Outfit Post: Captain America on Halloween

Hey lovelies,

Below are the pictures that we caught of Captain America chilling when she was off duty from saving the world. The world was pretty calm and quite on Halloween so she definitely got a moment to relax, pose for the new DSLR hubby bought and well there was a moment when she had to go running to checkout what was going on in the woods, something really shady was up!













Motivation 101: You decide who and what you want to be!

Hi lovelies,

Lets get some motivation going. Positive thoughts and positive energy…let’s spread it around.  Are you tired of feeling like someone who doesn’t fit in? someone who always feels like the odd ball? Someone who people constantly seem to not understand where you are coming from? Someone who struggles to explain yourself all the time even knowing you have nothing but the best of intentions? Well if you answered yes to all or atleast a few of these questions then worry not my friend, you and I have alot in common and I might just have found a way to resolve our mutual problem.


Most of my solutions come out in forms of sayings! For those of you who have been reading my motivation posts regularly might just have caught onto that by now. So this weeks saying that lead me to a solution is: “You can feel that you stick out like a sore thumb or you can feel that you were born to stand out”

Now lets play a scenario here. You are hanging out with a group of people who surprisingly seem to mesh pretty well. They think you are cool and all but everytime an idea or concept comes up you seem to be the one who doesnt agree with the rest of the group. You tend to start noticing a pattern. You just aren’t like the rest of them. Now let’s multiply this one group into several groups. This happens to you alot. And people just seem to turn their head sideways and look at you all weird. My next question will be ask yourself if your difference of opinion going to harm someone? is it going to cause any trouble? is it going to offend anyone? is it racist? is it illegal? If you answered no to all these question then why should you be ashamed of your decision? If you have good intention and your idea is just as good as theirs or well opinion (hahaha okay it might just be a tad bit better than theirs but we wont tell them that sshh) then there is no reason for you to feel like you have to agree with them. Speak your mind and speak it out loud and proud.

Now here is a mistake we all make. We tend to freak out at our difference of opinion. Some of us either nod and say oh well nah you all are right or others just drop the topic feeling meek and alone. But you know what? why should you do that? The first step to being the strong YOU is to state your opinion out loud. Don’t feel bad. Isnt that what everyone else just did, in the group? They all spoke their mind. Well lucky for them that there is more of them in one place. Now think what if there was only one of them and more people like you in that group? ROLE REVERSAL. They will feel like the odd ball and guess what? EVERYONE GOES THROUGH THAT! Everyone is an odd ball somewhere in their life and that is what makes us human and different from each other.  Yes some people might snicker or laugh about it but then guess what? They are immature and do you really want to take immature people’s opinion seriously? If you are willing to see difference of opinion as a normal thing and they don’t, then it’s their problem and not yours. They need to grow up and learn the world was built for all of us be like robots built in a factory.

You don’t want to be like everyone else. You want to stand out. And as I said it is you who decides who and what you want to be… You could make it painful and feel like you stick out like a sore thumb or stand out as someone confident who has their own set of opinions and wont sway just because everyone blindly or not so blindly agrees with a certain topic.

Fitness 101: Secret to Flawless Strong Legs! Kick cellulite to the curb!

Hi lovelies,

I am back with a fitness post today and trust me this formula is tried and tested! Lets rewind back to beginning of spring months ago, I was in an H&M Fitting room trying on some cute shorts. The site of my back legs in the mirror made me cringe in horror! Although my legs from the front didn’t look that bad there was definitely something scary going on the back. Now lets keep in mind some mirrors are harsher than other and H&M mirrors are definitely a bit crazy and to most of us what might look like a TERRIBLE situation on US might just be a minor issue from another person’s eye a.ka everyone else around me! It reminded me of all the times, I saw cute girls that had short skirts, dresses or shorts on and looked amazing from the front but from the back they needed alittle bit of more toning. I realized just like me they didnt realize what is going on back there. How often do we even get a chance to crane our necks and look back there? Despite whatever everyone else told about how it looked just fine I decided to fix the situation.


