Health 101: Fighting acidity and reflux

Hi Lovelies,

I had been meaning to write this post for quite some time as I have combated with this illness so far 3 times in my life. It seems to be a common problem with a lot of people these days. It arrives slowly but then takes forever to leave. Today I am going to talk about things that lead to acidity and reflux as well as things that will help it. No this isn’t going to be like other posts where I am going to give you short term solutions or home made remedies, instead I am going to talk about lifestyle changes and breakthroughs that most people usually ignore and dont think will help. And ofcourse as always I will talk about some common misconceptions.

My first battle with acid reflux started when I was a teenager. I recall sleepless nights and becoming insomniac. I would get up and chew pieces of bread all night but the pain wont go away. This bout lasted me a good 7 months till I finally saw a doctor who hit the nail on the head. The acid and reflux wasn’t just because of my diet but it was also due to stress and anxiety! Ofcourse when we get sick we only worry more and more everyday. Which aggravates the issue further. So key point here for long time or on and off sufferers is to find ways to relax! Find activities and hobbies to make  part of your lifestyle that make you happy and help you forget about your problems for a bit. I have noticed dancing, exercise and music helps me tremendously. There is always meditation and yoga. Some people like to play video games etc!

But that wasn’t the break through the doctor found she not only gave me some OTC acid blocking pills to take for 6 weeks but she also put me on anti anxiety pill for a few days as needed and lo and behold my long standing problem of 7 months went away. The same OTC pills didn’t work on their own prior to trying the anti anxiety pills. Now I am not telling you to abuse those pills. I am just saying you can always find ways to calm yourself down the natural way.

The second bout came when my doctor put me on naproxen for my foot pain. Most people know NSAID (anti inflammatory medication) tear up your stomach linning. Well a week later I was in stomach agnoy again. That is when I discovered Apple sauce. It became a breakfast staple for me every morning. Well sometimes I ate them for lunch too. Anytime I felt bad I ate them. Lo and behold the problem went away in a few weeks.

And then it happened again earlier this year. On January 3rd 2014, I realized the problem raised its ugly head again. I was put back on the meds again, both OTC and anti anxiety. I avoided taking the anxiety meds and tried to relax on my own. I stopped eating spicy food. Cut out coffee chocolate , juices and tea! Anything with flavor? forget it! No fried food nothing delicious. The pain wont go away. 6 weeks later I see my doctor again. This doctor is amazing and very positive she thought I was too young to be put on more meds and asked me a key question: “how much water do you drink?” and I realized I actually dont drink water apart from when taking meds or a glass before bed. She was shocked and I was embarrassed. I was asked to drink 8 glasses a day for 2 weeks and come back if I am not better and stop eating so clean. She wanted me to have a balanced diet.

It was really hard to drink 8 glasses a day. I was feeling extremely full and pudgy all day. Thats when I realized reading somewhere long time ago that if your stomach becomes too alkaline (ph base) your stomach produces more acid. That is where the misconception comes in. You think you are having acidity and you eat better only to make your self alittle too alkaline in your stomach. I was like let me find some french fries and add them to my diet that day at lunch. Guess what? it was like magic the pain went down! I slowly reduced the amount of water to 6 glasses and started eating a more balanced diet. And bam the problem was resolved.

Now why am I telling you all this? So you can try this out for yourself:

1) Drink more water!

2)Drink water half an hour to 20 minutes before you eat, especially if you are planning to eat something spicy or greasy. Well even coffee or chocolate. Think of it as a cleanser. It goes into your stomach and gets rid of all the toxins. So once all the acid and bad stuff is gone your stomach can start healing and feel happy.

3)If you see symptoms coming on, increase your uptake of water and cut down on extremely spicy, acidic or caffeinated products for a bit.

4) Apple sauce, the all nautral kind is a good neutralizing base to be eaten first thing in the morning while you are still experiencing symptoms for a few days.

5)Definitely raise the head of your bed for as long as your symptoms persists. I am over my pain but I am still sleeping with several pillows just in case!

