Mens Fashion: Be Bright this Fall/Winter 2012

So remember guys when I was shoving the coral trend down your throat this spring/summer? Well this new trend will go down alot easier because its more on the masculine side! But its bright and surely will kick the winter blues behind because its not just any blue its COBALT BLUE!

Remember Olympics? What you forgot already they were just about a month ago!?! Well Men on the Holland team were sporting Cobalt Blue Coats that everyone was raving about! They chose to pair them with some bright orange pants for their uniform and went all out bright and sunny with no clouds in sight haha but you don’t have to go that far if you are not willing! The best way to wear cobalt is definitely pairing it with some black!

As always I have some runway and celebrity pics for you to ease yourself into the trend and get excited about it. And then I have some of my picks that you can get your hands on at the bottom 🙂 Enjoy!

At Work

Fighting the Cold

Even the Matteo Manassero is Color Blocking with Cobalt Blue

And as accessories if you aren’t ready to stand out and blind everyone!

So I guess you are ready now to jump into the trend yourself 🙂 Here are some of my picks off the Internet. I have to say the Tie is my fave!

Express Chino Cobalt Blue Pants – $69.90

Lands End  Cobalt Blue Dress Shirt – $25.00

Express Graphic Tee-$29.90

Guess Cobalt Blue Plaid Tie – $19.50

Mens Fashion: MonkStrap Must have for Fall season

What are Monkstrap shoes you must ask? Monkstrap or Monk shoes for short are men’s shoes without  laces they are closed with a strap and a buckle! They are definitely a dressier trend but have been recently spotted on the runway with jeans, cuffed pants and casual jackets! What does that mean guys? That means anyone can rock them anywhere and anytime they want! You don’t have to have a fancy suit or office to go to to put the Monk shoes on no more. Whether you are a teenager, a college student or a working adult they can be a part of your wardrobe just like the sneakers, converses, dress lace up shoes etc!

I have complied below some of my favorites off the web and then some styles that you can rock on the regular! Let me know which ones are your favorite and how are your rocking your Monkstrap shoes?

                      The Button Up and Jeans Guy

For the Blazer and Jeans Guy

For the cuffed Pants Guy

The 9 to 5 Sockless type or you could put your socks on 🙂

For the Bike Rider

And ofcourse as promised here are some of my picks that you can get your hands on 🙂

The Basic MonkStraps – Steve Madden $ 98.99

Some what  Casual – Johnston & Murphy $ 150.00

The Casuals in Suede – Forzieri $390.00

The Super Casual with no Buckles for the sneaker lovers – Spring Step $79.96

For the Leather Clad Biker Rider – DSQUARED2 $985.00

And ofcourse the boot version – A Testoni $795.00

Mens Fashion Post: Must Have Summer TShirt Styles for Versatile Men

Summer is the time of year where we just want to absorb as much Sun as we can and we dont have the option of layering scarfs, jackets and coats to create new looks everyday. We want to appear fashionable yet we like to keep things simple and well…Airy! It is also the time of the year when we wear mostly Tshirts! Here are my top Summer Tshirt Styles  for Guys who want to put on a different character or style every day of the week. With not many style options when it comes to Men’s Tshirts we have to make do with simple yet unique details!

Let me know what Other style you have hiding in your closet and which one of these already are a part of your daily wardrobe?

The Perfect Pocket TShirt

The Ringer Tee

The manly mans V neck


The Graphic Tee

Surfer Dude Tee

The Classic Striped Tee:

Mens Fashion: Summer Colored Shoes for every occasion

I was stunned to find out that there is a whole market of colored shoes out for men  for Summer! I mean the markets and the web is always boiling over with  trendy colorful shoes for women but we barely see anything for men other then the basics. As usual I have options for all different occasions, casual, dressy and for those of you who are still not ready to come out all the way in the world of colors yet 🙂

I love the colorful soles on these Jil Sanders Shoes. Imagine matching your suit shirt the same color as the sole! These are perfect for any occasion where you want to look sophisticated, classy and want to make a fashion statement.



