FAB: A new website that is perfect for Bargain Hunters and unique Finds

So I was browsing the internet today my eyes landed on a very unique piece of necklace! It was a like a garden around your neck  for only $25.00 (Check out the pic below).

    Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

On Fab there are tons and tons of amazing jewelry, shoes,clothes,  makeup, candles, housewares, cookware and even cute unique gadgets. Now you must be wondering what is so special about that? Well then let me tell you. Most of these things you will not find by going to a regular store. Most of the designers are small scale and have very unique ideas! Plus all the products are available for below the actual retail price. There are of course some high end products but some stuff is really really affordable and cheap. You can choose to review only items in a certain price range or EVEN COLOR! The site is based on living social and Groupon style principle where the items are available in limited quantities and only for so long. So its guaranteed that your item will not be owned by a million people 🙂

I am so going to order stuff from there as soon as I can get the courage to part with some more money 🙂 Here are some of the finds that I hope they dont take off till I can get my credit card ready 😉

Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

                                                     Cuff Only $ 19.00


                                                   Bracelet each $15.00



Turquoise Necklace $34.00


Laser Etched Pendant $17.00



Vessel Pendant each $30.00



Lipstain Both $31.50


         Iphone Case $17.00

Shoes $29.00 each

      Jewelery Roll $22.00

                                      Bag $159.00


Flats $ 64.00

Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

Your Weekly Personal Shopper! This Week’s Outfit Only $41.80

I am constantly looking for bargain price outfits.Looks that cost less but make you look like a million bucks. Every week I’ll post my most fave and cheapest outfit so we can savor the deals together!

Here is my pic for this week! Links to where you can buy each piece online are posted online! Feel free to comment or request items you would like me to bargain hunt! After all they don’t call me the search queen at my work for no reason 🙂

Dress:Papaya Clothing Papaya Coral Layered Lace Dress – $16.99

Earrings: Payless Shoes Filigree Tear Drop Earrings – 7.99 (Currently on Buy one get One Half deal)

Scarf:  Forever 21 Tribal Ikat Print Scarf  – 6.80 (My fave piece in this outfit)

Shoes: Forever 21 Patent Thong Sandals – $9.80