6)Do not eat and lay down! Imaging all the food and acid going up your esophagus you don’t want that!

7) From my personal experience working out on a full stomach or semi full stomach brings on my pain. So now I work atleast 2.5 or 3 hours after eating.

8)Eat at regular intervals, smalls and frequent meals till the symptoms are gone. Keeping your stomach empty will aggravate the issue.

9)Wear looser clothes! Especially things that dont sit on your waist because thats where your stomach and esophagus meet. Loose pants for men. Low rise pants or better yet dresses for women.

But the main cure is RELAXATION AND WATER! these two paired together with a balanced diet will knock the socks off your acidity and reflux!

Let me know if you try this out and if it helps. Also feel free to add to comments anything that has helped you get rid of your reflux and acidity.



Fitness 101: Secret to Flawless Strong Legs! Kick cellulite to the curb!

Hi lovelies,

I am back with a fitness post today and trust me this formula is tried and tested! Lets rewind back to beginning of spring months ago, I was in an H&M Fitting room trying on some cute shorts. The site of my back legs in the mirror made me cringe in horror! Although my legs from the front didn’t look that bad there was definitely something scary going on the back. Now lets keep in mind some mirrors are harsher than other and H&M mirrors are definitely a bit crazy and to most of us what might look like a TERRIBLE situation on US might just be a minor issue from another person’s eye a.ka everyone else around me! It reminded me of all the times, I saw cute girls that had short skirts, dresses or shorts on and looked amazing from the front but from the back they needed alittle bit of more toning. I realized just like me they didnt realize what is going on back there. How often do we even get a chance to crane our necks and look back there? Despite whatever everyone else told about how it looked just fine I decided to fix the situation.


Anyway the next few months became a bit of a nightmare for me. I started to do whatever I could to get rid of the few lines of cellulite from the back of thighs. I knew I had gain 30 pounds in the last 4 yrs due to injuring my feet (Much needed weight for my body cause I was extremely underweight due to being overly active). A whole year was spent sitting on my butt not doing much let alone running! But I decided to run, I decided to continue cardio dancing. Then I added basketball and  whatever else I could think of. Now for those of you who have been following my blog know that it was a wrong move. NEVER EVER ADD SOOOO MANY ACTIVITIES on your muscles at once. I ended up with lower leg tendonitis. Doctor told me kick running, exercising and whatever else I did to the curb for 1.5 months but he said “You can swim”.

Now I took a swim class years ago and it is something I am really bad at. I decided you know what I am going to limp myself to the pool and just deal with it. I started swimming every other day for atleast 25 to 30 minutes. I kid you not in a week my legs looked ALOT better. In about 2 weeks they were where my legs were with running for a month and a half. I was stunned. How can swimming work faster than running, playing basket ball and cardio dancing combined? Then I started looking into the benefits and realized duh but ofcourse it is a full body conditioning. Its an easy form of cardio where the water pressure works against your ENTIRE body and helping you to use all your muscles and toning them without even feeling tired. And I am not expert swimmer. I still struggle to the point where the lifegaurds are constantly giving me tips but I am not ashamed. As long as I am moving for half an hour doing breast stroke in the water, I am getting the work out that I need. YES YOU FEEL HUNGRY afterwards but just make sure not to devour burgers right after. Keep your food habits the same. An hour of swimming for a person who weighs 120 pounds will burn close to 700 calories! While most other gym exercises only work on the front. Swimming helps the back of legs and inner thighs where most of the cellulite hides.

I religiously swam half an hour every other day till about a month ago I got slammed with yet another “You can’t exercise for a week” issue. I had to get my wisdom tooth removed. Keeping all the activities that raise my blood pressure to a bare minimum. I went back to swimming on and off after that but with just 2 months of swimming my legs are now officially FLAWLESS! Ofcourse you do not get the muscle tone with swimming that you get running like bigger calf muscles and strong like horse legs but I will definitely say it is the first step towards getting rid of pesky cellulite.  And once that is conquered you can do whatever else you want to turn your legs into tree stumps. Swimming is also a great exercise for those of us that can not do high impact foot work like running due to injuries. I don;t when I will return to running again but for now I know swimming has given me the rewards and results faster than anything else.

