I can personally visit them and experience all the greatness in person. So you are wondering what is so great about Mavy Savvy? Well let’s see imagine going to a party or even to the mall and there is someone standing right there in the same exact dress/top/bottoms as you! I mean I for one always smile at those girls and say “hey! we have great taste” but at the same time I also wish I had the opportunity to be able to buy unique pieces at an affordable price. Well that is where Mavy Savvy comes into the picture. The boutique only carries 4 pieces of each size per item so you can rest assured that only 3 other people in the world have the same items as you. And what are the odds that they will wear it the same days as you?

I have spent the last few days looking over the website and have picked my favorites already that I am planning to order. I mean they carry everything from clothes to jewelry and much much more. There is even an entire sale section for those of you who love getting even bigger price breaks. Items range anywhere between 5 bucks to 80 bucks but majority of items fall between the prices range of 10 to 25 dollars. And you all know how much I love good quality products at a reasonable price. Below are some of the items on my wish list that I will be ordering. Feel free to browse and let me know what are some of your fave items!

For those of you who are lucky enough and live in Florida they even take personal appointments to help you pick out outfits perfect for just your wardrobe.

jeanjacket jeanjacket2

                    This is my fave piece and I am looking forward to ordering it $69.00.Check it out here


This is a necklace that can make up any solid dress or denim shirt! $10.00 here


We have all seen skater dresses in stripes. I love how this one stands out with cold shoulders and its on SALE! $18.90 here


I know guys its not bikini season but look at this! I love every single bikini on their site! check them out here


This is sucha cute little messenger bag to have. Love it! $26 here

Let me know what you think guys!

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You weekly Style Shopper: Beat the Summer Heat in Crop and Crochet

Hi sweeties,

I know weekly style shopper has been MIA for a bit but its making a come back and should be posted every week like it used to be. Now lets talk about a trend that I have been aching to put on since the beginning of this summer but haven’t had a chance thanks to me being injured and unable to workout causing me to gain a bit of belly weight is- CROP TOPS! but crop tops don’t always have to mean that we have to show some skin when we are feeling uncomfortable. A good way to wear crop tops and not show too much skin is to pair it up with high waisted shorts, pants or skirts of any length. And then adding some pieces of statement jewelry, neat looking metallic rings and shoes to make the outfit stand out. I found the cutest looking shoes at Charlotte Russe. I don’t think I have seen sandals quite like this so I knew I had to build an outfit around them. Let me know what you think.

P.S feel free to let me know if you are interested in any specific styles that are out for summer or upcoming fall. Any special events you would like me to suggest outfits for etc.

Summer Crops,Crochet and Highwaits

Crop Top: Forever 21 – $8.80
Crochet Sandals: Charlotte Russe – $28.50
Skater Skirt: Charlotte Russe -$16.99
Necklace: H&M – $9.95

I am Back!!! Leather, Metal and Snake Print!

Hi Sweeties,

Today was one of the warmest days of 2013! I was a little worried because I have been extremely sick for the past 3 days and I was scared that I might be in bed all day today instead of going out and having a ball. Thanks to my hubby who fed me pretty well the last two days and forced me to get out of bed and shower in hopes it will make feel fresher mentally. IT DID! not only I got to go out but I also recorded my new haul video!!! Sooo excited to edit and share it with you all soon this week.

I decided to wear my latest edition to my closet the H&M tweed dress. I just love how it fits on me. We still dragged along my spare wool jacket incase I feel cold or start getting sick again. I did have my moments when I felt faint but it was a beautiful day. We went to one of the oldest part of our city which is literally my backyard! I am excited because its full of antique shops, cute lil stores, coffee shops etc. We stopped by Bean Hollow and I had the best ever Chai Frappe! We also bought a humongous Cherry cheese danish to share! We took all that fun stuff to the park. Walked around and ate. After that we went to my fave burger place and I stuffed my self with some delicious food 🙂 All in all a productive day….hopefully this will not wear me out to make me sicker tomorrow…lets keep our fingers crossed.







Boots: Dansko

Bracelet: H&M

Clutch: Snake print H&M

Dress: H&M (Currently in Store)

Leather Jacket: H&M

Watch: Guess

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Flowery Leggings for the Fall with Christian Siriano for Payless Booties!

So I know this post is utterly delayed! I have been in a different world this entire time. Alot of changes at work alot of pushing and shoving trying to fix things and people that wont cooperate oh well I am not sure if my reaction is making me more angry or laugh the situation off! Added to all this football season! Sundays are zooming past faster then a fighter jet plane!

