Outfit Post: Labor Day florals

Hi lovelies,

I am officially working really hard to become the best me by my birthday this year. The best me I can be mentally and physically. As well as revert back to some of the good habits I used to have growing up. I will be talking a lot more about this in coming posts but with that said I will try to be the best blogger in the coming weeks as well. I still remember the time when I could do it all. When time and the length of my to do list didn’t matter. I took chores with a smile on my face and took pride in finishing them. I still remember friends asking how do I manage to hold 3 jobs and take 21 credits most semesters and now? sigh don’t even ask me what I am doing right now. I mean to some people I am still one of the busiest person around but I have known myself as a busier person and I’d like to be that busy cheerful person again.

Anyway enough of all this for now. Here is what I wore on Labor Day weekend. I seem to be enjoying DC a tad bit too much and keep getting drawn to it even on my days off. I have also gotten soooo used to just walking everywhere. Starting the new job I had this major fear of public transport and being stranded and now? I can just walk where I have to go instead, and then find back up options. Keeps one healthy and strong as well. Sooo we ended up in DC again and I took my hubby to Burger, Tap and shake, their burgers are delicious! And I will proclaim that they have the best onion rings I HAVE EVER HAD! The batter is delicious and the onions don’t get pulled out of the batter when you try to eat them. PERFECTION.

Anyway lately I have been on a streak of trying to find LONGER dresses and skirts and things that can be worn to work and still be cool and sexy enough to be worn out. This dress is a perfect example of such an outfit. It is floral but is neutral enough to be worn through out Fall and winter (like I care about that? I wear whatever colors I want through out the year because what works for you…should never be put away for next season). The dress is one of the million dresses I have bought that I am planning to shoot in a :work to night out” haul video. Unfortunately last time I was shooting my camera died midway so I have to finish recording the rest. Trust me I have been hard at work for you guys! The quality of the pictures got a bit pixelated because my hubby was trying out the new DSLR lens we bought. And they looked perfect on the small DSLR screen but when we pulled them up on the computer…I was thoroughly disappointed but the pictures from the next day with the right setting seems to have come out perfect which I would be posting soon as well. How was your labor day? and what did you wear?










Dress: H&M(Here)

Bag: The Limited (Similar in a different color)

Flats: Kenneth Cole

Watch: Guess

Bracelet: H&M



Are we Anonymous to ourselves?

Starting a blog was something I have been thinking about a while but I always wondered how will people perceive me? What will their reaction be to what I have to say? But in the past couple of weeks I have realized it is not what you look like and it is not what you have to say that will cause a major backlash or an over-pouring of love from your readers. It is the avenue where you write and the resources available to your readers.

Masked behind a computer screen with the capability of posting anonymous comments really brings out the monster in most of us. But are you really anonymous to your own self? I seriously sometimes wonder how do people live with themselves knowing that when given the chance to shed all their inhibitions they will be nothing but a bunch of savages ready to pounce or eat alive whatever is available to them. Is the human race really that tragic? Do we have no self consciousness? Do we really not hold ourselves to a higher standard?
Try for once saying what you say in online community forums, facebook chats, private anonymous emails to someone on their face. See how that feels. Do you feel proud at the end of the whole conversation and feel like a great person? Well guess what? We might have graduated from grade school, high school or college but someone people will never give up their maniacal ways of trying to make themselves feel better by attacking others.

I have seen enough faces crying, enough people belittling others hidden behind their computer screen and username free posts but I guess it doesn’t happen when you have to create an account and post something that is trackable. So you know what you do is wrong then my question is how do you sleep at night?

Are you a product of bullying or were you just a natural born bullier? So many questions but no one to as because you will never come out in the open, you will always hide behind your handle “Anonymous”……sucha coward!

note: my posts aren’t reference of things directly or indirectly connected to my life. They are mere observations, things I feel strongly about and would like to utter out loud 🙂 Thoughts and comments always welcome even you are “The Anonymous” type!