I also on and off maintained a seated cardio routine while I had tendonitis to maintain my waist and not let it grow out of control which has been of tremendous help as well. I will be sharing those cardio routines with you guys in the coming weeks. So for now hop into the pool and swim to a cellulite free life.  If you maintain this routine up for a little while let me know how you like your results.

Fitness 101: Delicious Healthy Banana and Peanut Butter Breakfast/Snack/Post work out Drink

Hi Dearies!


        I am very excited to share this recipe with everyone because if I like it am sure others would love to enjoy it as well as I am very picky with food and drinks specifically breakfast. I had been drinking this on and off when I felt like it as a treat for the past year or two but recently with my I am going to get fit phase I ended modifying the recipe a bit to make it more health friendly. You can skip the soy protein if you dont care for this drink as a protein shake or booster and just enjoy this drink as a delicious treat with all the ingredients that most homes have at hand 🙂

This shake is like a milkshake you buy from the ice cream store! Trust me you do not feel you are drinking some protein shake what so ever! I mean Banana and Peanut Butter? mmmmm. Just finished mine for breakfast today and I am already looking at the empty glass wishing I had a second one. Well I wont recommend two glasses at once lol but its just too yummy to not want more 🙂 Try it out and let me know if you like it.



1/2 Banana

1 tablespoon peanut butter

8oz (1 glass) Fat Free milk

1 teaspoon sugar (You don’t have to add sugar, I do because I like to make it just like an ice cream shake)

1 scoop Genisoy Soy Protein in Chocolate flavor


1- Dump all ingredients in the blender

2- Blend well

See how simple is that? Breakfast/Postworkout Drink/snack done in minutes and possibly gone even in less than minute cause its delicious 🙂



Fitness 101: Sudden Motivation and how to attain it!

Hey Guys,

Here is a picture of me from 2 weeks ago for motivation, sans makeup and hair perfection and oh I put on shorts without having exercised for 1 and a half month….lets get real here on my blog.


  Been a while since I last did a fitness post or any post for that matter lol. But trust me my fitness posts are only going to get better because I have realized why most people have a lack of motivation when it comes to exercising and how you can go about finding the right motivation!

So I am in an uber hyped about the new Beyonce for H&M line or better Mrs Carter for H&M. Now you are wondering what does that have to do with my fitness post? Well let me explain. Most of us look at the media day in and day out. We look at magazine covers and what not and feel sad about the few bad spots on our body. It can range anywhere from I wish was shorter to I wish a leaner, to I wish was more tan or more curvy or less curvy etc. You get the idea right? We then one day decide to kick start our fitness routine and try our best to eat right and drink right and workout right to look like some super model that looks NOTHING close to what we can ever attain! I mean I am South asian, 5’4 and quite curvy due to being short and if I try to look like Giselle, its really not going to happen. So here comes Beyonce in the picture. Yes yes I know I am not black either lol BUT and this is big BUT we have some similarities in our body types! Beyonce although quite tall compared to me is still curvy. Very curvy at that. She is mastered the art of sculpting her curves into the right proportions and it looks good! No I don’t want to be her clone but it gives you motivation because you see a body similar to yours and you know its attainable maybe not a 100% but its a good motivation to LOOK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Now here is another bonus that you can look for when you are trying to set your eyes on a role model for your fitness: TRY TO FIND SIMILARITIES IN INTEREST. If you want to attain that body and follow a regime similar to that of your fitness role model you need to LIKE what they do! Quite easy for me cause Beyonce is a performer she loves to dance. I love to dance. I have been telling people around me for the past entire year that majority of my exercise is achieved by dancing. Ofcourse you can’t just get away with one form of activity you have to add alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that. Don’t forget to eat right. I’ll be dumping boat loads of posts in your lap soon in regards to healthy snacking!