Anyway so my obsession with printed bottoms continues I have come to conclusion that I enjoy printed leggings alot more then printed pants! Anyway I also found these Christian Siriano for Payless Booties that cost less than half the price of his shoes. Ofcourse I had to be obsessed with them!

All I am going to say is one of these items is already in my closet can you guess which one ? 

Booties: Christian Siriano for Payless-$49.99

Leggings: H&M – $9.95

Top: Forever 21 – $19.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Leather is more than just black and a Jacket

So now that I have completely mastered the trend of leather tights this past week from wearing it with my football jersey to my sheer white button up blouse to God knows what all (Photos of the outfits to follow in the next couple days) and also my leather jacket…its time we move on to different colors of leather and different trends!

I fell in love with this pleated mini skirt from Forever 21 Unfortunately it isnt available at my local Forever 21 so I have to order online. I am torn between the camel and the blue! I mean how cool is a faux mini skirt in blue color and its pleated!? so unique! I just love how it has the perfect body and it will be bouncy! Helps you strut your stuff down the street without needing much help from you 🙂 I have already bought the tope here shown in pink in a cobalt blue! Need to go back to the store to collect all the other available colors! It is the softest and comfiest top that I have bought recently. Most of the time I hate loose and flowy tops but I think this one is perfect to be paired with minis or even with tights given its length and flowiness.

Unfortunately it is already chilly on the upper east coast so I’ll be rocking all this with a pair of tights for those of you lovely ladies in climates that are still slightly warm you can rock them without leggings ..probably what I will be doing come spring time. I don’t if its just me but leather all gives me this feeling that I can kick some behind! POW POW POW…sorry got a little carried away there!

How are you rocking your leather this fall?

            Bag – Merona Clutch – $19.99

           Top: H&M – $12.95

Shoes: Steve Madden – 6pm – $ 24.99 (currently on sale)

           Skirt: Forever 21 – $


Your Weekly Style Shopper: LBBD Little Black BRIGHT Dress – ft Rihanna and Baby Spice

Hello dahlings!

Its friday end of the work week and beginning of relaxation, partying, get togethers whatever else floats your boat! (lets not forget football). I am currently enjoying some much needed me time and reminiscing about the brightest blood orangish cutest pumps I saw at H&M. I was super close to buying them but the foot ailment stopped me from such an on the whim decision. Let my foot get fixed (if ever) and we will have shoes galore and me laying in between them hmm that would make a great movie poster for a chickflick about women, girlfriends and shopping!

Now that I have returned from near dead thanks to my NFL app that decided to play loud music to give me updates on this week injuries, as I was sitting here and typing this( Didn’t expect loud trumpet and drums style music to ring but updating to new iOS6 release for iphone has changed all my settings) lets talk about what would I wear these orgasmic shoes with? Something simple, something sensual and sexy….. the idea of a black dress popped in my head. And then I landed on not just any black dress but the naughtiest of the black dress. Just when you think this is all the view anyone’s gonna get, it gives them a heart attack by giving them a glimpse of your legs…did they say peekabo?

It then dawned on me what a brilliant idea forget the old school Little Black dress with black pumps and your hair in an updo! How about we do Little black BRIGHT dress and while we are at it we will put a matching bright pendant around our neck and let our hair down and be as fierce as we can be! After all we are powerful women. Its not that easy to tame our wild side!


Dress: Forever 21 -$24.80

Pendant: Overstock -$10.49

Shoes- H&M -$34.95

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Being Girlie is never out of Season (Featuring Beyonce)

Hi lovelies!

Its that time of the week again. Weeekeeennndd! My weekends lately have been very laid back and relaxing. Its good to keep life stress free 🙂

Anyhow With the Fall coming I am thinking more and more of outfits, colors, patterns that are ever lasting or in other words not bound by season. Hot pink and purple is one perfect example for women. One can never get tired of wearing pink and being girlie and no one else looks at you and wonders well its *insert any season of your choice here* why is she wearing that?

So with that said I was very lucky to find these semi printed hot pink Pants at H&M for mere 17 bucks! I haven’t yet worn them but I have been bursting with ideas on how I will style them. Tribal print hasn’t gone away yet this year we are still seeing it in stores and online and this top just was too good to pass for the low price of 10 bucks. I thought this outfit is perfect to stroll around the park in, have a scrumptious picnic or just hang with your budds at a cafe!

