Your Weekly Style Shopper: Its not just any Fall..It’s Falling Red this season! Ft Amerie

Before I even realized red was going to hit it big this fall in all different shades from blood red to bright red to burgundy or oxblood I had bought myself a red blazer in the brightest red possible! I am still struggling to not put it on everyday as I walk out the door! Its my one fave wardrobe item that I am not getting enough facetime with! And was it a surprise when one of my coworker asked me this week if red’s my fave color? Yes to it was! I thought no body noticed my strategic wearing of my red capris, red blazer and red pencil skirt more than any other item I currently have in my closet πŸ™‚

Anyhow I thought Blazers were always sophisticated at one point I thought they were almost too mommy like or office wear. But the recent trending completely changed my outlook on them. I am loving blazers in alittle edgier looks with shorts and tights oh not to forget leather! I wanted to dedicate this weeks post to Blazers and not in just color but the color Red! The Romper makes the look really classy and the shiny snake print pumps kick the look up a notch! When other see you coming down the street they wont know what hit them! All the pieces are unique but they work pretty well together and none of the items over power each other. Perfect Balance and harmony.

Let me know if you are falling for red blazers like I am?



Blazer: H&M – $19.95

Romper: Venus – $21.00

Leggings- Bloomingdales – $13.50

Shoes- Promiscuous 6pm -$17.70


Your Weekly Style Shopper: Animal Print, Sea Blue and Flowers all summer trends in one outfit for $59.78

Hi Lovelies,

Last night was ahmazing! I took my dad out for an early fathers day dinner and the city was being prepared for Salibaration today and tomorrow (It is an event celebrating the birth of Star Spangled Banner and we will have Fighter jet shows and tons of International Ships are parked around the harbor so people can tour them). I didn’t realize how much my dad will enjoy such an outing he rarely gets time to go out cause he over works himself and has done all his life (I guess thats where my workoholicness stems from).

Onto the My weekly bargain outfit! I knew I was in love when I saw this pencil skirt for only $9.99!!! So ofcourse it was the starting point of my outfit! It is flowery and they are so in this summer. If you have gone out shopping you know the stores are laden with sea blues and sea greens! So ofcourse I had to play on the blue in the skirt to bring out another current season fave the sea blue top πŸ™‚ And why wouldnt I do some animal print to combine all the trends of the summer 2012 season into one which led me to the cute peacock bangle! Yes people tend to forget that animal prints arent just tiger, leopard and zebra πŸ™‚ Peacocks are part of the clan too! So enjoy this look. I am so in love with the shoes too, they can dressed up or down. Imagine wearing them with some skinny jeans! the bow will stick out and look so cute on top of your skinnies πŸ™‚

As always feel free to follow and I will keep bringing you my weekly bargain outfit finds! And those of you have been my faithful readers thank you so very much for making me smile every single day!

Bangle: Peacock Bracelet from Forever 21 – $

Skirt: Purple Floral Skirt from Papaya – $9.99

Shoes: Velvet Bow Platform Pump from Charlotte Russe – $25.00 on sale

Top: Strappy Shoulder Dress Top from Papaya – $17.99

Your Weekly Shopper: Be Summer Casual for $57.57

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is getting brighter and our clothes need to get louder πŸ™‚ With bold colors in your closet the possibilities of unique outfits are endless! I honestly for one think all girls need a pair of bright red, orange, blue, teal and pink skinnies or shorts! I have added red, orange skinnies and teal shorts to my closet. Now I am looking for the other colors and hopefully a fit that I will savor πŸ™‚

Today has been extremely tiring although it was Friday instead of doing much I came home and napped! Woke up had dinner and I am still running low on energy. Hopefully tomorrow morning will bring my energy back and I will be hopping and bopping all over the place.

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Cuff: Forever 21 $6.8

Top: Papaya Clothing $18.99

Jeans: Papaya Clothing $15.99

Stiletto: Forever 21 $13.99

Sunglasses: Forever 21 $1.8

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Bring in the Summer Wear some Ocean for $54.54

Hi Lovelies,

It’s Friday and its time for my weekly Style Shopper where I share an amazing bargain outfit with you that I am currently drooling over. This dress is a must have for me and I would definitely be stopping by to grab it at H&M. So the trend this summer will be a lot of water related colors! Sea Greens and Ocean Blues! For the most part the backdrop that I have noticed is mostly white! So we are bringing back Black and white with flowers! Not bad at all….I mean who doesnt have tons of black and white in their closet? I know I was all black and white for years! Anyhow the long weekend is upon us and I can not wait to start it. I have a fun filled day planned! Going downtown again stopping by Baltimore Museum of Art and then hitting up happy hour at Brio an Italian Restaurant. A friend was telling me about the cheap small plates that they have and according to him they are scrumptious! Soooooo ofcourse there will be pictures and reviews on that. Oh the night might just ended up in dancing….i am not sure if my messed pinkie toe will like it, cause it possibly is broken from the bump thump I had 2 weeks ago or so and is only getting worse…we will see πŸ™‚

For now enjoy the Bargain outfit and if you haven’t subscribed already Hit the follow button…trust me you know you need some cheap finds for the coming summer πŸ™‚ Much love! Have a great start to your memorial day!

Bracelet: Forever 21 – $6.80

Clutch: Target – $9.99

Dress: H&M – $ 12.95

Gladiator Wedges- Forever 21- $24.80

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Make me Blush for $32.79

I am sooo excited to share these amazing finds with you guys because I desperately want the bangle and scarf that I have featured in this week’s Weekly Style Shopper post! I am not kidding the moment I set my eyes on this Bangle which is only $3.99 at Papaya Clothing I knew I had to findΒ  a matching dress and items to go with it. Finding the scarf to go with it was something that got me excited even further! Ah need to go find them myself but why is it that I can never find some of these items in stores?Β  Last resort as usual Online shopping! But I have something against paying for shipping lol.

Let me know What you think about these items. Come on I am sure they excite you as much as they excited me? yay? nay? πŸ™‚

Bangle: Papaya Clothing – $3.99

Dress: Forever 21 – $12.50

Scarf Tribal Print: Forever 21 – $8.80

Thong Style Flip Flops: Forever 21 – $7.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper:Paint me Highlighter Yellow Only $55.54

Hi lovelies,

I came home and had to take a nap was extremely tired after work today which means I am wide awake right now! Oh well its the weekend so it doesnt matter much. I will catch up on some much needed sleep tomorrow πŸ™‚

My favorite piece in this outfit has to be the antique looking cuff. I think every woman owns a piece of jewlery that she wears with anything and everything. That cuff seems to be slightly vintage looking and would make a great statement piece whether worn with something that matches or not. What do you think?

As always feel free to comment, make suggestions or make request of what particular styles you would like me to bring you weekly.

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Cuff: Forever 21 – $4.80

Dress: H&M – $12.95

Necklace: Forever 21 – $10.80

Shoes: Tillys – 26.99


Your Weekly Style Shopper: Be Brighter Than The Sun for only $ 31.40

It’s that time of the week again, Your Weekly Style shopper is back with this weeks bargain outfit! I honestly loveeeee every single piece I picked out for this outfit! My favorite piece in this outfit are definitely the earrings only $1.90! Whoever designed them is a genius. Sucha simple idea but sooooo pretty!

Comments, Suggestions, Requests for specific styles are always welcome! Don’t forget to hit the follow button to get Weekly Style shopper post delivered straight to your inbox each week πŸ™‚

Bracelet: Forever 21 $4.80

Dress: Love Culture $14.90

Earrings: Love Culture $1.90

Thong Sandals: Forever 21 $9.80