And at the end of the day understand you don’t want to be Beyonce. You want to be YOURSELF! The best you can be, the healthiest you can be. You dont have to do crash diets and try to get it this summer. Little changes over time will get you to your ideal body and help you stay there. Crash diets will work for this summer and then come Fall you’d be right back where you started.

Who is ready start getting fit with me? Lets keep in touch by hitting that follow button trust me you wont be disappointed 🙂

Fun Health Experiment and Weight Update

Hi sweeties,

I am am super excited as today is Thursday and tomorrow is my last day at work before Spring Break starts. The staff only gets a three day break but I extended my weekend cause a few of my coworkers thought I really need and deserve a break. I currently have an hour between work and class so I thought why not start utilizing these breaks for blog posts. I am also planning to catch up on stuff during the break so you will see more of me regularly.

Anyway remember my Christmas Health Plan? Where I was dropping a half pound a week? Well that went alittle biserk once I moved to the new place which is 3 stories up with no elevator and then school started. I am constantly on the move and barely have time to eat…yes I said it. To some of you this might be shocking but thats what happens in my life, everything take precedence over sleep and food. It was very scary when I weighed myself towards the end of February and I had dropped to a mere 118 pounds from 125 pounds. That is when I decided to eat what can so I can to salvage what weight I have left. I ate pizzas everyday and burgers, started back on the snacks and brought my weight upto 119 which is where I want to stay. I thought this is a last ditch resort to make sure I don’t end up looking like a skeleton that I was in college (I was a horrific 89 pounds and couldnt seem to gain any weight)

Here is why this is important to you! This ditch effort proved as somewhat of an experiment! I would suggest not trying this at home lol

Remember the theory that you are supposed to consume 1200 calories a day to not go into starvation mode? Well I kind of utilized that. I was eating when I could which was pretty irregular and twice a day instead of three times a day. But I think my nasty, fatty and greasy food with empty calories ensured that I don’t loose weight and go into starvation mode. Now why is this something that most of you shouldn’t do at home? Well for one your empty calories add chubiness where it shouldnt be added, your thighs and stomach. Then ofcourse the emergence of cellulite is another disaster you dont want to witness. Now if I had continued exercising regularly it wouldn’t have mattered as much cause I would have burnt most of the fat off.

You must be wondering why this experiment helps you and why am I talking about it with you all. Then here is the answer: Empty calories will help you maintain your weight or even consuming empty calories in limited quantity might even help you lose weight too but its going to give you a less proportional shape. It is going to bring along with it cellulite and other patches of fat in places that you dont want when trying to look and stay healthy. This also proves that somewhat unhealthy eating can be managed with mostly healthy eating and a good amount of exercise. And in closing I will say the experiment proved that enjoying things you like in moderation and doing some form of exercise wether running, gym, dancing, yoga etc can get you to the healthy lifestyle you always wanted 🙂

With this in mind my healthy streak resumes starting tonight 🙂 and together we will attain our goals of being the healthiest we have been all our life. Whose in with me?

Have you conducted any health experiments on yourself BY MISTAKE? if so please feel free to share with me 🙂

Fitness 101: Eating What you want with the Exercise Barter System

Hi Sweeties,

As I had promised in my last Fitness Post that the series will continue with what I call the “Exercise Barter System”. As I had explained in a previous post that every human being is supposed to consume atleast 1200 calories a day even if they are trying to loose weight or tone up! Anything below that would cause starvation mode to kick in causing you to gain more weight instead of losing any.

First of all if you are planning to google the Exercise Barter System I can assure you that it’s something I coined.  But there is scientific reasoning behind why it works. Now there might be other dietitians talking about this in different terminologies but I am not aware of that right now 🙂

Those of you who dont mind exercising  a little bit can enjoy the benefits of Exercise Barter system and no by exercise I don’t mean getting a gym membership or getting on the treadmill or any other machine. Getting exercise just means being active! Getting your heart rate up! Burning calories in any way shape or form! It could be running, jogging, Dancing, hoola hooping or a million other things (I will be discussing different forms of exercise in the future as well so feel free to come back or hit the follow button) Lets  say you are supposed to consume 1200 calories a day to drop a pound a week and you are going to a party this weekend. You know there will be cheesy goodness there and drinks! Tons of sugary drinks. You know you will be in trouble cause everyone around you will be indulging into more than their fair share of the goodness. You don’t have to deprive yourself you can exercise off the amount of calories you are planning to consume or well consumed  already (depending on when you are planning to work out) If you consumed 400 extra calories than you were supposed to, well burn those 400 calories that day before or after the party. Worst case scenario do it the next day or that week! Meet you calorie goals before the week ends and you have nothing to worry about!