Anyway the next few months became a bit of a nightmare for me. I started to do whatever I could to get rid of the few lines of cellulite from the back of thighs. I knew I had gain 30 pounds in the last 4 yrs due to injuring my feet (Much needed weight for my body cause I was extremely underweight due to being overly active). A whole year was spent sitting on my butt not doing much let alone running! But I decided to run, I decided to continue cardio dancing. Then I added basketball and  whatever else I could think of. Now for those of you who have been following my blog know that it was a wrong move. NEVER EVER ADD SOOOO MANY ACTIVITIES on your muscles at once. I ended up with lower leg tendonitis. Doctor told me kick running, exercising and whatever else I did to the curb for 1.5 months but he said “You can swim”.

Now I took a swim class years ago and it is something I am really bad at. I decided you know what I am going to limp myself to the pool and just deal with it. I started swimming every other day for atleast 25 to 30 minutes. I kid you not in a week my legs looked ALOT better. In about 2 weeks they were where my legs were with running for a month and a half. I was stunned. How can swimming work faster than running, playing basket ball and cardio dancing combined? Then I started looking into the benefits and realized duh but ofcourse it is a full body conditioning. Its an easy form of cardio where the water pressure works against your ENTIRE body and helping you to use all your muscles and toning them without even feeling tired. And I am not expert swimmer. I still struggle to the point where the lifegaurds are constantly giving me tips but I am not ashamed. As long as I am moving for half an hour doing breast stroke in the water, I am getting the work out that I need. YES YOU FEEL HUNGRY afterwards but just make sure not to devour burgers right after. Keep your food habits the same. An hour of swimming for a person who weighs 120 pounds will burn close to 700 calories! While most other gym exercises only work on the front. Swimming helps the back of legs and inner thighs where most of the cellulite hides.

I religiously swam half an hour every other day till about a month ago I got slammed with yet another “You can’t exercise for a week” issue. I had to get my wisdom tooth removed. Keeping all the activities that raise my blood pressure to a bare minimum. I went back to swimming on and off after that but with just 2 months of swimming my legs are now officially FLAWLESS! Ofcourse you do not get the muscle tone with swimming that you get running like bigger calf muscles and strong like horse legs but I will definitely say it is the first step towards getting rid of pesky cellulite.  And once that is conquered you can do whatever else you want to turn your legs into tree stumps. Swimming is also a great exercise for those of us that can not do high impact foot work like running due to injuries. I don;t when I will return to running again but for now I know swimming has given me the rewards and results faster than anything else.

I also on and off maintained a seated cardio routine while I had tendonitis to maintain my waist and not let it grow out of control which has been of tremendous help as well. I will be sharing those cardio routines with you guys in the coming weeks. So for now hop into the pool and swim to a cellulite free life.  If you maintain this routine up for a little while let me know how you like your results.

Motivation 101″The Click”:Kicking negativity and negative people to the curb

Hi Lovelies,

First of all I am going to thank those of you who had contacted me privately via my facebook page in regards to writing more motivational posts, suggesting self help books to read and just talking about how my posts helped you motivate yourself to make the changes in your life. I can’t put in words how much I loved reading those messages so please keep them coming. Knowing I am helping someone somewhere keeps me going.

