Beauty Products the Celebs are Raving about





Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel – Rihanna

This baby covers up skin imperfections and even outs skin tones. Not just that its sweat resistant no wonder Rihanna loves it. I will be eagerly awaiting the Cake video to come out so I can see how flawless it looks..ah duh its TV everything looks flawless anyway 🙂 Snag one now onPerfektBeauty for $57.50







Stila HD Beauty Balm- Victoria Beckham

We all know how impeccable Victoria Beckham looks so anything that she is adding to her daily ritual should definitely be worth checking out. She is reported to apply this balm on her face before she puts on foundation or makeup. It helps in hiding blemishes, avoiding the cakiness and neutralizes redness. I guess it’s time I go invest in this little darling. Get yours for $38 at Ulta






Blow Shampoo and Conditioner – Emma Stone

I have always found Emma Stone adorable! I don’t know what is it about her that I love so much. Maybe because she always plays the goofy fun chick. This shampoo part of a new line, introduced by hair-dry-only NYC Salon is said to be weightless making more voluminous and receptive to a blow dry!

You can get yours for $16 at Ulta . This is a must buy for me. If I get my hands on it I will so do a review post for everyone.







Skindinavia Finishing Spray -Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

If these three ladies are using this spray their faces with this product before each stage performance then it has to be good! At one point or time in our life or maybe still we have been obsessed with ladies! They always look so flawless and their makeup doesnt budge after all the dancing and sweating on the stage. For only $29 at Skindinavia if I can perform and look that way on a daily basis on life’s stage then I think it is soooo worth it. Ah….






Dream Organics Rose Water – Fergie and Megan Fox

This one has to be my fave find among all the beauty products listed since it has the 2 in 1 use! Celebrity Makeup Artist Tonya Crooks uses this to reduce redness after tweezing their eyebrows. But it is also applied as a mist on the face before or after applying make up to get rid of the dry looking feel to their skin. And how cute will this bottle look just sitting on your dressing table? Get yours at DreamOrganics for only $18





Let me know which ones are your favorites and you are dying to try?