See the calories you receive from the Exercise Barter System as a reward to yourself! You want that piece of cake? Go ahead work for it and enjoy it! As mentioned in my previous posts I will be discussing some free online tools that can help you maintain all of these numbers and exchange system with just a few clicks a day! So once again feel free to stop by often or hit the follow button. The reason this works like a charm is you are already consuming the minimum amount of calories per day to loose weight WITHOUT exercising and since you over indulged you can get active and burn those extra calories and everything goes back where it needs to be! Hence the term “barter system” you give alittle here to get something in return 🙂

Happy munching!!! And as always know you are in control of your diet and its not the other way round!

Fitness 101: Fail Proofing your Diet plan as easy as 1 2 3

Hi lovelies!

learn to Add

I know the posts have been scattered but I am mostly focusing on educating my blog audience first then getting into the some hardcore information into the tools they can use to get where they want to go with their health and fitness. I want to give you the weapons and let you learn how to use them to your advantage before I throw you out in the battle ground hahaha…why am I making this sound like combat? I don’t know. It might be all the football I have been watching lately 🙂

Anyway fail proofing your diet plan is easier than you think. I had talked to you about making smaller goals in my last post to keep yourself motivated as well as indulging a little bit in your cravings will keep you from devouring an entire box of pizza or chocolate when you finally crack due to deprivation of any sort of food enjoyment in your life.

A normal individual when goes on a diet plan they look at their diet as “I MUST DO THIS EVERYDAY TO THE TEE” well to fool proof your diet plan “everyday” isnt how you should look at things. You should look at things combined over a span of a week! Now why do you think I am saying a week? The healthiest way to loose weight or tone up is by dropping about half a pound or a pound per week as recommend by most dietitians and doctors. Therefore we are going to look at our goals as a weekly thing! If you are allotted to eat a certain number of calories, proteins, carbs and fats per day and you went a little over today you can cut down a little next day or any time during that week to still make it to your goal by the end of that week.

The reason this works better is that you don’t have the constant nagging feeling of “I have been bad today and now my diet is out the window” You dont just simply give up. You don’t feel that you have lost control. You actually feel in control and you seem to understand that hey I am off today or going out with friends and I expected today to be a bit bad for my diet but the following day or next couple of days I will be extra stringent and make up for these extra calories by either working out (I will explain what I call the exercise barter system in my next post where you can eat what you  and go over your daily intake rates without worrying about adding extra pounds) or cutting food intake.

So lets do the math here: Sarah can only consume 1360 calories per day but she over consume her calories by 300 today. Instead of being sad and beating herself down. Sarah decides that the rest of the week she is going to maintain her weekly goal by reducing her food intake by 300 calories she over ate. Now she has the option of cutting 50 calories over a 6 day period or 100 calories for 3 days straight. As you can see Sarah isn’t feeling like her diet is controlling her. She is in control of her diet. She has OPTIONS! She has solutions and its okay if she had that extra slice of pizza cause she was out with her friends 🙂

Hopefully this gave you insight into how you can gear yourself up and move on past a failed day because you know what? You haven’t failed the week itself…and whats the worse you’d fail the entire week? Well then you have the whole month to fix what you messed up this week. What we need to understand is as Humans we are in control of our Diet and Nutrition and its not the other way round 🙂

Feel free to follow my blog as I am going to be doing more fitness and health post and how I am managing to keep the pounds down and still enjoying chocolates, Chips and Cookies, Pizza and burger on a regular basis 🙂 Also please read up on the previous post cause honestly you don’t want to miss out on the vast amount of information I have been putting out as it will keep you motivated and happy to get to your goals faster without getting frustrated 🙂

Fitness 101:Why do Diets Fail? Finding Motivation and sticking to it

Hi sweeties!

