A Dress for Every Girl aka body type

Hi lovelies,

If only I could plug my brain to my blog, I would have a million posts everyday. The thoughts and ideas are there. Even intricately laid out posts but all in my head but hopefully my blog will catch up to my blog soon 🙂

This is one such post that I had been meaning to share for quite some time and I thought it was specifically very useful now that we have last few days of summer left as well as the cut out dresses are going to be a big part of the coming fall season! I have seen cut out dresses everywhere. The cutouts have also seemed to appear in all kinds of places on the body. The back, the neck, the shoulders, the waist and numerous other places. The issue currently is that we need to incorporate what flatters our body and accentuate our best body features.
Every girl has atleast one good feature if not more that she can accentuate with the perfect style of cutout dress

    Don’t even think about arguing with me. I know you have  great legs, boobs, a waistline , shoulders or a pretty back! Dang it you might have pretty calves or beautiful arms. We are all pretty in our own ways and know what is that one thing that we always got complimented on. Below are some cutout dresses available for each body part that you would like to accentuate.

The Hourglass:

         If you are one of those girl that have been bestowed with the hourglass shape then your bestfriends are the bodycon dresses. If you aren’t a fan of super tight dress as featured in the picture below you can go tight on the top and have a flared out or skater style skirt or maxi dress. Those will help camouflage any tiny little areas of concern you might have.


Love Culture Dress $21.95

Waistline :

          If you have been bestowed with a ity bity and trim waistline then you must show it off with newest cut out trend which is cutouts on both side of your waistline. Or if you are really daring there are some styles available that have patterns cut out the entire area of the waistline. When accentuating your waist go for a solid dress with cutouts in form of patterns around the waistline. It takes everyones eyes straight down to the pattern.


Forever21 $21.90


   If you have been bestowed with a long slender back then you can choose to go with the classic back cut out dresses that have been around for ages. Wearing a backless dress gives the perfect flash of skin when you walk away and leaves them admiring your silhouette from miles away,


Love Culture $23.95


  If your best features are your legs whether they are long, nice and shapely or you just have the most beautiful well endowed calves the best waist to accentuate them is with wearing a high low dress or in other words a witty word to describe cut outs at the bottom of the dress. If you have long legs then you wearing a flowy non fitted dress will bring the most attention to your stems. If you are short with pretty legs then you can opt for mid length high low dresses  or see through high low dresses where there is a shorter fitted skirt inside a long high low see through maxi style skirt.

  legsH&M $ 69.95


          If you have been bestowed with the pelican neck, a delicate collar bone or just the most perfect shoulders then off the shoulder dresses are your bestfriends. Wearing necklaces around the neck will distract and section off your neck and shoulders. Therefore avoid wearing jewelry around your neck instead wear shoulder grazing earring for just the perfect flirtatious touch as you continue chatting with everyone who wouldn’t help but admire your flawless bone structure.

shouldersForever 21 $22.80

Let me know if you liked this post and would like to more such things on here.