Now onto our fave topic of avoiding the negative nancies in our life and how to kick them to the curb, without the feeling of guilt lingering for days.I have just landed home from work and immediately hopped onto my laptop to write this post out, as I do not want to forget any piece of information that helped me CLICK my thoughts into place. I hope some of you can benefit from this as well, especially those who love to help people without expecting a reward back and then get really sad when someone instead of uttering two words of thanks decides to abuse your kindness. The problem also comes in because people like us are extremely outnumbered. Most people either are the negative nancies that love to bring other people down due to their own insecurities as well as those that just easily kick such people to the curb and move on. I so wish I could be like my husband who is the nicest and kindest human being until you cross him. No he won’t harm no body but he can just easily hit the eject button and delete people from his life. And then its all over. For me? I wonder if it is upsetting them? If they are hurt? who will they go to  for help if they need something and hence I stick around taking the abuse.
Now I have had my fair share of hour long discussions. People trying to figure out why is that I like to be abused or suggesting that maybe I should change. But no one was able to provide me a good enough reason or how to go about discontinuing that belief that we should care for others irrespective of how they behave and becomingcold enough to just dump them when they act out. I think I finally found a solution. I received a truly remarkable comment from a childhood friend, a friend that I stuck by not because we had something in common but just because I wanted to help them while everyone else ignored them.Yes yes I understand the martyr attitude. It has been years since we have physically been on the same side of the planet but every time they felt down, I’d try to cheer them up. So getting something so wishy washy and mean was surprising. I wear my emotions on my face in the privacy of my cubicle at work but sometimes the cubicles are not so private and it leads to people asking whats wrong? My coworkers tried to provide some solace and immediately jumped to the conclusion of deleting the person off of facebook and cutting all ties. Now being who we are the saviors of the world- I think its quite petty. I can’t bring myself to drop someone from my life over such a miniscule issue. Which was quite astonishing to my workers. I couldn’t tell them that I find it quite cold hearted and I don’t aspire to be that person. I requested if they provide me a bridge so I can be on their side of the world and see how they see it but I was told that I need to figure it out on my own. We talked about the suicidal tendencies of the friend and their loneliness and I got asked why do I care? And the question ringed in my head which I didnt verbalize “WHY WOULDNT I CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE?” I understand me leaving their life wont immediately lead them to kill themselves but what if I am atleast one source of sunshine? Do I want to be responsible for the downturn of their life? The discussion ended like all others- no solution found.
But there is a reason I am married to my dear husband. Most of the changes in my life have come about due to his help. He has helped me become the super bright person I am today.Ofcourse as nothing evil goes unnoticed online my hubby saw the comment – which obviously I cared to not delete due to the fact that that would be mean (I know I sound crazy but how would you feel if someone deleted your comment?) And then while speaking to him he said something….something so great that the bridge I couldn’t cross suddenly disappeared! And I heard a loud CLICK in my head. He said “I don’t want you to change. Don’t let someone ever tell you something is wrong with you. Kindness is hard to find these days but use it as a reward why should it be free, if it is so rare?”

And with that one sentence I had a huge smile on my face. I knew I found my treasure, the reason I wanted to stop being kind to negative people. To stop them from abusing me and feeling the guilt if I cut the cord of our friendship. Kindness should be how we communicate with people. Kindness should be your name, your body and your behavior till it is returned. The moment kindness is not returned form the other side, it should not be given free.It should be a privilege. You either earn it or you loose it. Why should you give your time and kindness to someone who wouldn’t do the same for you. Well most of us in this dilemma are self sacrificial human beings and don’t care about how we get treated hence the abusive relationships. So to help change your thinking use this strategy instead – These evil people won’t treat others with kindness if they are being mean to you, someone who has done nothing but nice things for them. If they wont treat the world fairly then why should they get kindness for free? They revoke their rights of being treated as such. Well someone else can do that for them till they figure out as well that kindness is being wasted on them. As for me? I should just walk away.  My husband also gave me a cute scenario. If you bake cup cakes and give them away for free and in return someone throws stones at you then do they have a right to complain when the free cupcakes are taken away?

Well then friends lets drop the shroud of guilt and kick those negative nancies and uncivilized people to the curb. I understand the hopeful dilemma that maybe they will change tomorrow and become nice. But you know what? they haven’t and you shouldn’t waste your kindness on someone that doesn’t deserve it. Use it on someone who will return your kindness to someone else and start a chain of kindness that can not be broken. Using weak links in your chain will always lead to heartache and broken chains. It doesn’t make you an evil person or cold hearted person, It makes to you a fair person and you know us self sacrificing human beings love being fair.

Must Read: Is Being Civil Online too much to ask for?



Hi lovelies,

As my regular readers most of you know that my blog was started as a positive space for women. Where I can promote love and civility between our female species. Unfortunately it saddens me to realize that somehow the message is getting lost in space. I need to find out a better way of incorporating that as a theme of my blog that will stand out enough for infrequent visitors of my blog.