    I have never been as enthusiastic to share something on my blog as this post right here right now! The reason being all my theories and diet tricks have bore fruits and my goal of losing 0.5 pounds each week has been met. I have officially lost 1.5 pounds in 3 weeks and yes some of you might think whats the big deal thats not a big number. It is a big number when you hear I ate everything I wanted. I ate mac n cheese, Cookies, chocolates, ice cream and what not! Now you must be thinking this is some sort of scheme where I would con you out of your money by asking you to buy my books or dvds. Nope WRONG! I am going to tell you exactly how I found my motivation and how you can find yours if you follow this pattern of a diet plan! I hate when people share with you their “How I got from here to here” journeys and dont describe what they did. Some of them just chalk it up to good genes. I get it sometimes its true other times it does involve alot of steps!

Last year my hubby was helping me get back in shape. With my feet out of commission for 2 straight years I had gain about 30 pounds! Although most people still considered me pretty fit from their standards I wasn’t used to the new body with some flab here and there. I was depressed and unahppy. The last thing I wanted was this stringent diet of what I can not eat! For months if not weeks! Guess what that lead to? DE -MOTIVATION! That led to me giving up! That led to me being at my weight the entire year oh not just that it actually slowly started inching up further to my horror!

Thinking about the thought process the last week of December I realized hey if I can eat everything I want I will not fall of this wagon. I can eat burgers, pizzas, steaks and what not why would I feel miserable or depressed? I did just that! Only I started counting! Trust me the magic is in numbers atleast for people who enjoy foods of all sorts! And no you cant just get away with counting calories! Thats where everyone makes the mistake! You have to pay careful attention to carbs, fats and proteins cause any of those things can turn into FLAB! And no you dont have to be a math wiz to do the math cause trust me I am a full time math hater. You just need some free online tools that can do it for you and it takes less than 3 minutes a day. I will be discussing one of my fave tools on my blog pretty soon so look out for that!

Heck some of these tools even let you get away without working out! Yes for those of you who hate working out I know I just grabbed your attention! And if you like to be active but not at a gym trust me I will be talking about that soon too! Creative ideas to workout without ever stepping foot in a gym!

One big reason to loose motivation is also what I will coin the MOUNTAIN EFFECT. You are climbing the hill and you are far far away from the peak! You give up easily but hey what if you made smaller goals? and rewarded yourself on the way? How easy would it to be celebrate your success at each step! So to motivate yourself don’t jump into a huge diet Goal (unless ofcourse its for an event coming right at you!) start smalll hence I started with my 0.5 goal. And jump with joy each week when you meet your goal! Oh and you would, trust me after you remember eating all things you enjoyed while you were on your SO CALLED DIET.

Trust me its all about taking charge and saying I can do and eat what I want instead of being stuck with “I cant I am on a diet” Such a restrictive and saddening process. So go ahead take a small piece of that chocolate your co worker is offering you cause you know your limits for that week and dont let your restrictions bring you down!

Fitness 101: Stubborn Weightloss – Dieting and getting no Results?

Today’s Health discussion will be about why after careful eating some of us do not loose weight or continue to gain weight. This topic came up during the holidays when I was visiting my mother. My mother years after having me and my brother was still pretty skinny and then the bloating started. Now after her numerous attempts at eating right her weight hasn’t budged.

There are several factors to consider when planning a diet. The biggest one is how much weight does one want to loose a week? The ideal for any human being is between half a pound to one pound. Anything more than that is doable but not recommended by alot of doctors and dietitian.

Myth #1: If I stop eating a lot I will drop weight faster.