For those of you who want some subtle color or your own fashion secret at the work place these Jil Sanders shoes will be a great buy and ofcourse these are perfect for those of you who are planning to breakout in to the color world and arent fully ready yet. People will only see a hint of color as they catch you walking away from them. It will definitely hold their attention.

Lets get a little casual now. These Armando Cabral loafers are perfect to with shorts, cargo pants or jeans! If you want you could even dress them up a little  by wearing them with some dressy straight leg pants and a casual blazer. Prefect for those nights when the weather gets slightly chilly.


Those of you who like lace ups well there is something out for you as well in casuals. Walk over shoes has their own lace up version of colored sole shoes that would look great with jeans and any casual style pants!


And then I fell upon these modern, unique and versatile loafers by SWIMS ! They are made of water resistant rubber and nylon.  They are slip resistant and lets your feet breath better compared to other regular loafers. And guess whats an added plus? They are machine washable! Can it get any better then this?


Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment, follow and post suggestions 🙂


Mens Fashion: Cropped and Rolled up Pants are in this Summer

When we talk about Capri Pants or Cropped pants everyone by default assumes we are talking about Female clothing but guess what Guys and Gals Cropped pants are the in thing for men to wear this Summer. Don’t want to shell out Money for cropped pants cause you aren’t sure if you will like the look on yourself then go ahead try the Rolled up Pants option… which is literally just taking any of your fave pair of pants or jeans and rolling up like you are about to stroll down a beach!

A little History lesson: Cropped Pants are a major fashion LIKE  in Asian Countries. Korean and Japanese Celebrities have sported them on numerous occasion like they are just some ordinary pair of pants and of course why would the general population hold back then? And as I write this out right now they are everywhere in Europe and America on Fashion Runways , in stores and on the street! So guys dont miss out on this alternative to wearing full length pants or shorts.

Scroll to the bottom of the post if you are interested in buying a pair 🙂 I have selected a few that I loved!

I never said we couldn’t Roll up some dress pants 🙂

And the Jeans can go even higher!

If you are the semi formal type we have something for you too!

Here are some celebs rocking the Cropped and Rolled up Pants!

Josh Harnet

If Beckham does it so should we after all he is a major fashion icon!

Aww and how can we forget Taylor Lautner

Feeling Ready here are links to get a pair of your own 🙂

H&M Chino Pants $24.95

Prana Nemesis Knicker Charcoal $70.00

UnderGear Cargo Capri Pants $36.00

Mens Fashion arrives on ChiclyCute: Coral is not only for Women!

Hello Fellas (and ladies reading this to revamp their fellas closets)!

ChiclyCute will be doing a weekly Mens Fashion Post! The idea was ignited when I was hanging out with my male gang and they pointed out that they would love to get some pointers on Mens Fashion. I was like aha! Not a bad idea at all! Clearly all of us ladies have men in our lives daddy, bros, hubbies, bfs yada yada. And ofcourse you Fellas can keep your wardrobe up to date, why do all the work of searching in vain when I can provide you quick help ? 🙂

So go ahead hit the follow button and your weekly dosage will be delivered right to your inbox.

Coral is not just for the Ladies this Season! Its my Fave Color this season after all!

Feeling Bold? Why not wear a head to toe Coral Suit!


Not feeling that bold? Lets take it down a notch and try out a Coral Button up. We can still keep it quite manly by pairing it with darker pants and tie. Wanna go Casual? Forget the Tie and just go with the Dark Denim

Are we going to want to tone it down a little more? No Worries if you aren’t up for doing a Full on Coral Button up why not hide the Coral Tee Under some neutral colors such as white and beige?

Why wear coral on top when you can pull some classy Coral Casual Pants with a nice dark sweater 🙂 You know you have options!

If you are still not fully ready for the Coral trend this year and want to start small (we know baby steps!) Try out Coral as Accessories. These key pieces will be great conversation starters at a party!