La Madeleine Cafe

Desserts to try:  La Madeleine – Columbia M.D

I had just stuffed myself on some delicious lunch and was thinking about a place where I could find some delicious pastries or cutesy desserts. Driving past La Madeleine I recalled that I always wanted to stop in to try their desserts and bakery goods. I am so glad I did. This is going to be a  place I will go back to at least once a week not just because the desserts are amazing but also because they come in variety of sizes depending on how hungry or full you are!

Walking in I didn’t have very high expectations but the look on my face completely changed to that of a kid walking in a candy store when I saw the wide array of mouth watering dessert and bakery options (The picture doesn’t do the desserts any justice).

There was a line up of fruit tarts (mini and large), lemon tarts(mini and large), Cheesecakes, Tiramisu, Chocolate filled croissants, turnovers and several different kinds of tiny dessert concoctions filled up in mini glasses. The Mini Tiramisu Parfait caught my eye. Hubby and I both got one each of that. I also took the last mini fruit tart filled with yummy custard which we shared and he also got a slice of cheesecake.

I can not rave enough about how much I loved the Mini Tiramisu Parafait. I can actually taste it right now and wish there were a few mini glasses of it in front of me right now to scarf down.The fruit tart was not too bad either but I would have liked a little more custard then fruits in it but I guess that is dependent on who is eating the tart. I only took a bite out of the cheesecake because I was extremely full by then and also the cheesecake tasted slightly lemony to me which I did not enjoy much.

La Madeleine is a Franchisee style Restaurant that is accessible in a handful of States. If you are in an area with one available, go now and try out all the yummylicious desserts they are offering! You will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “La Madeleine Cafe

  1. I like the Le Madeline in Columbia too, especially their set up in side. It has a really authentic, old-Paris feel to it with the furniture and decor…and their fireplace is awesome to sit by in the winter!

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