This is true if you plan your diet the correct way. A lot of us decide that we are going to just eat a slice of bread and fruit for breakfast. Something small for lunch and possibly a small dinner or in my mothers case a hefty dinner. The reason this doesn’t seem to drop pounds as expected is that the human body is supposed to consume atleast 1200 calories per day whatever your weight might be! If you drop below 1200 calories you are not getting the nutrients that are needed to maintain your body and your body in turn goes into starvation mode. Once starvation mode kicks in your body stores as much fat as it can because it is planning to survive on the bare necessities it is being provided in the form of nutrition. Hence instead of dropping the pounds you expected you either face the dilemma of not losing anything or your weight starts to go up.

After intervening in my mothers daily intake of food I noticed how she was consuming 700 calories below what she is expected to hence her weight doesn’t seem to budge while on the other hand people who eat more than her still continue to be smaller than her.

Myth #2 I can eat smaller meals and then have a big meal for dinner

Yes yes we all heard growing up how breakfast is the most important meal and should not be skipped and no they weren’t lying to us. The reasoning behind this is also that you need to continue providing your body enough nutrition otherwise your metabolic rate starts to slow down. It is the body’s reaction to not getting enough food and energy therefore it decides to shut the shop down! It throws its hands up and says well there is nothing I can do. I do not have enough energy to run the entire system as well as store it. Also just nibbling a little here and there all day leads to you having a hefty meal (cause hey you can only go hungry for so long). At the end of the day when your metabolic rate has already slowed down in turn leading your body to convert that GIANT meal you just had into more fat!

Myth #3 My friend Leslie lost 20 pounds on this diet I am going to follow suit

My conversation with my mother in regards to her diet was very carefully geared towards her trying to figure out what is it that would work for her and no it does not mean you have to get expensive trainers or even a gym membership if that is not what you are interested in. It also does not mean a life of eating salads and fruits unless you enjoy that over regular greasy food. I specifically explained to her that after doing the math I a person 35 pounds lighter than her needs to consume less calories than her. If she follows my diet plan it is only going to backfire and continues resulting in the stubborn weight loss. The reason being our activity level. I spend at least 9 to 11 hours sitting at a Desk everyday where as she has an active job where she has to be on her feet all day running around. If she eats how much and what I eat she actually will run into a calorie deficit and continue to rack up pounds or face the stubborn weight loss.

This is it for Fitness 101 today! I promise I have more coming so if you are interested in understanding why certain things work for one person and not for others and how you can find your own path to being happy and healthy please feel to stop by my blog often or hit the follow button. Trust me you wont be disappointed. You are talking to someone who was skinny struggling to gain weight all their life and then ending up gaining a little too much and has just recently found the balance of where they need to be. How do I know these concepts work? Because I have tried it and there is science behind it to prove it!


New Year, New Look/Layout and New Fitness Section

Hi Darlings!

What is the best way to start the new year with getting a better layout for your blog and making it easier for others to browse the sections they are particularly interested in? I have sorted my Fashion posts, Weekly style shopper, Mens fashion post and food posts into separate pages that you can easily browse using the navigation bar on top of the page 🙂

But one of the biggest change is the the new Fitness section that I would be posting to regularly. Some of you that follow my Facebook page already know that I had been contemplating this idea for quite a few months now and I had also received overwhelming support from some of my friends on FB wondering what exactly I do for my own fitness routines. For those of you who have been with me on my blog for quite some time now know that I have been dealing with foot injury issues for over 2 years and with mold allergies for about 8 to 9 months. There have been times when I fell off the wagon but I have been pretty consistent with my routines for over 3 weeks now. I have gotten out of bed middle of the night and continued working hard to get where I am right now.  Therefore I am sure that we can embark on the health journey together and keep each other motivated.

In the new fitness section I would be talking about some of the diet and losing weight myths, what works for one person and doesnt work for another as well as some activities other than just plain old gym workouts that people can utilize to get in shape. Trust me this past year I have tired several things and read the science behind why some work and others dont!

I will be talking about some healthy options of snacking and no I am not talking about just plain old nuts,cereal etc (that too!) but I will talk about items like chocolate, popcorn, potato chips etc that you can enjoy while trying to get in shape. Just a few tips on how to eat the right way is what people need to understand and Chicly Cute will bring that and more to you 🙂