What are some of your key fave girlie fashion items that you rock every season?

Necklace: Amazon $8.99

Pumps: 6pm $19.99

Top: Forever 21 $10.80

Pants: H&M $17.95

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Not your Damsel in Distress (Featuring Ciara)

Hi dahlings!

This has been a crazy busy week for me since I work for a University and school just started. We have tons of last minute reading, decision making and admitting going on and being the go to person for all things missing in our system can get quite hectic! I was glad I took my 2 stress free and technology free days off last week before the craziness began. Quite honestly it wasn’t so hard to survive without my cellphone, facebook, laptop and work email on my finger tips! I did watch TV and spent time doing some couple activities with the hubby (not talking about naughty stuff here but I found some amazing things like 50 questions to discuss as a couple, board games etc) and my mood for this past week was just insanely good! I had to spend some time reflecting and realizing why do I get so stressed when some people such as my husband would just chug along fine in the same situation. It’s a mental thing, its the people pleaser persona, the go getter and the hunger to finish all things assigned to you asap (not achievable if you are covering tasks for yourself, someone who retired at your job and then everyone else in your own family aka mommy and daddy)

So that lead me to my Style Shopper title for this week. I want to be in control, not panic and do what I have to do with a smile! And ofcourse all the smarties in the world know that you need to start believing the change to start making the change. so I decided to done on some girly moto jacket, a tight mini skirt. some heels and spikes! Trust me once you get the look you will feel the surge of adrenaline like you can do anything without breaking a sweat 🙂

I thought this red moto jacket is better than the typical black we always see so I decided to do a little reversal of colors and viola here we are! Clearly Ciara knows the right attitude!

Moto Jacket: 2b -$36.95

Earring: Spiked Hoops – Forever 21 -$3.80

Heels: Charlotte Russe – $17.50

Skirt: Forever 21-$8.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Edgy and Bright makes you look just Right

Hi lovelies!

I am actually super excited to share my this week’s bargain finds with you because I for once actually found them in person before I even found them online. Usually I see them online then head to the store to take a closer look. But both the necklace and the dress are my fave currently sitting on hold for me to pick up at the store tomorrow morning. Yeah I was running out of time so didnt get the chance to try the dress on and buy it. The front of the dress is more leathery in person. It is very edgy and would look great with some neon yellow accessories. I also plan to wear this into the Fall with some leather boots and jacket, oh not to forget some black nylon stockings to give enough glimpse of our pretty skin without getting cold 🙂 Yellow and black is going to be pretty big coming this Fall. If you are visiting the malls it is one of the most paired together color trend and I just bought a mini skirt in the same color. I have recorded the haul video just needs some editing and should be up shortly 🙂

I will mostly be doing seasonal transitional posts starting now so whatever I will find will be used all the way into Fall and Winter. Stick around for all the bargain items I find weekly trust me it will do your pockets some good 🙂 Not to forget if you already have similar stuff in your closet you can rock the look by pairing them up or just buying one or two key pieces! Let me know if you are looking for specific looks and I will be able to whip something up specifically for you 🙂

Dress:  Tribal Print- H&M – $19.95

Necklace: H&M -$12.95

Shoes: Glitter Sequin Stiletto – Milanoo -$29.99

Watch: Zebra Print Inset – Go Jane -$11.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Falling into a Maxi Dress this Fall (Featuring VS model Rosie Huntington)

This weeks pick came to me because I am getting all excited about using my summer and spring buys into the Fall. The pastels are here to stay and so are some of the bright colored pants we have been buying. And ofcourse a simple maxi dress is just timeless and in this regard seasonless! I will be posting alot more about how to stretch your dollar and use the things you already have in your closet from spring and summer to Fall by wearing them with more Fall colored trends. So stick around for that!

I had been looking for a neutral black and white stripped Maxi dress only the most fave of my mine I found at Ann Taylor got sold out in my size 😦 But this is my second most fave and only half the price of that at Ann Taylor. You can pair your fave maxi dress with a contrasting cardigan, sweater or even a leather jacket. Pair it with some nice long chains and some Ankle boots and you are all set to rock this Fall! I will be doing more Outfit of the day Posts pulling these looks together for Fall so ladies stick around for that! As always if you haven’t already please hit the follow button and enjoy the weekly bargain hunting!


Boots: Ami Clubwear – $15.99

Cardigan: H&M – $24.95

Chain: Forever21 – $5.80

Maxi Dress: Love Culture – $23.90