I am tired of the negativity I constantly witness online being thrown from one female to another. The minor details sometimes someone will point out that wouldn’t stand out to a regular browser of the blog to give someone a bad day or feeling. Thankfully I haven’t had that many brush ups with negative comments as I have seen some really brilliant bloggers having to deal with. But of course atleast a few had to land in my lap too right?

I have numerous times talked about this issue in real life that people should look into details provided before laughing off an issue that potentially could be a serious problem with someone. But this seems to be a common issue with most human beings these days especially the female population that in order to make themselves look better, they would topple and climb over as many other females as possible.

I understand doing things like this in person or face to face because you don’t have enough time to process what comes out of your mouth but online? On a blog? as a blogger? on a post? Most bloggers spend time thinking, creating and editing their posts to provide quality work to their readers. So how come in this whole span of time someone thinks its appropriate to be mean? Its worst when it comes from a somewhat established blogger.

I have constantly also told people around me that it’s best to not say anything if you have nothing positive to say. It really makes me wonder people’s intention when they outgoingly say cruel things to their friends, coworkers or anyone else for that matter.

When all else fails and we know we can’t change the world right away. And that world can only be changed one person at a time. I am going to leave you with this message:

If you are on the receiving end of a negative comment and you did nothing to instigate it then you know you are doing something right. People spend time to make you look bad because they saw something in you to begin with in the first place that bothered them about themselves.

So ladies lets keep our heads high when those negative comments are thrown your way and keep your lips sealed when it comes to negativity because change needs to start from within us and we have to be the change we want to see in the world.

Must Read For Women: Prisoners to Our Body Image – We need to Break Free

Have you ever heard these below comments about yourself or uttered them towards other women?

Her dress is way too short”

She always wear such tight dresses and skirts

“That top is too low neck, she always her boobs out”

Ewww haha she looks like a boy”

“Chicken Legs!”

It is very easy to show our disapproval towards other women’s bodies and their clothing but it is much harder concept to understand the reasoning behind it that not everyone is out to get attention, show cleavage or prefer to be made fun of by wearing baggy clothes. Women everywhere are uncomfortable in their own skin due to the judgements that get passed on them by other fellow women. If anyone should understand this it should be other women. From my own experience growing up as a stick thin person in school hoping to attain a few curves to now hiding my curves as much as I can. It has been a constant tug of war at the stores when looking at clothes to buy.

It was an interesting journey to understanding this point when I saw similar items on other fashion bloggers  that I am rocking only their hem line seems to be much lower than mine. They almost can pull of their bodycon dresses or skirt as a sophisticated pencil skirt where as pencil skirts have become mini skirts for girls like me. I talked to a quite a few friends who are  busty and realized how easy it is for me to find a cute low cut top but a regular top make them look like the town spectacle where everyone is gawking at them. I have spent hours buying countless items at the store thinking oh this is perfect for work only to realize oops it isnt looking as long as it did in the mirror in the fitting room. Mean while on the other side leaner and petite girls are cinching their wastes, lifting their hemlines to not look like they are drowning in their mothers hand me downs. No need to laugh at them or mock them, they are well aware that they wish the dress fitted them better.

What I am trying to convey is that cut your female counter parts some slack. Similar things appear different on different body types. Adding a few inches here and there can make a perfectly long knee length dress appear short on someone while removal of those same inches here and there might make clothes appear baggy. I understand there are options like tailoring your clothes or getting them altered but honestly not everyone has that kind of money.

Some women are naturally busty and unfortunately no matter what they wear their stuff is always going to be in your face. There is no reason to snicker and call her a slut because for all you know she could have spent hours trying to adjust that top to make it look more appropriate before leaving the house and this might be the best she could do.  It’s easier to understand your body type and its short comings cause your living in it. But every single body type has its ups and downs. Just like certain things dont work for you but you do what you can to enjoy a sense of style and fashion, so do other females. Take a deep breath and let them be because I am sure you appreciate being treated the same way. You wouldn’t understand  them fully unless you walk a thousand mile in their shoes but atleast try or just keep your lips sealed.

