Greetings from Hogwarts

My posts have been very slow lately and I apologize for that. I am still in the lovely state of Florida and with no Internet connection except on my phone 😦

I just couldnt waitttt to share a piece from my Universal Studios Adventure Island visit! I had the full blown hogwarts Experience! I will talk about Universal Studios in a post when I get back to my home state but for now enjoy the synopsis of the hogwarts part!

I am a die hard Harry Potter Fan and I could have really spent an entire day at the The Wizarding world of harry potter but I was with the boys and they ofcourse wanted to go on the hulk and the spiderman (which were super amazing as well) But It was so awesome just hearing the theme music play as you wait in line to get on your ride! The main ride actually takes you inside the castle as you wait in line! Super cool feeling! I didnt even care about the scary parts since I was sooo mesmerized by the graphics (they were a bit fuzzy) and being part of the story! After getting off the ride we had fish and chips and turkey leg at the hogs head tavern just like in the book and ofcourse some delicious butter beer! I will be going back home and finding recipes to make some at home! Not sure why they dont sell those in regular stores…sooo good!

Let me know if you have been to Universal studios and what was your fave part?