I understand not every style of clothing is made for every single body type but sometimes given certain body types nothing seems to fit right. I have attached some of celebrity pictures to this post as an example for those who like to think visually to understand a concept.

Please take some time for today onwards and make a pact to be less judgmental and be understanding of your fellow women. It’s time we give up the catty remarks and making others feel uncomfortable.

Kim Kardashian has one of the most curvaceous and talked about body. No matter what she wears everything seems to cling right to her curves and here is a prime example of a dress Kim wore which was also worn by Posh Spice who ofcourse looks just as impeccable but is way more leaner and sleeker than Kim.  Now think about the girls who you saw rocking a dress at the mall the other day that you and your friends spent hours judging. Is it her fault that she is either too skinny or too curvy to fit the clothes that the society will deem the ideal mold of a certain type of perfect women?



Preity Zinta and Kim Kardashian


     JLO and Blumarine Versace model


The No nonsense Attitude

                  Like this post if you accept the Challenge to be the Super Hero with the no nonsense Attitude

This seems to be the year of growth from me. I am going through a lot of changes in my life all at once at home, at work, mental and oh boy physical too! But I wanted to get somethings off my chest in hopes that maybe some other person specially females out there might relate and learn a thing or two to adjust their own attitudes in life.

Rewind 2 years ago I was everyone’s escape goat, someone who trusted people easily, Always giving everyone benefit of the doubt! Thinking oh man I should continue being the bigger person and let them act like immature childish two year old, I can take it I am an adult. But guess what happens at the end of the day? You get tired, you get annoyed and things start getting to you! Why is it your problem that they need to learn to be the grown  mature adults that they need to? Why can’t they go on with their sorry life continue on the path of destruction elsewhere?

I am not sure how or what brought on the change in me but it only seems to be getting stronger. I have come to a conclusion:

“Nice people need to have a no nonsense attitude, just like the super heroes! ”

Now you must be wondering who are these aforementioned kind people and what is their no nonsense attitude?

Kind people are people who want to save the world, who want to counsel people, make sure everyone is happy and everything is peachy clean, birds are chirping and there is peace all around them. What most such people lack is the no nonsense attitude which is: I will be the kindest person you’ll meet till your cross me and no I am not going to make your life a living hell…I would just walk away. But If you continue to bring the fight to my yard I will snap your neck! If you were to make someone’s life a living hell then I am sorry you just have mislabeled yourself as a kind person, you need to go back and look into that mirror trust me you are ANYTHING BUT KIND!

I wish I would just go around and shake everyone that I know that is nice and kind and deserves to have this attitude! Tell them to wake up! Tell them its okay to just grow a thicker skin just to protect yourself. I understand the fear behind growing a thicker skin.. trust me I was dealing with it and still am to some extent. The fear that you will become just like them is pretty legit but guess what? You have this sense of control for a reason so why not utilize it when needed? You can still be a nice person and not take crap from someone. Learning to put yourself first is a hard thing to do specially if you have always put others first your entire life but hey just this thought is a good start.

If all else fails tells yourself by helping and tolerating those that make you miserable you are wasting your good energy! Good energy that someone who is worthy of your help and kindness needs. I have found sarcasm to be my best friend. Use it when needed but most of all walk away as fast as you can because peace in the world might never be attainable but peace in your own life definitely is!

You know what works the best? Having the confidence in yourself and sometimes just dressing up! Dressing up like a bad ass! Leather, Metal whatever else floats your boat! Take your clothing as a role that you play! Feel that its a part of your exterior that who you are! You can always change what you dont like about yourself just like you change your clothes!!! And since halloween is around the corner even better! I for one will definitely dress up as a super hero!

YOU AND I BOTH DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS…life is too short, dont waste it on people that dont matter. Get up brush off the dust that they have thrown all over you just because your too kind and accept the challenge to at least give being nice but accepting no nonsense attitude a try. Together we will attain a more peaceful life 🙂



Why is it so easy for you?

This past weekend I went into one of my moods again. The one where I am just completely heart broken and don’t understand why is it so easy for most people to not care? And I don’t understand why do I care beyond reasoning? I guess I wouldn’t even be questioning my emotions if others weren’t so quick to point out how I worry too much or how I need to just chill or relax.

I wish I could find someone who would share my emotions of fear for someone, wanting to comfort them and reach out in some way to create a positive impact on someone’s life. I don’t understand why when talking to complete strangers or reading someone’s blog who is going through tough times and fighting to keep their head up, I have this immediate impulse to reach out and see if there is anything I can do to help them figure it all out. That feeling just drives me insane! And if I am stupid enough to share it with someone I get the typical “There are millions of people dying everywhere how many can I save?” I really wish I could ask those people how did you learn to no care? To close your eyes and walk away. Sleep at night and not thinking about that stranger who seemed distraught and you just walked by without asking if everything is okay? But I don’t cause the more I question them the more awkward I feel cause their numbers just keep growing and I don’t find anyone who seems to share the turmoil that I feel when put through such a situation.  With me I guess it just adds up overtime and then I spill over and I will spend that evening just crying and question my husband how can people be so cruel? why isn’t someone else’s pain bothering anyone?

People are so quick to judge. So quick to speak the negative, to ruin someone’s day. But when it comes to positive? They will just stare blankly and think its best to keep quite. Many a times I have caught people around me bringing others down by telling them something doesnt look right on them or they did something wrong but they chose to get the feeling of bitterness and kept their mouth shut when something looked great on someone or someone did a great job. I wish there was a filter where people could check off negative comments coming out of their mouth and multiply the positive ones by ten. I have started living by the rule that if I am staring or thinking about a positive thought about someone for longer than 10 seconds that means I am moved by it so I am going to verbalize it.  The smile they give me after I finish my compliment makes my day. They are happy someone noticed and I am happy that they are happy!
Why can’t more people be like that? Why do I feel if I continue doing this people that are mean around me will learn by example? Why is it that I don’t learn to just let it all go…or is it because I don’t want to change because I feel more people should be this way and despite my agony and despair, what I am doing is what needs to be done!

The only reason I came up with is a lot of times when I see people that feel alone, depressed, sad, attacked and I can put countless hurtful words here, I can relate to them. Although I don’t advertise it but I used to be them at one point growing up. I know how it feels when you ache for something and hence I want to be that something that they are missing. But sadly I guess if you have lived that life you either turn into someone like me or someone who hurts others just like they got hurt….but I really wish there were more positive outcomes of tragic life situations than negative ones…

Can we not all just get along? Learn to watch our comments to others? Can we not all just reach out to a stranger who needs a helping hand? Can we not just all learn to love everyone equally? To not bully and to not poke fun at. Can we not just ignore the differences? Charity done in the form of money shouldn’t be the only thing that should help you sleep better at night or clicking numerous likes on a facebook post or picture for a cause!  You shouldn’t care about recognition or an award that someone will say you donated such and such for the cause or got a badge of honor. You should live for the smiles, the happiness, the satisfaction and looks of content you give you people around you! Whether you will see them everyday or maybe never again! Atleast that person will remember you and it will always bring positivity to their day when life seems dull and grey!

So ask yourself why is it or why isn’t it so easy for you? And just give being positive a try for a day that is all I ask! Hopefully you would love the satisfaction of knowing you made me smile with your effort 🙂

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Not your Damsel in Distress (Featuring Ciara)

Hi dahlings!

This has been a crazy busy week for me since I work for a University and school just started. We have tons of last minute reading, decision making and admitting going on and being the go to person for all things missing in our system can get quite hectic! I was glad I took my 2 stress free and technology free days off last week before the craziness began. Quite honestly it wasn’t so hard to survive without my cellphone, facebook, laptop and work email on my finger tips! I did watch TV and spent time doing some couple activities with the hubby (not talking about naughty stuff here but I found some amazing things like 50 questions to discuss as a couple, board games etc) and my mood for this past week was just insanely good! I had to spend some time reflecting and realizing why do I get so stressed when some people such as my husband would just chug along fine in the same situation. It’s a mental thing, its the people pleaser persona, the go getter and the hunger to finish all things assigned to you asap (not achievable if you are covering tasks for yourself, someone who retired at your job and then everyone else in your own family aka mommy and daddy)

So that lead me to my Style Shopper title for this week. I want to be in control, not panic and do what I have to do with a smile! And ofcourse all the smarties in the world know that you need to start believing the change to start making the change. so I decided to done on some girly moto jacket, a tight mini skirt. some heels and spikes! Trust me once you get the look you will feel the surge of adrenaline like you can do anything without breaking a sweat 🙂

I thought this red moto jacket is better than the typical black we always see so I decided to do a little reversal of colors and viola here we are! Clearly Ciara knows the right attitude!

Moto Jacket: 2b -$36.95

Earring: Spiked Hoops – Forever 21 -$3.80

Heels: Charlotte Russe – $17.50

Skirt: Forever 21-$8.50

A good read for High End Brand name buyers and for ladies hoping they can afford to buy those!

Hiya! I have been MIA again for a day or two! The long weekend just put me in a world of my own and I am having a hard time getting back to regular world and work 🙂

So my thought was I need to write, write about something I will feel passionate about something that will get my blood pumping and get me back in touch with the realities of the world and possibly realities of fashion world!

You can be fabulous on any budget! You dont have to live life thinking oh I wish I could look like this or dress like this or could own that!

So you have been eyeing those expensive brand name heels and possibly a bag or a dress or two. How much of your bank will you break if you were to drop some cash on those items? who knows? maybe your entire life savings (just kidding but close to it!) Why is it that we feel the need to buy brand name items? Trust me I was a big name brand victim! Growing up in the middle east you always wanted the latest of everything! The electronics, cell phones, clothes, brand names and yes even cars! It was always a cat and mouse chase who is going to one up who next. It took quite some adjustment when I moved from place to place, continent to continent and eventually settled in US. Back then the cell phones in the US were outdated and so were the clothes! The brand names I used to buy in Europe and Middle East weren’t even heard of over here! I had to stick it out with the few that were available. Then something changed….something for the positive. Somehow and I don’t know how long it took but it clicked in my head that I dont have to spend 90 dollar on a pair of tube top that is barely 0.5mm of clothing just because its labelled Betsy Johnson! I can take my 90 dollars and come back with atleast 5 pairs of dresses! Get some use out of them and throw them away not feeling guilty that one piece of clothing  was 90 dollars and I have only worn it 20 times in a year!

What I am trying to imply is yes it is okay to have a few name brand things in your closet and splurging on yourself once in a while but if you are having feelings of insecurities that so and so friend of yours is buying brand name things and you cant seem to afford them THEN STOP…slap yourself real hard and tell yourself this:

“IT IS NOT THE LABEL that makes the person or the clothes! It’s the person that makes the clothing!” Repeat after me and chant it over and over again till you fully understand this.

I might buy the most expensive items and wear them in such hideous manners that you would never guess they came off of the rack of BCBG or Michael Kors!

And quite honestly some of the things I didn’t even realize why were they such a rave for example I refused to love or buy Coach bags till they started making bag without their brown logo all over it! (The original coach design) Do I want to be a walking billboard? No. Just because everyone is buying it, you and I dont have to buy it! Do you really think some of these items cost 700 dollars to be created? not really its just the price you pay for their logo! Well there are some stores that will give you the back story of why something is so expensive so fine charge me big bucks if you really have a good reason to.

So girls every where listen up! Dont feel bad if your budget is 10 20 or 100 dollars a month! Save up a little for that one big ticket item but feel free to flaunt your not so expensive labels because you my dear are the one that makes that dress amazing, not the logo!

Here are some of the cheap fantastic finds I’d like to share as examples. Feel free to comment on the post, agree or disagree after all we are a community and we must discuss whats on your mind 🙂

Charlotte Russe Metallic Snake Skin Pump $30 buy here

Forever21 Pleated Lace Bodice Dress $24.80 . Buy Here

Forever 21 Rope Necklace $7.80. Buy here

H&M Turquoise Bag $17.95. Here

H&M Flower Dress $24.95. Here